Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet With Mirrors (2021 Detailed Review)

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets with mirrors are very unique and spectacular to the point that whenever I find myself in a bathroom with such a cabinet. I always fail to fathom the level of comfort and happiness it offers me.

I am sure there are people like me here who are always fascinated by the sight of these kinds of wall cabinets that they will want to go straight into the market and make the orders for the cabinets immediately.

Wall mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Mirrors

Well, that is the reason for this article, if you are looking to get yourself a wall mounted bathroom cabinet with mirrors then here is a detailed review.

This will not only help you to make a better choice but also help you to spot out the different features of each of the wall mounted bathroom cabinets mirrors out there in the market.

Does that sound like a good deal? If yes then you need to keep an eye on this page because we are going to give a detailed review of all the wall-mounted cabinets out there with mirrors.

If you are a lover of luxurious and top-quality wall cabinets then that is your opportunity to get yourself a wall cabinet to be proud of.

\most times when you walk into the bathroom to do your business, you will need a mirror to fix some stuff on your face.

Again if you are a person with skincare routines you will agree with me that mirror in the bathroom is the easiest thing you can relate to.

Will, you rather buy a separate mirror hanging on the wall or will you prefer to get a wall hanging cabinet with an exquisite mirror function?

If you buy a cabinet with mirror function you have succeeded in killing two beds with just one stone.

With the mirrored cabinet you can easily store your bathroom accessories and leave your bathroom very free and spacious.

You have also succeeded in getting yourself a perfect mirror for your skincare routine.

The best thing about these cabinets with mirrors is that some of them often come with LED lights as well as defoggers, hence you will not have the issue of thinking of putting on the light when you want to use the bathroom.

You can as well use the mirror even after a hot shower and you won’t have to worry about condensation because of the defogger.

If you are looking to get yourself a wall cabinet with mirror then keep a tab on this space because we ill be listing all the top-quality cabinets on here.

So, all you have to do is carefully read through the features, specifications as well the pros and cons to make a better choice of cabinet.

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Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets with Mirror – Our Detailed Review

The wall mounted bathroom cabinets that we are going to list here has been carefully selected and reviewed by our top reviewers and has been found to be the exact quality and specifications you are looking for.

Some features LED light display while the others do not have such features but all the same have other great features that make it stand out from others.

There is also wall mounted cabinets with mirrors that have the defogger features that allows you to use the mirror even after a warm bath without having to worry about condensation.

All these unique and amazing features are what makes the cabinets we will be reviewing a special pick only for people who loves and understands what luxury means and how to acquire one.

If you are a lover of luxury and unique cabinet styles then this is where you should be.

Carefully read through the features and specifications to make your choice.

Please do not place any other if you are yet to read through the features of the product.

If you are ready then here is our list of the top wall mounted cabinets with mirror

Artforma illuminated Custom Bathroom Mirror Cabinets With Doors


The Artforma bathroom mirror cabinet is a very satisfying sight to behold starting from just the design you will love this nicely made cabinet but we have agreed that the design is not enough to swipe the credit card. Wait until you get to see the features.

This mirror cabinet will definitely throw you off your feet with its amazing features and neatly crafted designs.

About the Product

This cabinet offers you the possibility of creating a unique combination according to your likes and preferences. You can equally choose the size, colour, switch type weather display and even Bluetooth speaker.

Yes with this cabinet package you have the ability to choose your style in whichever way you want it.

This is a top-quality mirror cabinet made from the finest materials which come with state of the art LED diodes.

The diodes contribute to a lower power consumption while keeping the bright and intense colour of the light produced.

The installation process of the Artforma cabinet is not complicated at all and you can easily install the cabinet by just following the installation guide even if you are not an expert.

This is because it is super easy to install the cabinet within a very time.

The packing is also very nicely thought out by the manufacturers because it is a piece of very fragile furniture it is packed in a hard cardboard box and additionally wrapped to remove the risk of damage while the package is on transit.

Installation procedure

The installation procedure for the Artforma wall mounted cabinet with mirror is a very simple and easy process.

This is because the cabinet is delivered to you fully assembled just the door that requires additional adjustment and you can find the directives for adjusting the door in the manual present in the package.

The Dimension of the Product

The dimension of the cabinet you are about to buy is very important because it will determine how and where you will hang the cabinet.

That is why it is very important that you take extra care in noting the dimension of the cabinet before you buy.

