Should You Leave The Bathroom Door Open Or Closed After Shower

Should you leave the bathroom door open or closed after a shower? This question is one of the most important questions you are supposed to know the answer to.

Well, the answer to this question is that, when you are done showering, it is usually advisable to leave the bathroom door open. What this does is that it allows air from the bathroom go outside and that brings in more ventilation and prevents mould in your bathroom.

The moment you are done showering always close the bathroom curtain, wipe the floor to dry it to avoid an accident by slipping and falling.

However, there are homes where the whole house is airconditioned, the case is usually different. If your whole house is air-conditioned, you should close the bathroom door just as you would close every other door in your house.

Passive ventilation helps to keep odour out of the house, you can achieve this when your door is closed with the air conditioner on.

How to keep your bathroom clean after a shower

Should You Leave The Bathroom Door Open Or Closed After Shower

The bathroom is the most used room in one’s home, it Is very important to keep your bathroom clean.

This is because if you keep on using a dirty bathroom, you are risking contacting several diseases you may never have expected.

It is best to keep your bathroom clean to prevent toilet infection. Toilet infection is usually very dangerous and if not treated well it could result in something worse.

The bathroom actually the most important room that is to be kept clean, here are a few tips on how you should keep your bathroom clean.

Make use of disinfectants

When you are washing your bathroom with the aim of keeping it clean, you should not expect making use of only water and soap will do the job.

It will only clean it but what about the germs? It is usually advisable that you make use of disinfectants (like this one on Amazon) when you are cleaning your bathroom.

What does this disinfectant do?

As the name implies, it helps to not only keep the washed surfaces clean but also kill the unseen germs and kill the bad odour.

If you wish you can also add other cleaning agents like bleach. Bleach also helps to keep all the white surfaces sparkling white and it can also kill germs.

To add to it, after cleaning it is wise to make use of air fresheners, it makes the bathroom smell nice and sweet.

You do not have to get bad odour after cleaning your bathroom. That is the essence of the bleach and disinfectant, to kill germs and to kill a bad odour.

Should You Leave The Bathroom Door Open Or Closed After Shower

Make use of odour neutralizing toilet drop-in

One of the worst smells is the one that comes out from the toilet, but the good news is that this can be avoided by making use of a toilet drop-in tablet.

What this does is that it helps to keep the toilet clean, and deodorized. How you apply it is by putting the tablet inside the tank of the water closet and it keeps on working for weeks.

There are some that you have to put it inside the toilet bowl directly inside the toilet bowl. This is one cost-effective way to keep your toilet clean.

Make sure there is proper ventilation

How is it possible that you have a clean and odourless toilet without having proper ventilation?

A poorly ventilated bathroom is never a good thing, it keeps moisture trapped in the bathroom and what this does is that it allows smell gets worse.

It is best to keep your bathroom windows open. Many modern bathrooms come with an inbuilt extractor fan. This helps to keep the balance of cold and hot air to reduce moisture.

Proper ventilation helps to reduce steam in the bathroom and bring in some fresh air from the outside.

Dry moisture immediately it happens

When you let moisture sit in the bathroom for too long, it is not so cool, it could also bring about the more pungent smell.

When you are done showering, the surfaces on the bathroom like the mirrors and others may experience condensation caused by the steam from showering, you should dry them immediately.

You should do this regularly as this is one way to keep your bathroom clean. You can also add to it by making use of bathroom mat, what this guy does is that it helps to keep the bathroom floor from being wet all the time.

Repeat these processes consistently

You should not expect your bathroom to be a hundred percent clean if you only clean it once a month.

Cleaning it consistently works magic. You should set the exact routine that you want depending on what works best for you.

Clean the shower, toilet, floors and empty your wastebaskets. Doing this at least once a week is quite ok, but if you can increase it to twice or thrice a week makes it even better.

Cleaning your bathroom frequently not only keeps it clean but also keeps it hygienic for your use. Dirty bathroom and toilet can cause toilet infection, and obviously, this is very dangerous.

If you are busy at work and may not be able to consistently clean your bathroom, then you should consider employing someone to clean it for you.

You may think you are wasting money, looking at it from another angle, you are also investing in your health.

If you are busy at work and cannot consistently clean your bathroom, it could make you sick because of the bacteria and germs caused by the dirt that has been there for a long time.

Should you close your bathroom door when you are using it?

