How To Keep My Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Have you ever had a shower and then coming out you realized that your bathroom mirror has been covered with cloudy particles that seem to disallow you from checking yourself out on the mirror? Those tiny particles are called fog and it is normal and expected for them to form on your mirror.

They are formed when water vapour condenses on a cooler surface, which in this case is the surface of your mirror. When the water vapour reaches this surface, it losses its energy and cools down. Because the attraction between them cannot be overcome due to the lost energy, it then forms tiny droplets of water.

This may annoy some people, but why stress yourself feeling angry when there are easy ways to prevent this fogs from forming on your bathroom mirror.

These methods are easy and can be done with the materials you have in your home and that is why I have prepared this article to show you some of the things you can do to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up.

How To Keep My Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

How To Keep My Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

You can follow these practical steps below to prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up.

You can use your soap to prevent your mirror from fogging up.

This sounds pretty good, right?

Before showering, rub your soap over the mirror lightly in a slow manner and make sure that you cover the entire surface of your bathroom mirror.

Ensure that you do not rub your soap too hard on the mirror because it may become completely covered with the soap scum which will also becloud the mirror.

If you are using liquid soap, you can also try it out. It works the same way your bar soap does too.

If you cannot reach the whole parts of the mirror, you can cover just the parts you need or the parts that you can reach to, especially the part where your face will appear and then you can leave the rest.

After rubbing the soap on it, you can then use a window cleaner to clean away the excesses. This will keep your mirror from fogging even when it is subjected to steam.

You can also use a shampoo on your mirror to keep it from fogging.

Put a little amount of your hair shampoo on a folded paper towel. You can then use the paper towel to wipe the shampoo over your mirror. After wiping the areas you want to keep clean, you can use another clean paper towel to wipe the mirror dry.

The shampoo does this because the detergents that are contained in it changes the surface tension of water droplets.

When wiping the mirror dry, ensure that you wipe it completely dry otherwise you will end up with a blurry looking mirror.

Apart from your shampoo, you can also use your toothpaste, shaving cream, vaseline and detergent. They also give good results like the hair shampoo.

You can also keep your mirror from fogging up using a vinegar solution.

Pour one cup of vinegar into a container. Add one cup of water and mix thoroughly. After mixing, you can pour the solution obtained into an empty spray bottle and then spray on your mirror.

After spraying, use a clean cloth to wipe it down.

Apart from using just the vinegar solution and water, you can also add some drops of soap into the mixture. This will enhance the power of the solution to clear the fog on your mirror.

I will advise you to continue to re-spray your mirror whenever it is necessary because this method may last for a few days.

You can use cold water to prevent your mirror from fogging up.

One of the reason mirrors are covered with fog is because the water vapour from hot showers condense on the surface of the mirror and also other cold surfaces in the bathroom which are cold.

To stop this from happening, first, you can run your shower water on cold for some period of time, let’s say for 30 seconds. After that, you can then go ahead and run your hot water.

This works in such a way that it will keep the entire surrounding of your bathroom cool and when you finally run the cold water, the vapours will not condense on the mirror easily and the fogs will not form easily.

This strategy is short-lived because it depends on how long your shower will take. If your shower is prolonged, there are possibilities that the fogs will form on your mirror again. You can only try out this method when you want to have a quick shower.

Another factor that may affect the positivity of this strategy is the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, the fog will easily form than when you have a larger bathroom.

For a larger bathroom, the fog will take longer and you may not need to run the shower for a long time.

But if you have a small bathroom, it is advisable to run the cold water for a longer time.

A quick and easy method to prevent your mirror from fogging is to cover it with a towel

This will prevent moisture from reaching the mirror hence prevent it from fogging up.

An alternative to this quick and easy method to prevent your mirror from fogging is to open your windows and doors.

Remember that your mirror could be fogging because the temperature inside your bathroom is a bit high. The best way to overcome this is to cool your bathroom, so opening the doors and windows may stop water vapours from forming on your mirror and hence keep your bathroom mirror from fogging.

You can use a hair dryer to keep your mirror from fogging

Keep your hairdryer (like this one on Amazon) close to your mirror, but do not keep it too close and ensure that the air from it touches your mirror. Continue doing this until the fog on your mirror clears out.

You can either set the hairdryer to cool or hot, but whatever way you set it should do the trick.

A good product that you can use to prevent your mirror from fogging up is glycerine

You can try to add glycerine whenever you want to wash your mirror. Glycerine is not harmful. It is non-toxic and you can use it with your hands.

