How To Hide A Camera In A Bathroom

A bathroom is a place, whether in a house or a public building, containing either a bath or shower, a wash hand basin, and any other apparatuses that allow “effective” bathing to take place. Inclusively, modern bathrooms have the following: shower curtain, shower curtain line, bath mat, towels, toilet paper, toilet paper holder, hand soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, mirror, trash can, non-slip shower mat, plunger, towel hook, tissue box, storage basket, shower caddy and many more.

What is an Ensuite bathroom?

Technically, ensuite bathrooms are precisely regarded as bathrooms that are directly connected to a bedroom or the other way around. This type of bathroom is typically designed this way due to privacy. Hence, ensuite bathrooms are designed as a bathroom while also performing the function of a toilet.

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Top Ways to Hide a Camera in A Bathroom

Whenever you want to have a bath, especially in a public bathroom, you are prone to looking around from the ceiling to every corner of the bathroom to verify if there are (hidden) cameras recording your activities. 

This illustration serves as a general and crucial basis for the erection of cameras in a bathroom – first, ensure your camera is erected either on the ceiling or at a very sharp corner, ensuring it performs its function(s) excellently. 

Cameras are usually hidden in a bathroom for security purposes other than invading someone else’s privacy as people think. Once the camera is visible to all, it restricts their activities. Hence, it’s better to hide it than intentionally passing a strong impression of privacy intrusion, as people popularly think.

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Follow the steps comprehensively outlined below to help you hide a camera in a bathroom effectively. 

Choice Of Camera

To perfectly hide a camera in a bathroom, the choice of camera is the first thing to consider. The camera you will use must have a good view of the bathroom and a strong Wi-Fi connection. Typically, most spy cameras have a motion sensor function that will alert you immediately someone accesses your bathroom. Once your choice of camera is terrible, then your result isn’t going to be good either. 

How To Choose the Best Spy Camera?

  1. Your Bathroom: Good and wide view: this quality is crucial when choosing a camera to be used in a bathroom. Bathrooms are pretty small in most cases, but it is still advisable to get a camera that can capture a wide view.  
  2. Camera Resolution: It’s impossible for cameras with a low resolution to take sharp pictures. Get a camera that can take pictures and record them in high resolution. 
  3. Camera with a Night Vision Feature: A camera with a night vision feature takes good pictures with low light; this feature is an added advantage for your night recordings.
  4. Waterproof Camera: A waterproof camera is the most suitable camera for the bathroom. The chances of your camera coming in contact with water is high while simultaneously dependent on your location. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a waterproof camera that will not be affected by water.

Choose A Hidden Location for The Camera

After choosing the appropriate spy camera for your bathroom, the next step to efficiently hiding the camera in your bathroom is choosing the best location to install such a camera.  The importance of this step can never be sidelined; choosing the wrong location for the camera may prevent you from getting your exact choice of view. 

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Undoubtedly, there are various viable locations to install a spy camera in your bathroom. Nonetheless, the best places to hide a camera in your bathroom include:

  1. Ceiling: The ceiling is arguably one of the best places to hide a camera in a bathroom. This is because a camera placed on a ceiling will cover a lot of areas. However, you must cover the camera so that it is not visible. You can make use of an electric lamp to cover the hidden camera. Once the camera is visible, it might not perform its required function.
  2. Towel Hook: There will always be a towel hook in a bathroom, and this part of the bathroom is not given a lot of attention which means it’s an excellent place to hide a camera. Check out if the towel hook spot in your bathroom can accommodate a camera. There are many cameras suitable for a towel hook spot, and an example is a tiny camera. A towel hook spot might actually not give you your desired result if the person bathing puts a towel to block the camera’s view.
  3. Unused Toothpaste Box or Shower Gel: Get an empty shower gel or unused toothpaste box, hide the camera inside and out in a good place where nobody can access It and where it can capture a good view of the bathroom. Tiny cameras will fit in this location.
  4. Behind The Mirror: A two-way mirror is the most suitable for this location. All you have to do is place the camera behind the camera. Choosing the site might cost the capital of getting a two-way mirror.
  5. Electrical Socket: Get an electrical socket and hid a camera inside. Ensure the socket is placed as high as possible on the bathroom wall and where the camera can get a better view.

Ensure Your Camera Is Charged

Once you have gotten a suitable spot to fix your camera, the next step is to fully charge the camera. A spy camera can last around 1 to 5 hours of recording time now compared to the 24 hours a day has. The camera must be changed often to avoid disappointment.

Install The Right Software

Every spy camera has software that needs to be installed to function; this software will help you access live streaming on your mobile. Some spy camera requires more than one software to expand its features such as taking pictures, recording and so on.

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Set Up the Camera 

After installing the right software for your camera, the next thing is to set up the camera. I will point out steps on how to set up a camera for 2 different locations.

Carry Out an Experiment 

This step is necessary because a problem might occur during installation and won’t be visible to you, a test run will help you discover this, and you can immediately make a correction and ensure the camera is working perfectly.

Why You Should Install a Hidden Camera in Your Bathroom 

A hidden camera can either be a still camera, a video camera, or both. The following are reasons why you should consider installing a camera in your bathroom:

  1. You can install a camera in your bathroom if you have trust issues with a guest (s). When you have a guest to accommodate, especially for an extended period, and you do not feel comfortable with him or her, you might want to know about the activities of such an individual, especially if there’s a trace of Suspicion.
  2. Another reason why you can install a camera in your bathroom is to monitor your household workers such as your Nanny, House help, and driver. If you have some suspicions about any of your household workers, you can install a camera to know what they are doing in the bathroom. 
  3. When anyone spends more than the required time in the bathroom, stirring worries, an installed camera may come in handy, helping you find answers to your questions.
  4. Burglars have dubious means of Invading and attacking houses. Some might decide to enter through your bathroom; it will be advantageous if you have a camera installed in there; you will be alerted before things get out of hand.
  5. You can also install a camera in your bathroom to monitor the activities of your children. Children are known to be careless and carefree compared to elders. If you aren’t, rest assured your kids are old enough to take care of themselves. You can install a camera to monitor their operations.
  6. Installing a camera is not necessarily meant for monitoring or looking after someone. If you realize you’ve got hiding skills, you might decide to experiment with new things by installing a hidden camera and anxiously expecting the turnout of your experiment.

A public building such as schools, Hotels, and Companies, can install a hidden camera to cob violence, lateness, bad attitude to work, and other illegal activities.


Most cameras used for spying are designed to work with Wi-Fi, although some can work without Wi-Fi. But note that once the Wi-Fi is disconnected, the camera will stop functioning while some will continue to record the monitoring area. This is one reason why you have to carry out an experiment to know the category the camera you have chosen falls in.

I hope you have learned a lot about how to hide a camera in a bathroom, alongside the major reasons you need to do so. Finally, ensure you choose the right angle when installing your camera to have a better and clearer view. Did we miss anything out? Do not hesitate to share your experiences with us via the comment section!

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