Are Smart Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style?

Are smart bathroom mirrors now out of style? There are various types of bathroom mirrors out there. The most used bathroom mirrors are the rectangular framed mirrors.

You can find this in almost any bathroom you go into today. Meanwhile, there is another kind of bathroom mirror called a smart bathroom mirror, this mirror has special functions that other kinds of bathroom mirrors do not have.

Are Smart Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style?

People do ask the question if smart bathroom mirrors are out of style, the answer to that question is No! Smart bathroom mirrors are not out of style, they are still in use by a majority, most especially luxury hotels and in other luxury homes. The amazing features and functions that the smart bathroom mirrors have are what still keeps it in style.

Smart mirrors do come with LED light that provides more light to the bathroom, especially when applying make-up and when shaving.

It provides extra light and this prevents shadows from being cast of places that are meant to see while applying make-up or while shaving.

Apart from the LED light function, some smart mirrors also come with Bluetooth and speakers that make your bathing experience enjoyable.

Despite the fact that smart mirrors may cost more money, it is still in use by many and may not go out of style for a long time.

What is a smart bathroom mirror?

Are Smart Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style
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A smart bathroom mirror is a two-way kind of mirror that has an electronic display behind the glass.

What the electronic display does is that it shows the viewer different kinds of information beneath the glass, such as news update, time, date etc.

This smart bathroom mirror is very essential, especially for those who may seem too busy.

While they are applying make-up or doing some other thing with the mirror, they can see the news update, weather update and some other valuable information on the mirror.

It saves you the time of going over to your phone to check for the news update, time and weather updates.

While you are grooming with your smart bathroom mirror, you can view updates on your mirror as well, this will help to make things faster for you and also save you time and stress.

What makes a bathroom mirror smart?

Are Smart Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style?
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As of today, every device seems to have a ‘smart’ version of it, ranging from smartphones, smart TV and Smartwatches, the mirror also has its own ’smart’ version.

There is a reason why the smart bathroom mirrors are called smart, obviously, it can do several things that the ordinary mirrors cannot do.

What makes the bathroom mirror smart is the fact that beneath the glass, there is an inbuilt display that shows you different kind of things that you want, for example, it displays the news, the current time and also the weather.

The smart mirror is an interesting device that you should consider getting if you can afford it.

How much do smart mirrors cost

The smart mirrors are way more advanced than the other common bathroom mirrors, so you should expect it to cost more.

They are available to buy in many stores at a very expensive price. When you want to purchase a smart mirror, it will cost over two hundred dollars – to a thousand dollars.

Taking a look at the price, you will see that not many people will be able to afford it.

However, if you feel that you need to give your bathroom that luxury finishing, it is a good idea if you invest in a smart bathroom mirror.

Aside from the great functions of this mirror, it also adds to the beauty of the bathroom.

If you want to enjoy the amazing features of the smart bathroom mirrors like the displaying of time, news update and weather updates beneath your mirror, then you should invest in one of these smart bathroom mirrors.

It adds such beauty and luxury to your bathroom and if you have this in your home, it gives you this relaxed feeling, it also saves you time.

You could be grooming, applying make-up and at the same time you are checking the news update and you know the time at the moment, you do not have to step out of the bathroom to check the time.

Smart mirror Buying Guide

When you go out to buy a smart bathroom mirror without reading through a detailed buying guide, you may make some mistakes you would regret.

In order to avoid these mistakes and to avoid wasting money on mirrors that will not suit your needs or mirrors that may not be exactly what you wanted.

That is the reason for writing this, to help you with a buying guide on how to buy the right smart bathroom mirror.

There are more smart mirrors coming out there in the market and it makes t quite difficult for buyers to decide which one they want to buy.

While you are making a decision on which smart bathroom mirror to buy, you need to take note of these different aspects:


It is important to note that there are two kinds of smart bathroom mirrors, there is the one that has a touchscreen, there is the one without the touchscreen too.

It is up to you to decide the one you want if you want the one with touchscreen or the one without the touchscreen, it is up to you to decide which one you want based on your usage.

The touchscreen type is usually more interactive and it will give you more options than the one without the touchscreen, the one without the touchscreen will only work based on the software configuration.

The touchscreen is more advantageous than the one without the touchscreen because of its flexibility and the choice it gives to choose what you want to display on the screen.

If you do not care about choosing what you want to be displayed on the screen, then you should go for the one without the touchscreen.


