How to Hang a Bathroom Cabinet on a Drywall

When you are on the lookout for how to hang a bathroom cabinet on a drywall, then we know you are someone who has an eye for beautiful designs and aesthetics. Come on in, let’s show you how you can.

The beauty of a perfect bathroom all begins with organized items. The relevance of having a cabinet in the bathroom cannot be overemphasized.

From decluttering mixed makeup tools, acting as a storage facility to increase the bathroom’s aesthetics by adding beauty and comfortability to it, they sometimes support the bathroom sink.

It’s such a beautiful way to incorporate practical designs by maximizing a small space alongside creating good storage space.

Remember, whether you are looking for how to How to Hang a Bathroom Cabinet on a Drywall, How to Hang a Kitchen Cabinet on a Drywall, or how to hang cabinets on drywall generally, this article should be able to help you figure it out.

Why do we need a cabinet in the bathroom?

Oh, a cabinet is so important in a bathroom, and I’ll tell you why.

Before you can consider How to Hang a Bathroom Cabinet on a Drywall, you should know that having a beautifully designed cabinet provides you with a stylish and functional way to keep toiletries and other pieces of stuff hidden away from view.

It helps to utilize space and adds to the interior decorations of your comfortable home. Installing a stylish bathroom cabinet means you can hide toiletries and beauty products, which will keep surfaces clear, and therefore ensuring that your bathroom appears conducive, clutter-free, and super organized.

Although cabinets could be used in various parts of the house, from the sitting room to the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the store, there is a great difference in their layout structure and design.

For instance, the installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets may appear similar. Still, on a close look, bathroom cabinets are more compact than the kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets are wider with an estimated length of 35-36cm, while the bathroom cabinet takes as much as 31-32cm.

Bathroom cabinets for the wall tend to be shallow so that people can easily access things stored inside, and the door may be covered in a mirror.

Cabinets designed for larger bathroom supplies like towels, hair care tools, toilet paper, and other bathroom products are much larger and often come with shelves on the bottom and drawers on the top.

Also, it is important to consider what you can store in a bathroom cabinet and what you ought not to store:


They are the first and foremost occupant of your bathroom cabinet as they are more functional in bathroom activities. It’s best to keep toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, eye cream, and contact as close as possible for easy reach, and the cabinet helps keep them decluttered.

Bathing supplies

Especially in a bathroom used by three to four, you must store your bathing/shower items such as body wash, soaps, razor, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioners, sponges, and other things in a cabinet, making it safer and hidden.


It’s beautiful to have your cabinet work as a storage facility for extra air-dried towels rather than stacking them around the bedroom, making it all choked up.

Storing towels in a bathroom cabinet help to keep them at hand, reduce the stress of toppling over, and having to offer a self-service whenever there’s a guest in the bathroom.

You can call out – check the cabinet for an extra towel, and gosh, you appear neat and organized.

Hairstyling products

Examples such as curling irons, hair combs, hairbrush, hairdryer, flat iron, beard growth cream for the beard gang can be kept in the cabinet, and of course, the cabinet helps keep them organized.

Some may like to hang them, but they don’t appear neat at the same time. The electric cords could be a big mess, sliding and falling.

Other things that may be stored in the bathroom cabinet include first aid kits, extra toilet papers, Jewelry, other linens, toilet cleaning materials, sanitizers, and air fresheners.

Also, there are basic things you ought not to store in a bathroom cabinet, such as;

Paper materials such as bills, magazines, newspapers, or paperwork could easily become very damp once they contact water and moisture.

Electronic devices that are not waterproof such as electrical electric standing fans, iPods, and radios, are not suitable for the bathroom.

Things like medications and sofa chairs are to be reduced to the minimum, as humidity is bad for them, and sofa chairs might begin to small if not adequately taken care of.

Things to consider before choosing a perfect cabinet for use in your bathroom

Just before you think about How to Hang a Bathroom Cabinet on a Drywall, you need to look out on what cabinet to use in your bathroom.

1. Purpose and need

Storage cabinets come in various designs and configurations depending on their intended use. A bathroom cabinet has to be functional.

If it’s a bathroom that would be in frequent use, its maintenance must fit your bathroom storage needs when considering choosing a cabinet for use.

