Would A Large Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

Would a large mirror in a bathroom produce more condensation? A lot of people do ask this question a lot, well, if you stumbled on this article, you are in the right place. We will give you answers to this question.

In modern bathrooms, you will notice that most of them are furnished with beautiful large mirrors. Many luxury homes now make use of large mirrors in their bathroom, and the fact that a lot of people now have these large mirrors is why they ask the question if large mirrors in a bathroom will fog.

What is condensation?

Would A Large Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

We cannot take you through this article without explaining to you what condensation is. Condensation is the change of the state of a liquid from the gaseous state to the liquid state.

In this context, the liquid we are talking about is water, and if you make use of your bathroom a whole lot you must have experienced condensation on your mirror after taking your bath.

Would A Large Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

Would A Large Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

To answer the question if the large mirror in a bathroom will produce more condensation, the answer is that mirrors are usually placed on the upper half of a bathroom, and things in the upper part of the bathroom will have more condensation because warmer air and water vapour will rise as it escapes from the shower stall.

That is to say, if your mirror is a large one and it elevates higher above the upper half of the bathroom, it will have more condensation. In conclusion, large mirrors in the bathroom will produce more condensation if it is installed higher above the upper half of the bathroom, which is how most bathroom mirrors are installed anyway.

Would A Large Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

What are simple ways to prevent condensation in the bathroom

Condensation is what everyone that uses a bathroom with mirrors experience, and the experience is not always palatable. This condensation is as a result of humidity and moisture released into the air by a shower or from a hot bath.

The bathroom is where you will experience the most condensation. Condensation can cause some problems like heating up if there is wallpaper in the bathroom wall, it can ruin it.

It can also steam up your mirror and cause fogging. These experiences are not palatable at all, and these few tips will help you prevent condensation in the bathroom.

Wipe your surfaces dry

When you are done taking your bath, there will surely be some parts of the bathroom that are wet, take note of them and wipe them dry. The surfaces that will experience moisture are the windows, the mirrors and also the tiles.

You need to focus on these surfaces when you are wiping. This may seem like a hell of a work to do it all the time after you have taken your bath, but it is one of the best ways you can prevent condensation in the bathroom.

Have a cool shower

One way a lot of people do not know that works is by taking a cool shower, that is, by lowering the water temperature. By doing this your bathroom will not have so much moisture as it will be when you have a hot shower.

Aside from having a cool shower to prevent condensation, it also helps you save energy and to stop having footprints around in the environment.

Use an Extractor fan

Using an extractor fan (like this one on Amazon) is one of the common ways of removing condensation from the bathroom.

Make sure you open your window when you are taking a hot bath. By doing this you are allowing the cold air to come in and then the hot air to escape.

Direct Drive Exhaust Fan, Shutter Mounted, Single Phase, 14″ Diameter, 120 Volt

It is not ideal to do this during winter. Try to install an extractor fan in your bathroom, as this will help to remove the moisture and at the same time, and it will not allow the cold air in.

When there is good ventilation in your bathroom it will reduce the risk of having mould on your bathroom tiles and on your window.

Make use of Antifog Mirrors

An ordinary mirror will definitely harbour moisture and get moulds easily. When you see that you’re your mirror is steamed then you know that your room is harbouring some moisture.

When you notice this, be sure to wipe it to remove the moisture. There is a particular type of mirror that has been created that is condensation-free, they are called ‘’Demistable Mirrors.’’

These kinds of mirrors are usually fitted with heating pads, the heating pads work to keep the surface of the mirror warm, that is, condensation will not have any effect on this kind of mirror.

Do not expect the demistable or antifog mirror to be of the same cost with the regular mirror, they cost more. If you are concerned about preventing this condensation and you have the funds, you should consider buying this mirror.

Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror 24 Inch X 24 Inch is an example of anti-fog mirrors you should buy if you are looking at stopping condensation from hitting your mirrors.

This mirror is an Anti-fog Bathroom mirror with LED and touch control. It comes with a silver-backed glass as well, so, you should expect the frame to be strong to an extent.

This mirror has a safety design to control the LED light and heating fog with a slight touch. The anti-fog function helps to keep it always clear and to prevent condensation.

This mirror is a copper-free silver mirror that protects against corrosion or humidity. It also has one special feature, it can either be hung in both directions, either horizontal or vertical depending on which one suits you.

You will also rest assured that this mirror will give you satisfaction.


  • Anti-fog
  • Waterproof
  • Quality LED
  • Polished edges
  • Vertical & horizontal fitting
  • Lightweight


  • Need to be handled with care and all wires checked

This mirror is a very good one based on the description we gave, it will meet your expectations, it even has Bluetooth and speakers embedded in it as well.

