How To Keep a Bathroom with No Window Fresh?

Are you aware that some bathrooms lack windows? Although it may not come to mind when looking for a place to live, many flats and houses with ensuite rooms do not have a window. A bathroom needs at least one window to remove moisture from the air efficiently, and there are things to do to avoid having a scorching hot shower or bath if you don’t have one.

Although the lack of a window in a bathroom may not bother you, there are numerous advantages to installing one. Whether you built your home without a bathroom window from the start or bought it that way, a bathroom without one can be dingy, outdated, and uncomfortable. 

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Below are a few of the most important reasons a restroom should include a window.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Window in A Bathroom?

  • Makes Room for Sunshine

Windows in any room or closet are instrumental to brightening such a room up. This is also applicable in the bathroom. Bathrooms with no windows appear dark and claustrophobic. A bathroom window allows the entrance of natural light while also making the area feel larger.

  • Defeats Mold

Mold can only be successfully combated in the presence of sunlight and fresh air. A steamy shower can make the bathroom damp, which is ideal for mold growth. Mold growth can also be aided by a lack of air movement, which can be stifled by opening a window.

  • A View from Your Room

While it may seem unusual and amusing, a window in a restroom can provide you with a view of the outside world. The majority of bathroom windows are placed in such a way that no one can see through.  This affects the appearance of a small bathroom.

Of course, it is acceptable to have a bathroom without a window. According to the International Dwelling Code, ICD, a bathroom does not require a window if a fan and artificial light penetration provide sufficient ventilation. A bathroom, however, must have a window if one of these is missing.

Let’s examine some advantages and disadvantages of a windowless bathroom and some suggestions for keeping a windowless bathroom fresh.

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The Advantages of a Windowless Bathroom

  • Less Heat Loss: Because a window is primarily an avenue for heat loss, not having one raises the ambient space temperature, beneficial in colder weather.
  • Increased Privacy: While most restrooms cannot be seen through due to the placement of the window, not having one increases the level of seclusion. Because windows bring noise outside, especially in busy locations, a bathroom without a window can be quieter.
  • Less Chance of Insects and Infections: Insects and infections are less likely to enter through windows, which means you won’t have to worry about flies, small animals, mice, and other pests.

Cons of a Windowless Bathroom

The disadvantages of a windowless bathroom are somewhat similar to why you need to have a window in your bathroom. As already explained earlier in this article, here is a brief summary of these disadvantages:

  • No Ventilation: When a bathroom is devoid of fresh air, it emits a foul odor. The importance of ventilation in keeping a bathroom fresh and clean cannot be overstated.
  • Increased Mold Risk: Mold thrives in warm, moist environments; therefore, mold will thrive if a bathroom isn’t adequately vented. It will also serve as an excellent breeding ground for pathogens.
  • More labor-intensive: If a bathroom isn’t sufficiently aired, extensive cleaning will be required regularly. As a result, a windowless bathroom necessitates more excellent upkeep.

Top 7 Ways to Keep a Bathroom Without a Window Fresh

What can you do to freshen up and clean up your windowless bathroom? If you don’t have a window and you aren’t ready to add one, there are a few things you can do to make your bathroom more ventilated.

  1. Purchase and set up an extractor fan

An extractor fan positioned in the right location of your bathroom, where it can reach all regions, will aid in the removal of any moisture build-up. It is most effective if it is connected to the bathroom light so that the fan will run whenever the bathroom is used to eliminate any humidity.

This will help prevent mold growth, one of the key factors affecting a bathroom’s freshness. An extractor fan will improve the air quality in the bathroom while also preventing stale odors. It draws in the warm, humid air from the bathroom and replaces it with the cool, dry air from outside.

If you already have an extractor fan, consider how long it has been in use. They typically last approximately 10 years, so if you’ve had one for a long time, it’s time to replace it. As an extractor fan ages, it turns white instead of yellow, giving you an indication of how long it has been in use.

Also, if you’ve been using it for a long period and mold or moisture isn’t evaporating, you should consider replacing it, which is a relatively inexpensive option.

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2. Keep the bathroom clean at all times.

Another vital approach to maintain the freshness of a bathroom is to clean it. Make sure you clean your bathroom frequently. Despite using an extractor fan, cleaning will aid in the removal of bacteria and grime that have accumulated as a result of showering and washing.

Clean under the toilet seat, around the shower, and in any other delicate areas in the bathroom. One of the worst bathroom odors is musty urine, and the older it gets, the worse it gets. Depending on your home, clean these places every day or twice a week.

3. Maintain a clutter-free environment.

From my previously stated point, a clutter-free bathroom gives the impression of more space. And if there are too many items in the bathroom, air circulation is impeded. Remove unnecessary objects; you may also use bathroom furniture such as mirror cabinets to store items, freeing up extra space.

It is more comfortable to have a bathroom that is visibly larger and well-organized. You can also use reflective surfaces like mirrors to enlarge them visibly. This will provide artificial lighting as well as a tidy appearance.

4. Add a Few Plants

This is also an excellent way to keep a windowless bathroom smelling fresh. In a bathroom, the presence of plants helps to warm it up. The plant will improve the air quality in the space, making it more pleasant and beautiful.

Place your plant close to your bathroom ventilation fan to maintain its fresh color and natural odor, as well as to give the space a pleasant smell. Adding a plant to the space will provide it with an outside feel, a new lease on life. If you’re concerned about natural plants flourishing in a low-light environment, you can also use fake plants.

5. Choose a light color palette.

A light color palette can also make the space feel more open and airier, adding to its freshness. It will also contribute to the room’s brightness. If you don’t want to use white, you can choose a neutral or pastel hue and blend it with whatever you want.

You can paint the panels a neutral color and the rest of the walls white to add contrast and help draw the bathroom forward.

Another suggestion is to use a cool tone light bulb in the bathroom to alleviate the claustrophobic feeling. When compared to tone light bulbs, it will reflect light better.

6. Bathroom fixtures made of glass should be used.

Glass or any transparent shower compartment, doors, or screens are examples of bathroom fittings. The fixtures mentioned above, such as mirrors, will reflect artificial light and make the bathroom feel less congested.

Because they do not impede barriers in the bathroom, you can use these fittings instead of shower curtains. Shower curtains also prevent you from seeing a portion of the room, whereas glass allows you to look through it, making it appear larger and more comfortable.

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7. Wipe away any water droplets.

Water can spill on surfaces when showering or washing, which can start to produce bacteria. Whenever you see moisture on your bathroom floor, wipe it up and clean it immediately.

Also, when you take a steamy bath or shower, the air is filled with steam, which causes condensation. Condensation can collect on surfaces such as mirrors; use a demister mirror or dry the surfaces with a clean cloth as needed.

You can also acquire an absorbent floor mat to help you step out of the shower, but ensure you keep it clean to prevent bacteria build-up.

Other helpful hints include:

  • When not in use, leave the bathroom door open to allow for better airflow.
  • You may also install a two-way vent at the back or top of the bathroom door to allow fresh air to enter from other house areas.
  • To keep the bathroom fresh and clean, keep your towel dry and put away every damp cloth.
  • Using scented candles and aroma diffusers will help to eliminate stale air. To help keep the bathroom fresh, arrange the candles in the appropriate areas, such as beside the extractor fan.


A windowless bathroom isn’t a bother to the eyes or nose. Reduce the rate of wetness in the room by wiping water off surfaces, and spread the light by using several lights to widen the space. Also, employ the suggestions and ideas mentioned above. 

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