How to Fold Bathroom Towels Properly

The way you fold your towels says a lot about you. Do they sit on the shelf in a heap like a pile of dirty laundry? Are they folded into the corner of a cabinet, ready to topple out at any moment? If so, it’s time to learn how to fold bathroom towels properly so that they stay fresh and look great on display.

Folding towels can be easy, but it can also be a bit tricky if you don’t know the right way to do it. Here are a few different ways you can fold your towels. The most common way to fold towels is to fold them in half lengthwise. This will give you two large squares of fabric that stack nicely on your bathroom shelf and make great use of the space available.

You can also experiment with folding your towel in thirds or even quarters. These smaller versions are perfect for using as washcloths or for packing into your travel bag when traveling by plane or any other form of transport really.

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How to Fold Bathroom Towels

1. Wash and Dry Your Towels before Folding

When you wash and dry your towels, they should be completely clean and dry. This will prevent the risk of mildew or any other bacteria from growing on them. If you have hand towels that cannot be washed in a washing machine, then it is advised to hand-wash them using lukewarm water. If you have bath sheets that cannot be washed in a washing machine, then it is advised to hand-wash them using cool water.

Once the towel has been removed from its washer, hang it outside for some fresh air before folding it up and placing it into storage for future use.

2. Sort Towels According to Use

Your bath towels, hand towels and washcloths should be different colors, so they can be easily identified and used properly. Fold your bath towel into thirds, with one side longer than the other two. This will make it easy to wrap around yourself when you get out of the shower or tub.

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Fold all of your hand towels in half lengthwise before stacking them in a small, neat pile on top of each other (you can also fold these over again for crisper edges if you prefer). Then put these stacks into whatever drawer is most appropriate for them, in our case we put them under our sink and wardrobe drawers because they are less noticeable there than in full views on open shelves like our dresser or closet door organizer bins would be.

3. Fold Each Towel in Half Lengthwise, Right Sides Together

Fold each towel in half lengthwise, right sides together. This is the first step in making your towels look neat and organized, as it will make it easier to fold them in half width-wise.

4. Fold the towels again lengthwise

Hold the towel by one end, and fold it over so that a long edge meets another long edge. Press down on the top edge to keep it in place. Fold the towels width-wise. Grasp a corner of the towel; bring it up and over so that it forms a triangle, then press down on all sides until you get to the opposite edge of your starting point (which should be folded). Repeat with other corners of your square-shaped towel.

Fold them into halves or thirds depending on how thick they are: If you’re folding regular bath towels, simply fold them into halves; if they’re thinner hand towels or washcloths, which tend to be smaller anyway, you can easily fold them once more lengthwise for a shorter stack that takes up less space in drawers or cabinets (and thus makes better use of limited storage space).

For extra-thick bath sheets or comforters, and especially if they aren’t very absorbent, consider folding these items once width-wise instead since doing so will reduce their bulkiness even further without sacrificing coverage area when used as an ad hoc blanket.

5. Hold the corners of the long side of the towel and fold them in toward each other

Hold the corners of the long side of the towel and fold them in toward each other. The folded towel should be about 4 inches wide. You can also fold the towel in half lengthwise by starting at one corner, folding it over to meet the other corner and repeating until you reach your desired width.

Another option is to fold the towel in half width-wise by starting at one edge on a diagonal, folding it over so that it’s perpendicular to its previous position, and then turning your hand 90 degrees so that you’re now holding an S-shape (or Z), and repeating until you reach your desired amount of folds.

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Other Ways to Fold Bathroom Towels

1. Classic Hotel Folding Method

The classic hotel method involves folding your towel in half lengthwise, then folding it in half again. This results in a neat rectangle that can be easily stacked stored and transported. If you’re traveling with just one roll of towels and don’t have a lot of space to store them, this method works well since it doesn’t require any additional packing space.

2. Towel Bar Folding Method

Fold your bathroom towels in half lengthwise, right sides together. Then fold the towel in half again lengthwise, so it looks like a small rectangle or square when you look at it from the top down (the thickest part being one side).

Now hold the corners of the long side of your folded towel and fold them in toward each other until they meet in the middle, creating an “X” shape with no space between them (this will create a 4-inch wide folded towel).

3. Wear-Reducing Folding Method

This folding method is ideal for a towel that has been used and washed several times because it prevents the fabric from becoming too soft and worn. To achieve this, fold your towel in half lengthwise (vertically) so that the two sides are touching each other. Now turn one side of the towel over so that it faces outward, with the interior side visible to you as you look at your folded towel horizontally.

Fold this side of your folded towel back onto itself again (as if you were making an envelope), creating a crease along its width at which point it will naturally fold into thirds, creating four equal segments within those initial two halves of cloth (or “squares”).

Flip over again; repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite side of the cloth until folded completely in thirds with all four segments visible when looking horizontally at the finished product.

5. Spa-Style Rolling Method

This method is great for towels that are used for bathing or swimming. To do it, take your clean towel and roll it into a tube shape. Roll tightly to avoid any wrinkles and place in the linen closet or under the sink. If you have multiple towels to fold, repeat this process until all of them are rolled up like little burritos.

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How to Care for Your Towels

You should wash towels separately from other materials like linens in either cold or warm water. Wash the towels on a gentle cycle if you’re using a machine; although it is much better to hand-wash them. Colored towels should be washed separately.

To avoid discoloration and stains produced by bleach, home cleaners, and personal care products containing benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxyl acids, avoid using these substances at all. When towels come into touch with bleaching agents, they might become permanently discolored or damaged.

Do not use more detergent than recommended by the maker of your detergent. Towels that have been laundered with an excessive amount of detergent can feel harsh and stiff. If you use liquid fabric softener, the absorbency of your towels will be diminished. Used towels should be allowed to air dry on hooks or racks after use. To keep your towels supple, dry them on low heat in the washing machine.

Towels should be kept in a well-ventilated, cool, and dry environment. To keep your towels looking new, give them a good shake before folding. When utilizing the towel loop to hang and remove your towels from the hook, use caution. Avoid overstressing the loop by applying too much pressure or tension.

Conclusion – How to Fold Bathroom Towels

This is a great way to keep your bathroom looking neat and orderly, and it will help you keep track of which towels are clean and which need to be washed. You could also store these folded piles inside baskets or bins that match their color scheme if they don’t fit inside any drawers well enough by themselves; just make sure not to overcrowd them so much that they begin spilling over onto each other when moving around.

If possible try using clear tins instead since those tend not only to look prettier but also show off what’s inside better while still keeping things organized as well as possible without having any loose items fall out on the floor whilst walking past it too close.

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