Does Anyone Make a Toilet Paper Holder That Can Flip Directions?

I have a preference for the toilet paper to come off the roll over the front of the roll, but my partner’s preferred direction is over the top of the roll. 

We’ve switched our toilet paper holder every few months so that we’re both happy, but it would be easier if we could just flip it rather than switching it. Is there such a thing? Does anyone make a toilet paper holder that can flip directions?

The answer is yes. I have used one for years and it works great. It’s called the Wall-Flip Toilet Tissue Holder, which makes several products that are designed to be mounted on the wall instead of sitting on a countertop.

The Wall-Flip Toilet Tissue Holder has two sides: one for normal-sized rolls and one for jumbo rolls (the kind with two or three layers). You put the roll in and push in a button that releases the catch and lets you rotate it 180 degrees so it goes from facing outwards to facing inwards against the wall. The catch holds it securely in place at any angle you choose.

It also has a spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to pull down on the roll without having to touch it with your fingers (or get them dirty). This makes it easier to change rolls quickly and keep them stocked up with fresh tissue paper.

Can You Install a Toilet Paper Holder Vertically?

Installing a toilet paper holder vertically isn’t necessarily a bad idea; it all depends on the type of toilet paper holder.

Some toilet paper holders are designed to be installed vertically, while others are not. Toilet paper holders installed vertically can be used to store and organize bathroom accessories such as phones, wristwatches, and so on.

Some vertically installed toilet paper holders can be wall-mounted or freestanding. This types of toilet paper holder have a round plate attached to it, is wall-mounted, easy to install, and highly durable. Jumbo size tissue paper can be placed in this kind of toilet paper holder.

How Do You Rotate Toilet Paper Dispenser?

There are some toilet paper dispensers that can rotate 360 degrees, 180 degrees, or 90 degrees, while others do not. This type of tissue dispenser is not only found in restrooms; it can also be found in restaurants.

These toilet paper dispensers are typically not wall-mounted and are very simple to install. Some, however, must be mounted on the wall before they can be used.

A rotating toilet paper dispenser is an example of a PIEKO toilet paper holder with a shelf. It is made of stainless steel and is available as an adhesive or screw wall mount dispenser. It will fit in mega and jumbo tissues.

Another example of a toilet paper dispenser that can rotate is the LLOYD 61002080 toilet paper dispenser. It rotates 90 degrees with a round base. It is a freestanding tissue dispenser, made from a stainless steel material; however, the rotating feature is only at the arm of the tissue dispenser. 

Which Direction to Install Toilet Paper Holder Face?

There is no standard orientation for a toilet paper holder. Some people prefer that it face right, left, or vertically. The installation of your toilet paper holder is dependent on the type of tissue holder you have and what you want as an individual.

Installing a toilet paper holder is dependent on your needs and the size of your bathroom. If purchasing a wall-mounted tissue holder is inconvenient for you, opt for a freestanding one. The freestanding toilet paper holder can be moved from one location to another, allowing you to change its position whenever you want.

Also, when installing a toilet paper holder, it should not be too close to the ground to prevent the tissue from touching it, nor should it be too far away from where your hand can reach. It should also be properly installed to avoid falling off the wall.

Best Wall-Flip Toilet Tissue Holder

1. UOCO Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf, Anti-Rust Aluminum Toilet Roll Holder with Phone Shelf for All Mobile Phone, Wall Mounted Bathroom Tissue Holder for Smartphone and Flushable Baby Wipes (Silver)


This wall-flip toilet paper holder is made of strong, long-lasting stainless steel and anti-rust material. It has no sharp edges, is simple to use, and can accommodate most jumbo-size tissues.

2. TomCare Toilet Paper Holder

TomCare Toilet Paper Holder Toilet Paper Stand and Dispenser for 3 Spare Rolls Metal Wire Free-Standing Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Shelf Bathroom Accessories Storage Organizer Bronze


It is waterproof and moisture resistant, and it is simple and quick to install. A rack is attached to the Tomcare plastic toilet paper holder. While using the toilet, the rack is used to store personal items such as phones, keys, books, and so on. It is also very light and can be attached to the wall with adhesive or screws. 

3. IONCAT Toilet Paper Holder

IONCAT Toilet Paper Holder, Single Post Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Paper Roll Holder Wall Mount for Bathroom & Kitchen, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish


This toilet paper is made of stainless steel, is long-lasting, and comes with a waterproof paper container. It does, however, have sharp edges that can injure the body if not handled carefully.

4. 2022 New Matte Black Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf, Flushable Wipes Dispenser for Bathroom with Wipe Storage Shelf Stainless Steel Wall Mount - Black Large


New Matte toilet paper holder is designed to keep things from falling. It is designed to hold items while in the toilet. It is also made of iron materials that are waterproof and rust-resistant, ensuring aesthetics and durability.

It complements any interior design and can be installed not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other rooms.

The Tulshi toilet paper holder is simple to install. There is no need for a hammer or screws; simply peel off the paper and stick it to the wall. However, if not handled properly, it can easily be damaged.

Is It Better to Place a Tissue Over or Under a Toilet Paper Holder?

Do you know there is a proper and incorrect way to use toilet paper? Do you also know that the way you place your tissue in the holder can irritate a user? Do you also know that the way you place a toilet paper determines whether or not it is safe to use?

The majority of people are unaware that there is a proper way to place toilet paper. As much as you want your bathroom to look nice by purchasing a nice toilet paper holder, keep in mind that installing toilet paper now improves the cleanliness and healthiness of your bathroom.

Some people prefer it over, while others prefer it under. However, it has been scientifically proven that the best way to position a toilet paper is over rather than under.

Here are a few reasons why you should put your toilet paper over rather than under:

  • Placing a tissue under can expose your guest to bacteria found in public restrooms. These germs will then spread throughout the area, making people sick.
  • It also increases the likelihood of food poisoning bacteria spreading from the restroom to other areas of the workplace.
  • Installing toilet paper incorrectly puts your family or employees at risk and exposes them to bacteria that can cause illness.

Furthermore, research has shown that using tissue paper over a way reduces the number of airborne microorganisms in a room by up to 30%.

Hanging the toilet paper over, allows your fingers to easily touch whatever amount of tissue paper you require.

This action reduces the number of bacteria with which you come into contact. It also reduces waste and makes tearing toilet paper simple.

How to Install Toilet Paper in an Over Way

When replacing toilet paper in an over-way holder, place the new roll in the empty holder, grasp both ends of the tissue, and pull one end out from under the other to create a single layer of toilet tissue.

When filling the toilet paper dispenser with toilet paper, make sure it is half full for maximum effectiveness. Excess tissue, on the other hand, will make it difficult for people to quickly remove just one sheet at a time.

Another method for installing a toilet paper roll is to hold it in one hand while unrolling it with the other. This means that the unused dry portion of your toilet paper should be hung over the roll’s top. This action minimizes contact with a dirty surface.

It’s also worth noting that dipping a roll into the water and retrieving it can leave bacteria behind. As a result, proper toilet paper hanging is critical and should not be overlooked.


It is possible to make toilet paper flip direction, but this is uncommon. A flipping toilet paper holder allows you to change the direction of your tissue holder, making it distinct from a standard toilet paper holder.

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