Are Smart Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style?

Many of the smart mirrors out there come with adjustable lighting, this feature works best when you are grooming or when you are applying make-up or shaving.

It is not good when you are shaving or applying make-up and then you have shadows casting on your face making it dark, you need as much lighting to see what you are doing and to get the best out of it.

It is very important that you pay attention to the lighting when you want to get your smart bathroom mirror.

Some other smart bathroom mirrors out there have brighter white light, these ones are specifically made for make-up.

Fog resistance

If you have to defog your mirror after showering each day, this will slow you down, and it can also be time-wasting. When you want to get your smart bathroom mirror, you need to make sure it has anti-fogging functions.

The good thing about it is that most of the smart bathroom mirrors out there have this feature. This feature makes a lot of sense because it is time-saving and it helps to keep your mirror neat and sparkling clean.

Imagine how much time you will waste when you are done taking your shower and then you have to start all over again to clean the mirror, this anti-fog feature saves you a lot of time and stress.

It is important that you should not forget this feature.


Are Smart Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style

This is a very important aspect to look out for, especially for the smart mirrors with a touchscreen. There needs to be a special coating that helps to reduce the fingerprints on it.

This is the same with tablets and smartphones. It is a very important aspect to look out for on your smart bathroom mirror.

Power consumption

When you leave the mirror always on, then the smart mirror will consume a lot of power. If you do not want to spend more money on electricity then you should get mirrors that have the power-saving mode.

When you buy your smart mirror, you should be able to set it to either power saving mode, standby and hibernation.

The best thing to do is to change it in the settings when you have purchased your bathroom mirror.


When you buy your smart bathroom mirror, you expect it to last long. It is best if the smart bathroom mirror that comes with a warranty.

What the warranty does is that if there is any factory issue with the mirror, you do not have to spend money on repairs, all you need to do is take it back to the place it was purchased, show them the warranty and you could either get it fixed or get it replaced without spending a dime.

Most times the warranty is usually a one year or two-year warranty. This is a very important aspect of buying a smart bathroom mirror, you should not overlook it because it will save you a lot of extra expenses.

Types of smart bathroom mirrors.

The Keonjinn 38 by 28-inch Smart bathroom mirror


This smart bathroom mirror has an adjustable brightness, the mirror light is dimmable, this means that you can either increase or dim the brightness.

The brighter light is usually best for those who are applying make-up because you will need as much bright white light to make this possible.

One of the features that make this mirror smart is the fact that it has a separate control for the anti-fog function and the power switch.

This mirror also has a waterproof design and moisture-proof backing. It has a rating of IP54, this helps to ensure good and safe lighting even in a wet bathroom.

This smart bathroom mirror is a smart one and it will serve you well. If you get it you will not regret it.

You should consider investing in one of these because aside from the smart features it provides, it also adds beauty and class to your bathroom.

You should consider this because it is not so expensive, it comes in a price that you should be able to afford.

Key features:

  • Adjustable lighting
  • Touchscreen
  • Anti-fog
  • Great design
  • Waterproof design

Boston 36 by 28-inch smart bathroom mirror


This smart bathroom mirror comes with a memory function, which is a smart touch function which supports the wall switch to control the on and off function. It also comes with an anti-fog function.

The anti-fog function helps to keep the mirror sparkling clean and to also save one the time of cleaning the bathroom mirror manually after a shower.

One good thing about this mirror is that it is easy to install. It has been designed for both vertical and horizontal installation, what this means is that you can either install this mirror in any direction you want it, either vertical or horizontal.

It also has excellent lighting with a super bright LED, the brightness is adjustable in four levels.

This smart mirror is affordable, if you purchase it you will enjoy it so much, aside from the normal functions of lighting up the bathroom.

It also adds beauty and makes the bathroom look more luxury and fashionable.

The mirror also has a low corrosion rate, and also it also has very stable quality. An added advantage is that this mirror has a three years warranty.

This means that from the day you purchase it if you notice any default or factory fault, you can return it and have it replaced or fixed without spending any dime.

You should consider this mirror.

Key features:

  • Easy installation
  • Smart touch switch
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Three years warranty

Conclusion – Are smart bathroom mirrors now out of style?

Smart bathroom mirrors are not out of style, in fact, they are spreading and are becoming more common.

There are new smart bathroom mirrors coming out daily and based on the amazing features of this smart mirror it will not go out of style anytime soon.

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