Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

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Where to Hang Small Towels in A Small Bathroom

As lovers and owners of a small bathroom, we get stuck on many proper arrangements, it can be so hard to figure out where everything fits from our makeover brush to toothbrush, towels, washcloths, and others.

Yet, they all play important roles in the overall outlook of your bathroom. You can reduce the number of items in your bathroom but there’s one thing you surely wouldn’t be able to get off the bathroom – Towels.

Putting off our towels from the bathroom can be such a cranky idea as they add to the room’s beauty, especially if you are all out on beautiful designs and color.

Of course, it’s important to note that it’s pretty messy when you’ve got fresh towels piled up, and you don’t know where to stash it in your tiny bathroom, proper towel storage is necessary to maintain a tidy small bathroom.

When you think about doing justice to where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom, you should know that you can maximise the existing space in your bathroom, utilize the plain space behind your bathroom door, incorporate furniture, utilize open space above your bathroom door, and you can use your shower rails.

Before we dive where you can hang your wet towels in your small bathroom, let’s check out these important towel hygiene tips.

Important Towel Hygiene Tips

Where to Hang Small Towels in A Small Bathroom

1. Your towels should always be within easy reach and proper care for towels shouldn’t be undermined as towel comes in contact with the largest sense organ of the body, after a mild refreshing body cleansing bath it sucks for the clean organ to come in contact with a poorly maintained towel.

2. Towels need a lot of air

Give your towels adequate breathing spaces, without proper airing, you will be giving room to skin irritation as the moisture in damp towels aids the fast growth of bacteria and mold that can irritate your skin. It’s the best way to hang used towels lose to air-dry, preferably under sunlight.

3. Always flush with the toilet seat down

When storing towels inside your bathroom, remember to flush the toilet with the lid down to prevent fecal matter and other toilet organisms from flying around and getting in contact with your towels.

4. Remember to wash your towel every 3-4 days, and more frequently if you work out or do sports

Towels begin to smell and contract germs quickly and should be laundered after every third use, When you wipe your skin with your towel, you transfer dead skin cells and/or bacteria that do not get washed away from your shower. How would you like to wipe your face with a bacteria and germ-infested towel? Oh no, it’s better not to imagine.

5. Keep all used towels aside

Always store used towels separately from unused towels; let’s face the truth. There is nothing more annoying than spending extra time dripping water on the floor after bathe trying to sort out which towel is perfect for use using the bathroom.

Ensure you do not mix up used dirty towels from unused ones, Dr Marisa Weiss told BreastCancer Organization that using a fresh towel each time you get out of the shower is the best way to keep things clean.

An organized towel display adds more to the bathroom’s beauty and there are so many methods that you can apply in storing towels. With these few tips on towel displays and storage, we’ve got you all covered.

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

Where to Hang Small Towels in A Small Bathroom

We have put together the useful spaces to help answer your question on where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom.

1. Make Use of Small Space

That wall space right beside your tub, ever thought of what to do with it? A design as this Moen Donner Bathroom Towel Ring would surely hold in small towels with its circular shape allowing for full spread keeping it dry and aired

Design Modern Mdesign Metal Wall Mount Towel Rack Holder and Organizer with Storage Shelf for towel will do the magic.

Towels are rolled and kept in rack spaces as seen below, this really helps to safe space and multiple towels can be kept.

Hanger curved hook rack for towels such as this saves time, space and appears more decent. Small bath towels hang neatly on hooks differentiated by the initials, colour or design choice of each user, this intelligence towel dryer towel rack is built with stainless steel material.

It can simulate natural wind, make towels or small clothes dry, also it has an intelligent constant temperature system, 3 hours regular drying. Have a temperature control and protection device.

UV ultraviolet cleaning function. It has a hanging rod to hang towels. There are 5 hooks on below, rach hook can bear 3 kg. With a detachable power cord, the power supply position has a special-purpose stopper to protect the plug from dampness.

If you’ve got a cool obsession with antiques and blended pattern choice why don’t you check the pendant towel holder?

With such an improved modern design and functional aesthetics, it will give your bathroom an immaculate finish. It’s got a brushed brass finishing touch that never rusts so don’t panic about splashing water around, it’s strong enough you’re gonna notice it feels heavy in your hand and of course its reliable durable. Space-saving and keeps the towels clean/handy.

Easy to clean and maintain, just wipe with a soft wet cloth.

A simple Horizontal bar wall mounted copper pendant antique such as this could do the wonderful trick of saving space and provide an excellent towel hanging support with its multiple layers foldable rail.

Utilizing wall edges as never felt so effective as when you use the triangular bathroom corner bath rack folded towels can fully occupy the two racks

All Mounted Double Layer Towel Rack Shelves towel bar is made of premium stainless steel to protect against rust, ensuring durability and longevity. It won’t easily become rusty in the humid environment thanks to 18/8 stainless steel material.