It is important to ensure that such a cabinet meets the intended usage with its maximum quality in check. Seek out a storage cabinet designed specifically for the purpose you intend to use it for.

2. Bathroom size

Considering the bathroom size before choosing a cabinet is very important, as space utilization best defines the cabin’s height, size, and style to be introduced to the bathroom. Picking a tiny cabinet for your large bathroom would be a huge mistake, likewise getting a big sized cabinet into your small spaced bathroom appears ridiculous and gross.

3. Budget

It would help if you went for the best quality that can be gotten with the amount of money you have. Before shopping for cabinets, it is safer to set a budget for yourself. This helps to narrow down shopping errors and make shopping easier and specific.

4. Layout and styles

A bathroom cabinet is best when it matches the bathroom appearance from its materials, designs, knobs, and color.

One big mistake to make is considering the cabinet as just a box on the wall. No, it’s way beyond that; even if you’re only looking to add a small bathroom cabinet for extra storage, choosing a cabinet with material and finish that matches your current bathroom decor will help tie the room together!

Now that you have an idea of things to look out for before getting yourself a bathroom cabinet, you should also explore the idea of hanging a cabinet on drywall. Yeah, it’s a super idea!

What is a drywall?

In the simplest term, a Drywall is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum).

It is thrust from thick layers of papers (facer and backer paper), and oftentimes it comes with additives for long-lasting preventive measures to reduce mildew, flammability, and water absorption.

It is important to note that Drywall can also be known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum panel or large board, sheetrock, custard plain board, and buster board. These names vary based on geographical regions.

It has been regarded as one of the most versatile building materials, and it comes in a large panel wall-sized sheetrock materials.

How do I know my bathroom wall is drywall?

There are many bathroom wall designs, ranging from concrete plastering, Stonewall, painting, ceramic wall tiling, wallpapers, glass walls, panels, and drywalls competing for use in this contemporary age. However, it all depends on personal preferences in design, room style, and personal budget size.

You must lookout for a wall finishing that materials used must be resistant to moisture because bathroom walls differ greatly from other house walls. Deciding between which of these materials you choose involves understanding the difference between the materials and how they are installed.

The finished look should also be taken into consideration in terms of your design plans. Cost to be incurred, expertise, and time consumed are important factors to consider.

Generally, these walls’ designs have their pros and cons. However, drywall has proved to be the least risk and cost-effective solution to long-lasting wall design. It is easier to install drywall, as it requires nails and tape majorly and is not as labor-intensive as the other materials.

A drywall is easily recognized by its smooth surface on the outside and a rough surface at the other side, this is due to the fact that it contains a core layer of wet gypsum plaster sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper when it is dried in a large drying chamber, and the sandwich becomes rigid and strong enough for use as a building material.

Types of drywall designs

There are many types of drywall, each depending on the place and functions. A distinct feature of drywalls is the presence of tapered edges on the long edges of drywall sheets, such that when joined together, it creates a seamless, invisible joint point.

First, we have the regular sheetrock, also called whiteboard. It is usually white on the frontal part and brown on the other side, it is the most budget-friendly of all, it comes in different panel sizes, and it’s thickness inches also varies.

Also, we have the plaster baseball. This type of drywall works well in bathrooms or places with high moisture. As It has a high water and mold resistance and the surface paper has special absorption qualities. It helps reduce a lot of noise. It can also be used for veneer plastering.

Paperless drywall

It is covered with fiberglass instead of the regular paper, which protects the gypsum board from rot and offers even greater resistance to mold and mildew.

Unlike sheetrock that includes more of a DIY (Do it Yourself), Paperless drywall needs some construction pros to cut and align its slight textures that will require applying joint compound to achieve a smooth, clean finish drywall level. Thus, it’s quality is far higher and cost-effective.

Purple Drywall

Purple drywall offers the same advantages as regular drywall, but with superior moisture- and mold-resistant characteristics. It is ideally suited where enhanced moisture and mold resistance is desired. If it is going to be in contact with water, this is the one to use.

Soundproof drywall

This is also suitable for the bathroom, and it reduces the shower’s squashed sound from echoing to other parts of the house. It is specially made of wood fibers, gypsum, and polymers that help increase the sound transmission class. It’s higher density makes it harder and difficult to cut than other drywalls.


