Why You Need An Aluminium Toilet Cabinet

Why do you really need an aluminium toilet cabinet? It is always a difficult thing for people to choose a bathroom cabinet. This is because there are so many styles, designs and functions of cabinets that are available in the market.

Choosing the material for your cabinet too may be a little hard since you want to go for a material that is durable, stable, long-lasting and at the same time will give you what you want.

In this article, I will be revealing to you why you need an aluminium toilet cabinet and the benefits associated with its use.

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Aluminium bathroom cabinets (like this one on Amazon) are very popular in most modern homes. They are available in various designs, styles and shapes in order to suit any toilet.

The fallacy that aluminium cabinets are very costly does not really hold again these days because there are cheap aluminium cabinets that you can find in the market although the prices of aluminium cabinets may be slightly higher than the other cabinets.

Aluminum toilet cabinets have various advantages that will entice you into having them as your bathroom cabinets.

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Why you need an aluminium toilet cabinet

Why You Need An Aluminium Toilet Cabinet

Aluminium toilet cabinets are durable

Of all the materials that can be used in making cabinets, aluminium remains the best. You would have realized that your bathroom is always covered with moisture and warmth from the hot air that comes as a result of your shower.

Aluminium is the only material amongst all other materials that can fully withstand both moisture and warmth. It will do this effectively without being affected by it.

Not only that they are durable, but they also have a tough and robust nature when placed in comparison with other materials used in constructing bathroom cabinets.

Aluminium toilet cabinets have lasting performance

Do you know that aluminium cabinets can last for a lifetime?

Yes, they can and the reason behind this is their thickness and framework. Thick aluminium cabinets provide better support and they do not bend or become deshaped unlike cabinets made with other materials.

Although some deformities may be noticed with aluminium cabinets. These deformities may be slanting or tilting of the cabinet with time but this will only be noticed with cheap and low-quality aluminium and that is why I advise you to go with high-quality aluminium when you want to buy a cabinet.

Aluminium toilet cabinets have a quality of being waterproof.

One of the major problems that are noticed in bathrooms and toilet is the condensation of water vapour on surfaces and materials in the bathroom.

This condensation will lead to the formation of moisture on these surfaces. Moisture is a very big threat to wood cabinets because it may cause the wood to twist or bend in shape or swell.

When this happens, the area that has become damaged will be unable to support heavy loads and the cabinet becomes eventually useless.

Aluminium cabinets defy this mechanism because they are waterproof. Moisture from the condensation of water vapours or other things in the toilet will not harm them and they will not be susceptible to bending or swelling from any moisture.

An Aluminium toilet cabinet are resistant to chemicals.

The surface of aluminium is coated with a skinny oxide layer that acts as its protection against chemicals. Being a stable element, aluminium does not react with acids or any liquid that is acidic.

Due to this, it will not react with vinegar or other liquids that have acidic properties. This makes aluminium cabinets very safe to be used in the toilet.

But note that this is not an excuse for you to use strong chemicals on them, especially when cleaning them. Although they are resistant to chemicals, using very strong chemicals will leave the tarnish the surface of the aluminium cabinet and its durability may also be affected.

An Aluminium toilet cabinet  is hygienic and odourless.

Have you ever used a wooden cabinet in your bathroom or kitchen?

If yes, did you notice that after some time, there is an odour that it begins to emit? The odour is usually musty and old. This mostly happens to wood cabinets after some time but unlike the wood cabinets, aluminium cabinets do not give off this offensive odour.

Aluminium toilet cabinets do not have the same problems as the wood cabinets do. Aluminium cabinets are more hygienic and odourless when compared to the wood cabinets.

In terms of hygiene, aluminium cabinets have a non-porous surface that prevents then from harbouring bacteria and other microorganisms that are harmful. There are also no chances for growth of mould on aluminium cabinets too.

Aluminium toilet cabinets are easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminium cabinets do not require you to allocate much care to them, unlike the wood counterparts which are quite stressful to clean.

You can simply clean aluminium cabinets by wiping the dirt on them off, dusting the dirt off and cleaning with a damp cloth. Due to this, you do not have to stress yourself a lot when it comes to cleaning aluminium cabinets,

Aluminium cabinets have an anti-rust property.

Aluminium cabinets are stable and have an oxidized finishing. This finishing does not only improve the appearance of the cabinets but it also prevents them from rusting.

Aluminium cabinets are fire-resistant.

If you are scared of getting your cabinet burnt then you need to get an aluminium cabinet. Aluminium has a feature of being fire-resistant.

Unlike the other cabinets, aluminium has a strong immunity to fire. Aluminium is capable of passing through heat and not getting burnt easily.

Aluminium cabinets are perfect for the various climate

They can withstand high humidity. In raining seasons, wood cabinets may absorb moisture and become wet, loose shape or may even become rotten. Aluminium is not susceptible to humidity and can withstand any climate condition.

They are easily customizable

Aluminium cabinets can easily be customized into any design and style that you wish to, to suit your bathroom. They can also come in any colour of your choice.

Ranging from the cabinet designs and arrangements, the door panel materials and to the colour of the frame, you can choose which one you want to go with and which one suits your taste and your bathroom.

Aluminium cabinets are resistant to pests

One of the problems with wood cabinets is that they can easily be infested by pests such as termites. Aluminium cabinets are not infested by pests and with them, you do not have to bother about a pest infestation.

This is largely because of their non-porous surface and this surface makes it impossible for the pests to live on aluminium cabinets.