This mirror is special in such a way that it can be hung either horizontally or vertically, depending on the one you prefer and the size of your bathroom you can choose to hang it the way you like.

It is a complete value for money, you will have no regrets buying it at all. If you are tired of the fogging of your regular mirror and you want to upgrade.

You should be ready to spend some extra cash because this anti-fog mirror costs more than that of the regular one.

It is not a waste of money though if you do not mind the price.

These anti-fog mirrors are now being used in some homes, this is one reason to upgrade, it will also add some beauty to your bathroom and make it look more attractive than it was before.

How to keep your regular mirror from fogging up in the bathroom

I have not come across anyone that enjoys foggy bathroom mirrors, it can be so annoying. This is especially for those who may not be able to afford the Anti-fog mirror we reviewed above.

If you are making use of a regular mirror in your bathroom, these few tips should be able to help you to keep the mirror from fogging up in the bathroom.

Aside from buying an already made Anti-fog mirror, these tips will help you achieve almost what the anti-fog mirror will achieve.

Install a defogging pad

If you are using a regular mirror, you can achieve what an already made anti-fog mirror can achieve by installing a defogging pad on your regular mirror. This is a very professional way of keeping your mirror free from fog while you are in the bathroom.

The defogging pad is usually powered by electricity, and it is installed behind the mirror and what it does is that it gently heats up the mirror. This will prevent your regular mirror from condensation.

Before now, you could only make use of an anti-fog mirror if you had the money or if you lodged in a luxury hotel, but now you have realized that you can install a defogging pad behind your regular mirror to prevent fogging up while you are making use of the bathroom.

Take note that when you want to install the defogging pad, you have to remove the mirror first, so, it is not advisable you install the defogging pad yourself.

Contact a glass expert and pay him to install it for you, as this will prevent you from damaging your mirror.

Try Homemade solution

There are some other home-made products out there you can use to keep your mirror from being fog-free. A vinegar solution is a solution you can use to wipe your mirror.

When you want to make use of it is best you mix it with some water and a few drops of soap to the solution. The reason for adding a few drops of soap is to increasing the defogging power. You should try mixing vinegar, water and a few drops of soap and see how great it works.

If you are making use of a regular mirror in your bathroom and you want to keep it from getting too foggy by making use of the home-made solution, you should try these ones we listed above, it really works.

Why do bathroom windows steam up while bathing?

Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

You may have also experienced that when you are taking your bath, not only does the bathroom mirrors become condensed, but also the bathroom windows steam up as well. Why then does this happen to the bathroom windows?

Poor thermal insulation, insufficient ventilation and too much moisture are the main causes of steaming up of your bathroom windows.

When warm moist air comes in contact with the cooler glass of the window, the moisture condenses into liquid water droplets, this is known as condensation.

This sign shows you that the humidity level is high. When you sort out this issue it is going to save you some unwanted costs and will also keep your bathroom in a good state.

Like we mentioned earlier, making use of an extractor fan could help prevent your bathroom windows from steaming up. Make sure that when you are taking your bath, the extractor fan is on.

If there is no extractor fan, another option is to open your window a little, this is to allow air to move out and come in.

Final words – Would A Large Mirror In A Bathroom Produce More Condensation

The bigger your mirror is, the more it will produce more condensation. This is because mirrors are usually placed at the top half of the bathroom wall, and condensation happens more in the upper part of your bathroom.

The higher/bigger the mirror, the more condensation it will produce. For those who do not want to experience this condensation or fogging of the bathroom mirror, there is an anti-fog mirror you can buy which we have reviewed above.

The LED anti-fog mirror is the best option if you want to stop getting so much condensation on your bathroom mirror.

This anti-fog mirror is quite costly, it is specifically for those that can afford it.

However, if you cannot afford it we gave some tips you can use for your regular mirror in the bathroom as we said.

You can install an anti-fog pad, not by yourself though, you should hire a glass expert who has experience installing mirrors.

With this, you get to enjoy what luxury homes and hotel enjoy, you have an anti-fog installed on your regular mirror, it is money-saving as well.

Take note that this works with electricity, what it does is that it gently heats up the mirror from behind, to avoid fogging up the mirror.

It is now left to you to choose the one you want to use, either the expensive anti-fog mirror or you install an anti-fog pad on your regular mirror and have almost the same experience with someone that makes use of the main anti-fog mirror.

I hope this article has been able to answer your question if a large mirror in the bathroom will produce more condensation. Let me know your thoughts.

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