The fire-resistant drywall

It is made up of special non-combustible fibers, and it has a 5/8 inches thickness. Several thicknesses can be used in layers to achieve a higher fire rating, and of course, its thickness makes it harder to cut and work on than regular drywall. During production, perlite, vermiculite, or boric acid are added for strong fire resistance. It is also known as Type X drywall.

Fixing of drywall

Drywall is cut to size, using a large T-square, scoring the paper on the finished side (usually white) with a utility knife, breaking the sheet along with the cut, and cutting the paper backing.

The background skeleton structure of tiny woods would be stuck to the wall first, then a panel of drywall is fixed to the structure with nails or drywall screws and often glue.

Also, note that in constructing a huge drywall task, it is advisable to use drywall fasteners as it saves more materials, reduces the labor cost involved in having more hands on deck, and saves time!

After the panel sheets are secured to the wall earlier prepared structure(ceiling joists),  the noticed seams that appear between the layers of drywall sheets are closed up with joint tape, toppled up with a paste-like compounding mud (This should be requested at the purchase point of the drywall panels especially for amateurs).

The process of sealing the space in between with mud is done with a flat tool called ‘taping knife or putty knife.’ This process is also applied to the surface of any screw holes or defects to give a perfect finish touch appearance.

It is allowed to air dry then typically sanded smooth before painting. Alternatively, for a better finish, the entire wall may be given a ‘skim coat,’ a thin layer of finishing compound, to minimize the paper’s visual differences and mudded areas after painting.

Purpose of drywall and its benefits

Drywall has proven to be an awesome cost and time saver. Rather than go through the stress of a week-long plaster application, an entire house can be drywalled in one or two days by two experienced drywallers, and drywall is easy enough to be installed by many amateur home carpenters.

Also, drywall is a great source of sound control. Of course, it not pleasant each time the shower goes on, and the whole building feels the squash of water… Lol. Having drywall installed in the bathroom does a great job of reducing the sound transmission from bathroom walls.

Importantly, drywalls are used to create many design features aside from bathroom walls, such as eaves, arches, and other architectural specialties.

It’s quick and easy to install, incredibly durable, and requires only simple repairs when damaged.

In cases of fire outbreak, drywalls can also serve as fire resistance.

You must have been thinking that drywall is such a building material that susceptible to water penetration, is highly vulnerable to moisture due to the inherent properties of the materials that comprise it: gypsum, paper, and organic additives and binders.

You need not worry about drywall and its moisture resistance ability. We’ve got you covered with modified moisture-resistant mold drywall with fiberglass face also foil-backed drywall design as such a great vapor resistance.

Also, drywalls are budget-friendly and inexpensive. It can be used even if your bathroom wall already has a plastered wall.

How to Hang a Bathroom Cabinet on a Drywall – Explained

There are varieties of bathroom cabinets that could be hung on the wall. In hanging wall cabinets, there are quite some things that have to be considered, such as your bathroom space.

In a small-sized bathroom, it is advisable to hang a cabinet over the toilet, while in a large bathroom with enough space cabinet could be installed close to the door, above the wash hand basin, or directly opposite the shower tub for easy access alongside creating space to reduce the moistures that reach the cabinet especially if it’s a wooden or an antique designed bathroom cabinet.

Before installing, it is beneficial to consider the model and installation technique required to achieve perfect fixing. Some cabinet hanging required basic knowledge. In contrast, some require the assistance of professionals.

Tools you will need to install bathroom cabinets on drywall are easy hands-on equipment that can easily be gotten and made use of.

Basic tools involved for hanging a bathroom cabinet over a drywall are

Carpenters pencils

This is needed to make lightly visible guide marks to fix cabinets to the drywall’s afore measured position perfectly.


You will need a level to ensure that the cabinet is rightly placed, plum, and balanced.

Stud locator

If you will be hanging a cabinet on a pre-existing wall and wish to attain perfect touch, you may use a stud locator to find stuff behind the drywall. It located the exact position of the studs due to a change in surface density.

Measuring tape

Once you know the position you want to fix in the cabinet, the measuring tape helps you take perfect measurements.