Aluminium cabinets are also environmentally friendly

Aluminium is recyclable and sustainable. It is the metal that is most environmentally friendly.

Using aluminium cabinets is good, but then it is also good that you know how to maintain these cabinets properly. If you have been looking for a way to clean your aluminium cabinets, then it is important you know that some chemicals may be harsh to the metal.

It is good to always employ the simple way of cleaning your aluminium cabinets.

How to Clean An Aluminium Toilet Cabinet

Why You Need An Aluminium Toilet Cabinet

Below are a few tips on how to clean aluminium cabinets.

You can dust your aluminium toilet cabinet

By dusting your aluminium cabinet, you are getting rid of every debris and dirt. Always remember to clean the tops of the cabinet too with your cloth or duster if you have any.

This is much better than using chemicals which you do not know of they will harm your cabinet.

You can clean your aluminium toilet cabinet with soapy water

Using a soap and water mixture, clean your cabinet carefully and perfectly. This is a very good scrubbing method. It is also effective on a painted metal surface too.

You can use a mild detergent and then warm water to increase the efficiency of the water and soap mixture to remove the dirt and grease on it.

You can also use a soft sponge or cloth that has been dipped into the soapy water to scrub it.

Always work from the top of your cabinets down, so as to make the water or dirt on them flow downwards. This will help you not to miss any spot when cleaning your cabinet.

Also do not use much water to avoid the water dripping.

You can also use alcohol to clean your aluminium cabinets

If your cabinet is too dirty or there are some spots that could not be removed bu dusting it or using soap, you can use alcohol to remove these spots. Apply a little quantity of it to a sponge or a soft cloth.

Rub it over the stain to remove it. You can then clean off the traces of alcohol using a sponge that is wet when you are done.

Ensure that you dry your cabinet

It is okay to wipe your cabinet with water, but the presence of excess moisture on them may not be good. So you have to ensure that you wipe dry the moisture that may be on your cabinet after cleaning. The hinges and edges of the cabinet are also liable to holding water, and so it is necessary that you clean those areas very well.

You can finish up the cleaning with wax

A good wax should be used for polishing your aluminium cabinet. This will give the metal a shiny and perfect finishing and make it look new again.

Apart from the aluminium cabinets, there are also other materials that can be used for making cabinets. These materials also have their own benefits and limitations. They include;

Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinets

Why You Need An Aluminium Toilet Cabinet

Stainless steel is a great choice of material for your bathroom cabinet. This is because they too also have a property of being durable and can last long. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are easy to clean, hard, firm, stable and durable.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Why You Need An Aluminium Toilet Cabinet

Wooden bathroom cabinets have been in use for a long time. It is traditional and can be made with different wood and can also come in a variety of colours and styles.

One major advantage of wooden cabinets is that they are cheaper than the aluminium and stainless steel cabinets, but they cannot withstand heat, moisture and pests infestation.

This shows that wooden cabinets are not as stable and durable as the aluminium cabinet and should be allocated proper care and maintenance to enable them last for a long time.

A detailed comparison between the materials used for making cabinets

Aluminium cabinet Stainless steel cabinet Wooden cabinet
Life Span Aluminium cabinets are very durable and long-lasting Stainless steel cabinets are long-lasting but do not last as long as aluminium cabinets Wooden cabinets do not last long. They easily absorb moisture and swell leading to their spoilage.
Pest Control Aluminium cabinets cannot harbour pests in the bathroom Stainless steel cabinets cannot harbour pests in the bathroom Wooden cabinets are porous and have the ability to harbour pests in the bathroom.
Rust Aluminium cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. Since they are resistant to rust, you can simply dust them or clean them with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Stainless steel cabinets are liable to rust. Although they can be easily cleaned, some precautions should be taken to ensure the water is totally dried off them Wooden cabinets are very hard to clean. They cannot be easily dusted and cannot withstand moisture.
Fire Resistivity Aluminium cabinets are resistant to fire and chemicals Stainless steel cabinets are resistant to fire and some chemicals although their surfaces could be damaged by some harsh chemicals Wood cabinets are not resistant to fire. They are also susceptible to many chemicals and can be damaged by them.

Limitations of Aluminium Toilet Cabinets

Even though aluminium cabinets may seem to be the best of all the materials for making cabinets, they also have their own little limitations.

Nothing is perfect in this world, not even aluminium cabinets, and so these limitations include

Aluminium cabinets are noisy

They may have this clanging noise which may be caused as a result of metals clanging together when closing drawers or doors of the cabinet.

Aluminium is a soft metal and light weighted and it may be prone to indentation.

Limitations in Design

They may also be issues of limitations in design with aluminium cabinets. This is because these cabinets are only limited to modern designs and there may not be so much flexibility of designs with aluminium cabinets.

They are quite costlier than the other materials used in making cabinets

Aluminium cabinets are slightly higher than the stainless steel and wooden bathroom cabinets. This may also limit their use for some people who may want to buy cabinets that are cheaper and cost-effective.

Although these limitations exist, there are more benefits than the limitations encountered with the use of aluminium cabinets. These benefits outweigh the risk and as such, you need aluminium cabinets in your bathroom.

They will not only provide the options of durability and stability but they will also add to the beauty and aesthetic value of any bathroom they are placed in.

Final Words on Aluminium Toilet Cabinets

Aluminium toilet cabinets can be costlier than their other counterparts, they will for sure provide good value for your money in terms of their long-lasting property.

Have any questions, comments or feedback, do well to leave it in the comments section.

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