It also has a large storage capacity with a total length of both items is 30 Inches, the rack’s projection is 7.9 Inches. The distance between the two bars is 3.2 inches (8.2cm), providing enough space for drying towels. Such that it could fit two folded bath towels on the shelf and you can hang four face towels on towel bars below

A Wall Mounted Towel Hook Swivel Hanger; This elegant towel bar is a beautiful and functional addition to any bathroom, smaller or bigger. While most products are around 13” long, this stainless steel towel bar is 17” long and 10” tall, ensuring that it can store even your biggest towels!

This amazing towel rack features 4 swing arms that can rotate 180°, allowing you to hang your wet and dry towels simultaneously without them touching one another! In just one bathroom organizer you can hang 4 different towels where they can air dry simultaneously!

This space-saver towel bar is definitely a must for any small bathroom as instead of taking up space, it gives you more!

Another recommended small bathroom item for hanging towels is the Gatro double towel rack. Its narrow design is compact enough to compliment even the smallest bathroom.

Its extra shelving saves storage space and is large enough to set all your most-used bath supplies as it is sturdy enough to hook multiple fully drenched towels.

Available in 2 luxurious finishes, including chrome and brushed nickel. Constructed of premium steel for decades of reliable use, with no corrosion or rusting.

2. Utilize the plain space behind your bathroom door

The bathroom door stops being just a bathroom door when you explore your creativity and you will realize that it can actually be a clever storage area.

A door-mounted towel bar like this one by Slingda on Amazon can go on the back of your bathroom door—or your shower door, it’s a single bar with a firm edge to hold the weight of a small towel and it’s a beautiful way to showcase designs and customized towels.

Towel rack design such as this by Idesign is a cool and multipurpose idea to keep a stack of your towels safe and within reach also it a beautiful way to display your choices of color.

It has a 3 level storage design, 3 towel bars, and 2 hooks hold and store towels, loofahs, sponges, robes, and other bathroom accessories; The open design allows for easy grabbing even when your hands are wet and it adds a decorative touch to bathroom decor.

It is easily installed by hanging over bathroom or shower stall doors for instant storage; No assembly or hardware needed; Use in bathrooms, powder rooms, and more; Simply hang the towels over the barn the hooks for an easy dry, it measures 6.5″ x 16.8″ x 24″ high.

Round pointed nail hook: For the quick ones, a simple Do it Yourself hook design behind the door is a simple awesome way to save space and keep your towels always dried. A simple one as this with the small towels hung and you are good to go. Lol

Treehouse Ladder Hanging Towel Display: Never ignore that partially depleted tree house ladder Steps. It can still hold something of a lesser weight as a little towel while adding a touch of just fun memories lingering.

So, you’ve got quite some bathroom towels, then try this Vertical Antique Towel Bar display style, it wooden of course, and woods have a beautiful way of adding a touch of traditional luxury to the bathroom.

Hanging a towel on the door is such a clever towel display idea. This requires no extra equipment except your towel and the door smiles. However, the techniques n keeping this style involves laying the towel in a 3/4 position to avoid falling to the floor and getting dirty.

So, you’ve got quite many bathroom towels to try this Vertical Antique Towel Bar display style. It wooden, of course, and woods have a beautiful way of adding a touch of traditional luxury to the bathroom.

3. Adding of Furniture

A Vertical Ladder Towel Rack will always work in this situation.

Explore the effect of vertical space by leaning a ladder against one wall to use as a towel rack. This towel display idea works for both damp towels and freshly laundered ones.

The beauty about it is that it is compatible, easily movable, and to keep it budget-friendly, look for an old wooden ladder at flea markets or thrift stores and refresh it with a coat of paint or simply a spray for long-lasting usage.

Introducing furniture that can serve two purposes at once into your tiny bathroom space isn’t such a bad idea. The RÅGRUND towel rack chair by Ikea does this perfectly, with its designed as a chair, it also has a backrest rack design where towels could be hung for adequate air with a beneath rack that houses other towels for storage.

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

Sturdy Tower storage designs for small bathrooms; Don’t be afraid to bring in The enclosed shelves keep everything neat, tidy, and away from constant mixup, especially when there are other bathroom users alongside Glass Tower.

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

4. Utilize the Open Space Above Your Bathroom Door

This below door storage is an excellent option for towel storage. It is fixed to the wall above the door. The KES towel rack design is affordable, creative and has a large storage of 24-Inch long rack with a double bar, enough storage space for your towels.

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

Also, a wooden shelf just as the image below could fit in.

5. Using the Shower Rail

Saving space becomes easier with the use of a double shower rail with one for holding the towel safe

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

Let’s get to some frequently asked questions on storing towels in a bathroom.

