What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls

What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls: Get some amazing inspiration from what we have collected for you on this post. I am sure you would thank us later.

A bathroom is a major place in your house you cannot avoid. It is the most functional part of any home and a place where you need to decorate effectively.

If your bathroom wall is blank, it could be intimidating. It is advisable not to leave the bathroom walls bare. A little design placed on the walls of the bathroom will help to enhance your bathroom’s appearance and make it look elegant.

There are lots of ways to decorate your bathroom. Your bathroom wall is of utmost importance because this is where most of the things in your bathroom will be hung. Having your bathroom suit your taste does not mean that you will have to spend lots of money.

There are things that you can hang on your bathroom wall in order to beautify it and make it look attractive. This article will show you several things you can hang on your bathroom wall.

What You Should Hang on Your Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Cabinets

If you are searching for how to decorate your bathroom wall, then you should try to consider placing a bathroom cabinet (like this one on Amazon) or a Medicine cabinet on it. Bathroom cabinets can be hung on your bathroom wall. These cabinets will help you arrange your things perfectly.

Bathroom rules wall plaque

If you have kids and you want them to learn about bathrooms and its etiquettes, then you need to hang a bathroom rules wall plaque. The bathroom rules wall cabinet is good for your children’s learning.

Bathroom wall art

Your bathroom is one of the most exciting places in your house that you should decorate. To add to this decoration and beauty, you have to make a decision on which bathroom wall art that will suit your bathroom.

Bathroom wall arts are easy to choose because there are lots of designs for you out there. Before you move into choosing your wall art, there are some things that you need to know. These tips will show you the best design that will suit your bathroom.

Find out which style is okay for you

Bathroom wall arts are available in all designs and styles, so before you go ahead to choose a bathroom wall art to buy. You should bear in mind things such as the colour of your bathroom painting, what type of design you actually want for your bathroom, the inspiration you would like to get any time you move into your bathroom and these things will help you to find the style of the bathroom wall art that you will need for your bathroom.

Select a suitable medium

Bathrooms are subject to some harsh conditions. They are also subjected to steam and water vapour which may condense into moisture and rest on the surfaces of bathroom accessories, including your wall art. Due to this, your bathroom art should be able to withstand humid environments and moisture.

Generally, your wall art could be made with framed pictures, drawings, pictures or printed designs. These designs are sealed with either wooden frames or ceramic or glass frames.

If they are sealed with wooden frames, then caution should be taken when choosing the frames since woods are susceptible to moisture. Ceramic or glass frames are durable and make good frames for bathroom wall art designs.

If the bathroom is ventilated, you may not necessarily have to worry much about humidity with its consequences on your bathroom wall art.

You have to decide where you can hang your bathroom art

For you to hang a bathroom wall art, you need to decide where you will hang it. The area where you will hang your bathroom wall art will depend on the size of the wall art. Also, the materials on your surface and the slope of your ceiling will also play a role here.

Some persons will advise you to place your wall art opposite your mirror so that you can always have a glimpse of it whenever you are dressing up. You may also hang it at a point where you can see it clearly from your toilet seater or from your bathtub.

Find the right size of the bathroom wall art to use

The size of your bathroom art will depend on some factors such as the amount of space available for you to place it and the number of wall arts that you intend to hang on your bathroom wall. If you decide to hang large wall art in your wall, then you can decide to go for a wall art having a width of at least 30 inches.

If you are hanging more than one wall art, then I will advise you to go for small and medium-sized wall art.

Types of wall arts that you can hang on your bathroom wall include
Floral wall art

What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls

If you are looking for something unique that you can hang on your bathroom wall, then you may consider floral wall art. Floral wall arts are aesthetically stunning and special.

Abstract Wooden Wall Art

This wall art can match any bathroom decoration and its artistic nature is charming.


What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls

Wallpapers are a good thing to put in your bathroom. If you allocate good care and ventilation to your wallpapers, it can last for some time in your bathroom.

You just have to ensure that your wallpaper does not come in contact with water so you can place on the wall that is a little bit far from your bathtub

You can also hang toilet paper holders on your bathroom wall

What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls

You can as well mount a toilet paper holder on your wall. A toilet paper holder is best mounted 26 inches above the floor on the centre. This means that from the floor to the centre of the toilet paper holder should be 26 inches. This height is suitable for every bathroom and everyone using the bathroom.