It can also be purchased from stores around you. To do this, add some drops of glycerine into a bucket of water and then stir it properly. Using a rag, dip it into the mixture of water and glycerine and use it to wipe and clean your mirror.

This will keep your mirror from fogging up the next time you have a shower.

Products that can Keep Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

How To Keep My Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Apart from these methods above, there are special products that can be purchased which are very effective in keeping your mirror from fogging. These products include;

Defogging pad

With a defogging pad, you are sure that your mirror will be fog-free. The pad is attached to the back of your mirror and it clears the fog from your mirror.

This is not dependent on the amount of steam in your bathroom because it works on bathrooms that are covered with both little and huge amount of steam.

The pad is expensive and consumes time and should be installed by an expert since it is done electrically.

Some of these pads include;

Facon Mirror Defogger Pad

This pad is designed to prevent your mirror from fogging up. It has a size of 16 inches by 11 inches and a thickness of 0.4MM. It has a straight connection to the lighting circuit so you do not need an extra switch for it.

This defogger pad does not require a thermostat. It keeps the mirror free from mist and prevents fogging. You can check this out on Amazon.

WarmlyYours Rectangle Mirror Defogger Pad

The warmly yours rectangle mirror defogger pad is easy to install. It self-adhesive property makes it easy to put it at the back of your bathroom wall mirror without wasting much time.

To prevent the fog from forming, this defogger pad uses heat and it has a regulated temperature of 104°F. It is not too expensive and it is available in varieties of shapes and sizes.

It is available in rectangular, circular and oval shape. This is for it to fit every mirror type and shape. It is simple and cost-effective.

This defogger works by transmitting heat across the surface of the mirror. When this happens, steam moisture is prevented from accumulating on the mirrors colder surface, hence it prevents the fog from forming.

Click the link below to buy the warmly yours rectangle defogger pad on amazon.

Anti-fog spray

Anti-fog spray is used to keep your mirror from fogging. You can spray it on your mirror directly or wipe it and then allow it to dry.

This method is very successful and with it, you are sure to have your mirror kept from fogging for up to 27 days. You can always re-spray every month.

Some of these anti-fog spray include;

Optix 55 Anti-fog spray

The Optix 55 anti-fog spray provides instant fog protection for your mirror. To use it, you apply a small amount of it on your mirror and use your hand to rub it evenly across the mirror.

After this, you rinse your mirror thoroughly for some seconds and you are assured to have a mirror that is free from fog.

This Optix 55 anti-fog spray will keep your bathroom mirrors fog-free. With it, you are not exposed to harmful chemicals because it is safe and natural, hence you are prevented from having allergic reactions when you use it.

It is safe for eyes and skin. Its application is also easy and quick, unlike some anti-fog sprays that make you wait for some minutes before you wipe.

One major advantage of the Optix 55 anti-fog spray is that it works on all surfaces.

You can check the Optix 55 anti-fog spray on Amazon and you will be glad you did.

Z clear lens cleaner and anti-fog spray

This anti-fog spray is safe and trusted and it is free of alcohol and ammonia. It is designed in a way that it repels moisture and prevents fogging. Because it is alcohol-free, it does not result in lens damage. It prevents moisture safely and makes your mirror very clear.

It also removes oils stains making your mirror clean for a very long time.

The Z clear lens cleaner and anti-fog spray last long. Depending on the environment and on the mirror used, it can last for 2 to 3 days. This is a product that you can trust. You can check this product on Amazon.

Other helpful tips to help you obtain a fog-free mirror include:

      1. Ensure that you have a bathroom ventilation fan with high power. This will help to remove the condensation and your bathroom mirror will not fog up.
      2. Another tip to help you obtain a fog-free mirror is about installing mirror heaters. These mirror heaters are behind your mirror and they heat up the surface of your mirror. By doing this, the water vapours will not be able to condense on the mirror and the fogs will be prevented from forming.
      3. You can also buy mirrors that have defoggers in them. These mirrors can be installed into your bathroom and the presence of defoggers in these mirrors will prevent condensation and formation of fogs on the surface of these mirrors. An example of a bathroom mirror with defogger is this Krugg Octagon LED Bathroom Mirror. You should check it out, and buy if you can.

Final words on How To Keep My Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Having a bathroom mirror free of fog is one of the best things to have in a bathroom. You can use any of the methods above to ensure that your mirror is free of these particles.

All of the methods explained above are practicable and most of them are easy. You can try out any of them and do well to leave feedback.

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