Should towels be stored in the bathroom?

Often, questions like this have always popped up as a concern when caring for towels, even before storing them away. Most people hang towels on a towel rack in the bathroom, but bathrooms can be humid places where the air doesn’t circulate well. Sometimes, It could just be a regional problem.

If the relative humidity increases in the winter as temperature drops, but suspended water stays the same because there is plenty of precipitation, the moist air has little ability to absorb more moisture.

Having a 70- 80% relative humidity at room temperature will reduce a wet towel’s ability to dry.

However, it’s difficult to deny the beauty and safety of keeping towels in the bathroom. The reduced stress of having to hang towels outside every day makes the idea of storing towels (used and unused) in the bathroom attractive.

In keeping small towels in the bathroom, the first rule of the game is:

Reduce the moisture

Having a moist towel is just the tip of the iceberg as moisture can allow mold and mildew to grow, and this would ultimately give rise to a soggy, smelly, and irritating reaction from using the towels.

Also, nothing helps in reducing the moisture effects like a dry shower. Ensure you reduce the moistures and water spread around the bathroom, make it a rule that the last one to take a shower wipes down the walls, tubs, and shower doors. This would go a long way.

Circulate the air in your Bathroom

Ensure you open a window or turn on the fan to get the air moving in your bathroom. A towel is not going to dry well in a bathroom in which the air is still.

Encouraging air circulation to the rest of the house would also help leave the bathroom door open to allow the humid air to leave and mix with the less humid air of the rest of your house.

This would hopefully make it easier on your towel to dry.

Hang towels to dry immediately after each use to halt the growth of bacteria

The towel’s fabric needs to breathe in order to air-dry effectively. Even if you only used a towel lightly, you should hang it up to dry in an area with good airflow, away from steam.

Don’t hang towels folded.

Spread it out so there are no folded lumps and both sides part of the towel dries evenly. Proper drying after uses reduces the chance of mildew and increases the towel’s life span.

Do not hang one towel over another if either of them is still damp. Every part of the towel needs to be fully exposed to air for proper drying. make sure the towel is hanging spread out, not on a hook or folded on the towel rack like this

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

Alternatively, you could create little space for an electric towel warmer Bart
; It might be your best solution in the winter. They can be freestanding or hang on the wall and vary in price from $50 and above.

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

Having an exhaust vent in the bathroom would also be of great use.

You could choose to leave the bathroom door open to allow the humid air to leave and mix with the less humid air of the rest of your house.

This would hopefully make it easier on your towel is able to dry. However, it’s best to be able to turn your bathroom vent on after showering/bathing, running the vent fan during and for 20-30 minutes after your shower.

You also want to make sure that the vent fan actually vents outside. Some just circulate air. From experience these little fan timers from Amazon have been so effective.

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

You could also take a bold step by switching from traditional terry towels to waffle weave microfiber towels. They absorb water on the body really well. They dry hanging beautifully and are lightweight and soft.

They can be found on Amazon, and highly recommendable. They slough the skin, dry fast,, and, of course, a huge time-saver!

Where to Hang Wet Towels in A Small Bathroom

What happens when you leave a wet towel on the floor?

🔸Letting wet towels sit around on the floor or allowing them to sit in a ball on the edge of the sink is only going to breed gross things from little noticeably things such as damp towels on the floor accumulates dirt easily.

🔸It’s totally unhealthy as it breeds germs and diseases whenever it comes in contact with the skin organ.

🔸It makes the bathroom untidy, disorganized and disrupts the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom.

🔸Most times, wet floor towels cause irritation and may lead to bathroom accident through trip fall.

Thus, it is important to always store towels safely away rather than let them litter the bathroom floor unnecessarily. Towels can be folded or rolled depending on individual’s choice or storage style available as explained above, and you must ensure that they are perfectly air-dried.

How do you dry wet towels fast?

Over-drying after a wash can destroy your towel’s fibers also, not drying towels enough can cause them to get mildewed.

Depending on the warmth of the room, you don’t necessarily need the towels to be completely unfolded for them to dry. Ensure that after you use the towel.

Hang it from the end of a wood dowel with the center balanced on the shower stall door and the opposite end against the ceiling of the shower stall.

Also, create a conducive environment by increasing the air circulation with a small fan alongside leaving the window open. Airing towels on a high rack helps air circulate, which causes them to dry faster.

Conclusion on Where to Hang Wet Towels in a Small Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is small or big, one of the most important things to consider when controlling dampness and humidity is finding out where to hang your small towels, and it is important to sort out these places to make your bathroom organized.

Are you still looking for where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom? I have tried some of these for my small bathroom, and it has worked for me. I hope it works for you too.

Let me know how it goes when you eventually get where to hang your wet towels in your small bathroom, okay?

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