Also, the distance of the toilet paper holder should be placed from the toilet is of great importance too. The toilet paper holder should be placed 8 to 12 inches on centre from the toilet facing the wall.

This distance should be measured from the front of the toilet bowl to the centre of the toilet paper holder. But this is subject to modification. For homes with children and shorter persons, a distance of 8 to10 inches is acceptable and for homes with taller persons, a distance of 10 to 12 inches is very much acceptable.

Remember that the bathroom and toilet environment is always wet, so it is advisable to choose a toilet paper holder that will protect the toilet paper from the wet bathroom environment.

If this is not done, the toilet paper will be wet easily and it would damage it. It is also advisable to get toilet paper holder with a shield which could be made of stainless steel or plastic since these materials will effectively protect the toilet paper from water.

Think about decorating your bathroom walls with tiles

What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls

Although most bathrooms have their tiles on the floor, it may seem difficult to decide if you should tile the walls. If you want to tile the walls of your bathroom, you may decide to tile all, half or three-quarters of the wall or you may decide to add a tile baseboard.

Whichever one you want to do has its benefits and limitations. There are several advantages of placing tiles on your bathroom walls. Tiles can cause a reduction in the mould in the bathroom and add to your bathroom decor. Any wall that is exposed to constant moisture needs to get tiled to prevent moulds from growing on them.

Although they will cost more in terms of materials and labour more than the conventional painting, it is necessary to have them on your walls.

You can try out a DIY patterned accent wall

If you are looking for what to do to your bathroom to give it a fresh and new look, then you should consider creating an accent wall (like this one on Amazon).

Using an accent wall, you can create the environment and feeling you want in your bathroom. To create a patterned accent wall, consider the following.

You have to choose the right wall

To do this, you will need to locate the focal point in your bathroom. The focal point is the right place where you can accent. If you do not have a focal point in your bathroom, then you can create one.

You can do this by looking at how you want to decorate your bathroom and space in it and the things you will work with. This will help you decide the colour scheme that you will use.

Moreover, you have to use walls that have no doors or windows. It is better to use the walls without doors or windows as accent walls because they look best on them.

Also, when accenting your bathroom wall, it is advisable to choose the farthest short walls because accenting long walls will make them look longer and may throw your bathroom off balance.

You have to select a suitable accent colour.

When choosing colours for accepting your wall, it is good that you choose a colour that is vibrant and good looking. Also, the mood that you want to create in your bathroom will also influence your choice of colours. Different colours give different feelings and these have effects on people.

The temperature of the colour plays a significant role too. Warm colours give a vibe that is different from cool colours.

You may also decide to go with a colour that is darker than the other clours in the bathroom. When accenting walls, the rule of thumb is that you should paint the accent wall the same colour as the other walls but two shades darker.

Hang a mirror

There are lots of mirrors that you can hang on your bathroom wall. You can hang a framed mirror on your bathroom wall but there are some things that you must consider.

Placing a framed mirror will require you to ensure that the frame of the mirror is resistant to moisture since it will be exposed to moisture in the bathroom.

The GRJ Household Items& Led Makeup Mirror With Light and Global Views Spectacular Round Silver Wall Mirror are great mirrors you should try out on your bathroom walls.

There are other things that you can hang on your bathroom wall too, these things include;

You can hang wooden frame bathroom wall signs on your bathroom wall. This will increase the aesthetic nature of your bathroom. Bathroom wall signs come in different styles and designs. Choosing the style that will suit your bathroom is necessary.

Use a beautiful motif

A motif is a design or an image. This can be hung on your bathroom walls too to increase the beauty of your bathroom.

Try out a wall decal

Wall decals are also called wall stickers. These stickers can be fixed to a wall for the purpose of decorating the walls. They also come in various sizes and shapes.

These materials that are used for medicine cabinets also have their benefits and limitations. Discovering which one suits you will help you to make the right choice.

Final words -What Should I Hang On My Bathroom Walls

Whatever you intend to go for, make sure your choice fits perfectly into the theme of your house.

You wouldn’t want to try out wallpapers or wall arts that would not breathe peace, tranquillity and cleanliness into your bathroom. It is your choice, make it well.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other things that you can hang on your bathroom wall.

The beauty of your bathroom is of utmost importance and how well you decorate your bathroom is necessary as this will increase its aesthetic value.

Have any questions or comments? You can share them with us in the comments. Let us make our bathrooms come alive.

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