Drill driver and drills

It helps drill the holes for the screws that will hold the cabinet to the wall. Depending on your choice, a cord or cordless drill driver could be used. I would advise using a cordless driller for easy movement without restrictions when drilling cabinet angles.


You may need a hammer to directly drive these holes faster into the drywall by hitting nails with little force, considering the thickness of the cabinet and texture of the drywall.

Having an awl punch makes it easier to drive a hole into the wall slowly and professionally.

A piece of wood

This is optional, but it’s such a pro trick to ensure that your cabinet gets external hold during fixing to avoid titling and awkward positions after installed on the wall.

Drywall anchors

Drywall anchors for all of the screws that hold the cabinet to the wall. Of course, most anchors are inclusive at the purchase point, so it’s much easy to get. There’s are various types of these anchors, as shown below. We have the spring toggle, hollow wall toggle, and nylon toggle. Each is used based on the thickness and weight of the drywall and intended cabinet to be hung.

Be sure to avoid the use of longer screws and plug. Never do this!!!
It will not work as it gives room for extra space. Secondly, it will destroy your drywall by inerting pressure once the cabinet is loaded, and this can be seen through cracked lines around the screwed part that increases over time.

With the above tools available, now see how to mount your bathroom cabinet on drywall.

Get the cabinet assemblies. Due to logistics and easy carriage, some cabinets may not have been assembled fully. You need not worry it comes with screws and a manual. Also, try to locate predrilled holes around the cabinet (it’s easier), but if not, use the drill driver.

Next, use the measuring tape to figure out the best place it will be positioned after locating, place the cabinet against the wall where you want to hang it, mark with a pencil on the lower edge of the cabinet to set its height.

Once the location and measurements have been gotten, drill a hole using the drill driver.

Ensure that the whole point is placed horizontally for easy entrance of the studs, you may use any of the above anchors depending on the weight of the cabinet, with the support of the piece of wood secure firmly on one side of the cabinet, then follow the same process for the other side and you are good to go.

See the video below on how to hang a bathroom cabinet on your drywall.

You can also check the explanatory video below on How to install a bathroom cabinet on a drywall.

Type of cabinets that can be hung on a drywall

For bathroom cabinet materials, you should always go for something robust and durable. Your cabinet needs to withstand daily use, so it’s a good idea to buy the best that you can afford. Below are varieties of bathroom cabinets and storage with various designs, shapes, and sizes, making it easy to find your ideal bathroom storage solution.

For small bathrooms with little storage space, having a cabinet helps keep your toiletries prim and organized.

The first on the list is the Tamyoo multipurpose wall bathroom cabinet.

The cabinet is an all-aluminum alloy, made with environment-friendly material, zero formaldehyde. Feel comfortable and easy to wipe. Moisture-proof, fireproof, anti-corrosion and anti-exposure. Its a 31.4 “X26.7″ X5” sized cabinet, With towel bar, enhanced capacity, multi-zone storage

Dry and wet grading, easy to store, buffer mute door hinges. Made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, quiet, smooth opening and closing, it is simple to install.

how to hang a bathroom cabinet on a drywall

how to hang a bathroom cabinet on a drywall

Also, we have the KOHLER single door wall mounted wall cabinet.

This wall-mounted medicine cabinet has the look of a framed mirror and all the convenience of a medicine cabinet. Keep your counters clutter-free by storing your essentials right at eye level. Its left- or right-hinge installation option makes it easier to choose based on individuals’ bathroom shape and preference.

how to hang a bathroom cabinet on a drywall

how to hang a bathroom cabinet on a drywall

If you’ve got a standard bathroom space and you are ready to go all out for a wall cabinet, the TANGKULA Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet Wooden Medicine Cabinet Storage Organizer with 2-Doors and 1- Shelf Cottage Collection Wall Cabinet White is a great wall mount bathroom cabinet to choose, aside from keeping your toiletries it also helps save your towels and various kinds of bathroom essentials.

how to hang a bathroom cabinet on a drywall

It is surely your reliable helper in organizing your bathroom to a neat place, which can bring you long-lasting using satisfaction.

Now that we have shared with you all that you need to know about drywall and how to hang a bathroom cabinet on drywall. Will you share your thoughts with me? I will be in the comments.

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