In the case of this Artforma cabinet the dimension is 6.7 by 39.3 by 28.3 inches (L, W,H)


  • Touch switch
  • LED clock
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Makeup mirror
  • Makeup mirror with lighting
  • Cold white LED colour
  • Up to 1500h LED time
  • Accessories included


  • The LED make up mirror with lighting is located at the outer edge of the door in the middle of the height and is decided to help you while doing your make up even in the dark
  • The magnification mirror is 3X which provides enough magnification when needed
  • Mirror lighting starts up with mirror backlight
  • The range of the Bluetooth module is 32 feet approximately and that is enough to give the music you need while in the bathroom
  • The speaker is permanently supplied
  • The LED Clock with a button allows the changing od the displayed time and its format ad has a supply voltage of 12V DC
  • The clock is permanently supplied which means it can stay lit up continuously
  • The touch switch is installed near the bottom edge of the door right in the middle of the width and it has a supply voltage of 12V
  • The power supply for this cabinet is 110-264V and is mounted in the mirror.


It does not have a defogger and is quite expensive

KOHLER K-99007 TL-NA LED Lighted Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror


The KOHLER brand of a wall cabinet is a firebrand that we always want to talk about them because of the quality of its feature and the uniqueness of its designs.

Once you’ve used a KOHLER cabinet once you will want to use it over and over again. This is my situation right now because I am always wanting to get myself a KOHLER cabinet at any slightest opportunity.

Well, you will find out why when we get down to the features of this amazing wall cabinet with mirror.

About this Product

The Kohler brand of the wall cabinet is an amazing product with unique designs and wonderful features that will make you want to have them over and over again once you’ve used them before.

There is an internal LED light that guides and provides optimally bright bathroom lighting for your use and convenience once you are in the bathroom.

The brightness of the LED light is 1300 Lumens and it ensures consistent lighting with no hot or dark spots.

The door swings at 110 degrees and has a slow closing features that allow you to gently close the door without slamming.

These and many more to come are the numerous features of this useful cabinet that will make you consider whipping out your credit card and placing your order immediately without delay.


  • Optimally bright task light
  • Consistent lighting
  • Dimmable light
  • Pivoting side mirrors
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Electrical outlet


  • The dimmable light feature allows you to adjust the light to be as dim as or as bright as you need it. You can achieve this by installing dimmer switches near the medicine cabinet or on the adjacent wall for flexible installation.
  • The pivoting side mirrors allow you to direct light where you need it most and is available on 34-in and 40-in mirrors
  • The magnifying mirror is located on the inside of the door and it adjusts vertically
  • The electrical outlet is added to improve your convenience

Installation Procedures

The installation procedure for this cabinet is not difficult at all. There are two methods you can use to install this cabinet, you can use the surface mount procedure or the recess mount procedure.

Each of these two installation processes can be achieved by you just reading through the manuals and using the hardware included in the package.

Meanwhile, the surface mount installation requires K-99012 or K-9967 kit.


It is quite expensive

Dreamwerks 28 By 28 Wall Mounted LED Medicine Cabinet For Bathroom/Vanity

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Mirrors


The Dreamwerks LED wall mounted mirror cabinet is an excellent storage product made specifically for people who love luxury and as well love beautiful designs of the cabinet.

There is no way you will see this cabinet hanging pretty on a bathroom wall and not like it.

If you are a lover of luxury that always want to add beautiful designs to their bathroom furniture to improve the aesthetics and decorations of your bathroom then this beautiful cabinet right here is for you.

About the Product

This product comes with one of the best features you will be needing in your bathroom cabinet. It equally comes with a beautiful design to complement the design and aesthetics of your bathroom.

The product is a perfect combination of excellent features and spectacular designs to give you all you ever want in a bathroom cabinet.

It is protected with the IP44 waterproofing which helps your mirror to be safe from steam, water and other liquids. The electronic component of the cabinet is also waterproofed to protect the damage that may be caused by water.

The product is made from high-quality materials like glass, copper-free materials and silver backed. The mirrors are less corrosive than mirrors with copper and will definitely last longer than them.

The Dimension of the Product

As mentioned earlier when buying a bathroom cabinet knowing its dimension is very important and can never be overemphasized.

Knowing the dimension will help you to know the actual size of the cabinet so that you don’t end up getting a cabinet that is bigger than your bathroom.

The dimension of this cabinet is 35.5 by 35.25 by 11 inches.


  • Waterproof
  • High-quality materials
  • LED light
  • Easy-access storage space
  • Hardwired
  • Warranty
  • Durable


  • The easy access storage allows you to store all your toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, moisturizer, deodorant makeup and all other bathroom essentials.
  • The bathroom cabinet mirrors are made with high-quality materials like glass, copper-free materials and are less corrosive
  • The cabinet is very durable
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • The LED lights last up to 10000h if you use it for 1 hr and 30 minutes every day the mirror will last for 15 years
  • It is waterproof and protected with IP44 waterproofing hence your mirror will be safe from steam, water and other liquids
  • It is better to connect the mirror to your electrical box for a cleaner look than plugging it into an outlet
  • The electrical box is provided to increase the convenience you get from the cabinet.


