How To Get Rid of Black Worms in Bathroom

Getting rid of black worms can be easy and tricky at the same time. It is easy because there are many ways to go about it, while it is tricky because you might end up damaging your drain or sink with harsh chemicals if not done correctly. 

Most people prefer pouring drain cleaner down their sink without considering the adverse effects of chemicals on the pipes. Others often call an expert’s attention which would cost them a fortune.  

Though there is nothing bad engaging an expert to help you get rid of Blackworms in your bathroom, I believe it’s what you can do on your own if you are guided accordingly. 

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Therefore, in this article, I reveal everything about the creature, including why they find pleasure in your bathroom; the threat they pose to your health. I equally show you the effective ways to wipe out Black worms from your bathroom and how to stop them from invading your bathroom again. 

What are Black Worms?

Black worms are creepy creatures that live in swampy and moist places filled with organic materials for consumption. These places include clogged drainages, muds, and sewerage materials. 

Just like every other worm, stagnant water remains their best place to breed their eggs. Black worms consume bacteria, fungi, and other microbial organisms as food for rapid growth. Also known as drain or mud worms, they have no skeleton but depend on fluid for rigidity and support. 

After few days of consuming organic materials, Black Worms developed from larvae to mature drain flies. 

How to Get Rid of Black Worms from Your Bathroom?

How to Get Rid of Black Worms from Your Bathroom
Get Rid of Black Worms from Your Bathroom

If you have ever come across a black worm in your sink, toilet, bathtub, or bathroom floor,  I advise you to take the following steps to get rid of them. 

Clean The Drain Pipes 

Black worms often stay in unclean and clogged drain pipes due to dirt, fur, and other organic matters present in them. 

Therefore, the first way to get rid of black worms involves inspecting your drain pipe to see if it’s filled with clogs and materials that could harbor black worms. 

Gently pour a gallon of water down the drain and see if it takes much time to completely goes down the drain. In that case, your drain pipe probably consists of organic materials, and it requires urgent attention. 

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Uncover the drain and ensure all debris is eliminated using a plunger. I also recommend you use a solid toothbrush for this exercise so you can be sure of getting a perfect result. 

There is a need to apply a drainage cleaning gel to the drain sides. Let it stay for a few hours before cleaning it up with water.  Meanwhile, you might need to call on an expert plumber to carry out the de-clogging exercise if you’re allergic to foul and unpleasant odors. 

Kill the Black Worms

Another way to get rid of black worms from your bathroom involves killing them. Most people often go for drain cleaning chemicals whenever they see black worms. 

Though harsh chemicals will kill the worms, they aren’t the best options due to possible adverse effects on the drain pipes. Many chemicals are so concentrated that they could damage your plumbing system. I believe chemicals such as drain openers or drain cleaners should be the last option in your desire to kill black worms. 

In the same vein, do not use hot boiling water to kill black worms as it could lead to crack. Some DIY methods to kill Worms includes: 

1. Hot Water and Vinegar:

You should use hot water and white vinegar, known for their ability to kill worms, larvae, and other microorganisms. First, pour a large quantity of hot water down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar to complete the killing process. 

2. Baking Soda and Hot Water:

Baking soda is another compound with the ability to kill worms and larvae. It is a perfect substitute for white vinegar; hence you can use it for such purposes. 

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar:

Is it advisable to mix both solutions before applying them to the drain? Baking Soda and vinegar are effective compounds that can kill any worm within a short period without any adverse effects on the plumbing work. They won’t only kill the black worms but also clean the drain, and remove clogs and larvae. 

4. Dish Soap and Bleach Method:

This is another mixture that could help you kill black worms. Get enough quantity of bleach, add it to the same level of liquid dish soap. Ensure that you mixed vigorously before pouring into the drain. Let the mixture remain in the drain for more than three hours before pouring hot water into the drain to wash out the slime and grease. 

5. Use Biodegradable Method:

You can equally explore a healthy biodegradable method to kill black worms. Products made from enzymes such as Diatomaceous Earth effectively clean drains and clogs without affecting the drain pipes and atmosphere. These products contain non-toxic monosodium sulfate acid, which helps in eliminating every organic material blocking the pipes, thereby leaving black worms with no breeding place. 

Get Rid of Drain Flies 

Get Rid of Drain Flies
Get Rid of Drain Flies 

Black worms are a result of the eggs laid by drain flies. So, killing drain flies means you are getting rid of black worms. It is therefore advisable you spray an aerosol insecticide in your bathroom whenever you see drain flies. 

The sprayed insecticide will kill all the flies, thereby preventing them from laying eggs that could develop into black worms. Meanwhile, I advised you to go for an insecticide that can kill both the adult pest and the larvae as soon as you spray it around your bathroom.  

However, you need to prevent the chemical content from touching you due to its highly corrosive nature. 

It is best you spray the bathroom at night before going to bed, then close the door and windows for effective results.  Open the windows before bathing in the morning to avoid inhaling any odor. 

Locate and Destroy Their Breeding Space 

Destroying their breeding area is another effective way to get rid of black worms from your bathroom. To achieve this, you must eradicate all kinds of stagnant water in and around your compound. 

Damage bathroom tiles can also serve as breeding space for black worms because drain flies can lay their eggs under them. Therefore, you must check your bathroom tiles regularly and repair any damaged ones as soon as possible. 

Ensure all drainage and sewage systems are free from clogs and other organic materials through the methods already discussed above. 

Damaged bathroom tiles are the ideal space for black worms to grow. Repair or fill them with cement as soon as possible to prevent flies from laying their eggs there.

Solve Every Plumbing Issues 

Solve Every Plumbing Issues
Solve Every Plumbing Issues 

Plumbing-related problems, including pipe leakage, cracks, can harbor black worms. Don’t hesitate to call your plumber’s attention if you find yourself in such a situation. 

Hence, you must regularly inspect your plumbing system to detect any issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it is equally crucial you prevent bathtubs and other sinks from rusting. 

Keep Your Bathroom Dry 

Black worms love wet and moist places. They won’t desist from your bathroom if it remains swampy and conducive. 

Though keeping your bathroom dry could be a bit difficult, it’s a compulsory thing to do if you must get rid of black worms from your bathroom. It helps to prevent odor and wet surfaces, which are known to attract black worms. 

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Drain flies, ringworm, and black worms don’t like dry places. So, your bathroom automatically becomes an abomination if it’s always dry and clean. You should always ensure your bathroom windows are open during the day for maximum ventilation. 

Alternatively, you can have an extractor fan in your bathroom as it will help in reducing moisture. A dehumidifier is another product with an impressive record of drying bathroom floors and bathtubs. Turning on the vent will also help out. 

Are Black Worms Dangerous to Your Health?

Black Worms are not harmful to your skin and health. They don’t bite or sting, and they aren’t vectors that carry diseases causing agents. However, despite their unharmed features, they might stop you from bathing due to their irritating appearance. 

Apart from that, seeing black worms in your bathroom does not sound too impressive. It’s something you should avoid at all costs. 


You would agree with me that seeing black worms in your bathroom doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Though they are not the most dangerous creatures in the world, your bathroom shouldn’t be their breeding ground. You can get rid of the creepy creatures using one of the methods discussed earlier.

The button line is to maintain a clean and dirt-free plumbing system. This will help to prevent the worms from getting close to your abode. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to share your questions or comments in the box below. 

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