Should You Leave The Bathroom Door Open Or Closed After Shower

The best practice is usually to close the bathroom door when you are making use of it. However, this may differ in some scenarios.

Some males who live alone tend to leave their bathroom door open while using it. While for some women, they always prefer their privacy which makes them always close the bathroom door.

However, for some guys who have pets like a cat at home prefer to leave the door open a little while in use, the reason being that when he is using the bathroom, his cat may be pressed and may want to poop as well, the cat can come in to use his cat box.

Leaving the bathroom door, a little help to prevent cats from scratching the door because they are unable to come in when they want to poop or pee.

Conclusively, as we said earlier, the best practice is usually to keep the door closed, but if you live alone and you have a pet like a cat which may be in need of the bathroom.

When you are also using it, you should at least leave the door open a little to prevent the cat from scratching the door. If you are married or you live with other people, you should close the door.

Should you pee with the door open in front of your partner?

This actually depends on how close you and your partner are. Peeing with the door open in front of your partner is not completely wrong, but to some others, it may seem offending.

Before you practice peeing with the door open in front of your partner, you both may have been so comfortable with each other. Most times, this comes as a result of learned behaviour from the home you grew up in.

If a man grew up in a home where they always kept the door open while they pee on front of his siblings, when he gets married, he may likely continue in that way.

However, if his wife grew up in a home where they used to close the bathroom door while they pee when she gets with her partner she may likely continue in that manner.

Women generally do not like to leave the door open while they pee in front of their partner because they want to privately do their business in the bathroom and clean themselves, if they leave the door open, she may likely feel very shy doing it.

Some women do not have any problem with this because they have become very comfortable with their partner.

If you are not yet so close to your partner, it is not advisable to pee and leave the door open, because your partner may feel that you are getting so comfortable too early.

So how do you know the right time to pee in front of your partner with the door open? If your partner already does it and you already feel comfortable around him or her, then you can, however, it is only if you want to.

Bathroom etiquettes everyone should know

Just like when you are eating, you have table etiquettes to curtail how one eats and how they behave while eating.

We also have some bathroom etiquettes that helps to curtail how one uses the bathroom and how to behave in the bathroom so that you do not mess things up.

Also, the fact that you may be sharing a bathroom with at least one a person is more reason why you should know these bathroom etiquettes so as you do not cause havoc in the bathroom you may be sharing with someone.

Stop making the bathroom a living hell for the next person you may be sharing the bathroom with and check out these simple etiquettes:

Leaving the toilet seat up

For the males, when you want to pee, the best practice is that you should raise the toilet seat up so that you do not have a droplet of urine on the seat.

When you are done peeing you should put back the toilet seat down. When you put the toilet seat down you are making it easy for the females who share the same bathroom with you, because when they want to pee, they need the toilet seat down.

Leaving the toilet seat up after peeing is not good at all, you should stop doing that.

Using your phone in the bathroom

 Your phone is usually always in your hands and in your pocket. Making use of your phone in the toilet is not a good idea at all, it is a bad bathroom etiquette.

You should think of the germs your phone picks up when you use it in the toilet. What if the phone falls into the toilet bowl itself? It is not healthy for you and your phone itself.

Do not take your phone to the bathroom, even if a lot of people do it does not make it good, your phone may be taking in some germs and you may not know that, the worst-case scenario is if your phone falls in the toilet bowl. You need to avoid this.

If you are pressed for using your phone in the bathroom, then you should read this POST. Very important!

Not flushing

When you visit the bathroom and you are done doing your business there, you will notice that the stuff that comes out of your body has a very bad smell, so if you leave it unflushed, it is going to be very bad and will not make any sense at all.

It is actually courtesy when you flush your toilet after use, especially when you are sharing it with other people. The next person that comes in to use it will definitely thank you for taking your time out to flush.

This makes the bathroom clean and germ-free. Take note that when you want to flush you should close the toilet seat so that as you are flushing it does not evaporate to the whole bathroom.

When you leave the toilet better than you left it the next person coming in will do the same.

Conclusively Should you keep the bathroom door open or closed after a shower?

Should You Leave The Bathroom Door Open Or Closed After Shower

You should leave the bathroom door open when you are done with the shower, this will let fresh air come in to bring more ventilation to prevent moulds in the bathroom.

If your home is air-conditioned, you may want to keep the door closed like every other room in the house.

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