The light is not as bright as advertised

GRJ Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinet For the Bathroom

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Mirrors


This is a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet with a mirror that has an all-white colour that you will definitely love to have in your bathroom.

It is luxurious in the sense that every feature stands out and is dedicated to serving all your needs without any difficulties. So if you are a lover of luxury furniture this is definitely for you.

All you need to do is keep your fingers crossed and keep a tab on this space because we will be listing all the features, specifications as well as the pros and cons to enable you to make a perfect choice.

About this Product

Just as mentioned earlier this product is excellent for your bathroom not only for your storage purposes but to also improve the design and aesthetics of your bathroom.

The mirrored cabinet is there to avail you the capacity to store all your bathroom accessories in the cabinet while leaving enough space in the bathroom that is if you are a lover of a spacious bathroom like me.

I hate to litter items littered about anywhere in the bathroom so this is definitely my go-to type of cabinet to keep all those items together in one place.

The cabinet is made with glass and aluminium while the mirror is made with aluminium alloy, silver mirror and acrylic lampshade.

Size of the product

The size of the cabinet is very important when choosing a cabinet to buy. In fact, for me, it is the first thing I always check considering the size of my bathroom because I wouldn’t want to get anything that is bigger than my bathroom size.

This cabinet comes in two sizes; the first one is (50 by 70 cm) which has a dimension of 16.68 by 27.55 inches.

The second product size is the(70 by 100cm) which has a dimension of 27.55 by 39.37 inches.


  • Tricolour dimmable light
  • Silver glass mirror material
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to install
  • Stable and safe


  • The colour from the LED display is dimmable and does not hurt the eyes
  • It is made with high-quality silver glass which ensures that it is durable and lasts longer
  • It is very easy to install using the installation manual included in the package
  • It is stable and safe even when it is hanging on the wall
  • It is multifunctional, it can be used for a family bathroom and even hotel and is ideal for applying to make up as well as shaving
  • The LED screen is controlled by the ON/OFF switch
  • The time and temperature automatically switch every 5 seconds
  • You can double click on the control panel to switch colours and long press to adjust the brightness
  • It has a defogger that enables you to use the mirror even after a steam bath without being bothered about condensation
  • It has a built-in polymer lithium battery that can be used with a charging cable connection

Installation procedure

The installation process is very simple and easy. You can even install the cabinet by yourself by using the installation manual provided in the package.


It is quite expensive

B & C 16 by 20 Aluminium Medicine Cabinet With Mirror

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Mirrors


The B & C aluminium wall mounted cabinet with mirror is a premium brand of wall cabinets constructed with premium aluminium and mirrored glass which is very durable and promises to give you a long service life.

So if you are a premium customer that prefers quality over quantity this is made specifically for you to take care of all your storage needs in the bathroom as well as improve the design of your bathroom.

About the Product

This bathroom cabinet is highly sophisticated and made with premium materials that allow it to be durable and last for a very long time.

If you are looking for a durable bathroom cabinet with premium features to only aid your storage needs but also to help improve the overall design of your bathroom then this is for you.

This cabinet is made for premium customers simply put and you are one of the premium customers who love their comfort and space in the bathroom more than any other thing.


  • Sophisticated designs
  • Space utilization
  • Reliable quality
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Double mirrors aluminium door
  • Soft-close stainless steel hinge


  • The adjustable shelves allow you to adjust the cabinet to suit your needs
  • The cabinet can also be used as a mirror when the door is open and when it is closed
  • The soft close stainless hinges allow the door to be gently closed without slamming
  • The door also has a holder for options of opening 130 degrees or 170 degrees
  • This cabinet allows you to utilize more space in the bathroom
  • The bevelled edge frameless mirrored door has a sophisticated design that makes it reversible for left or right-hand opening.
  • The interior of the cabinet is fully mirrored and it provides more visibility

The dimension of the Product

The cabinet dimension is 29.5 by 21 by 9.5 inches and  it has a weight of 24.7 pounds

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure for this cabinet is the surface mount procedure which is very simple.

You can install this cabinet by following the installation manual included in the package or employ the services of a professional to help you with the installation.


It is a little bit expensive

Final words on Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets With A Mirror

I hope this article has been able to do justice to carefully reviewing the top wall mounted bathroom cabinet with mirror and the features that make them worth buying and I am sure by now you are already convinced on the particular cabinet to go for.

Do you any more questions on wall mounted bathroom cabinets with a mirror? Drop the questions in the comment section.

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