How Long Do You Put Towels in The Dryer?

How long do you put towels in the dryer? This has been the question a lot of people have asked me most frequently over the years and I have decided to answer the question once and for all through this article.

So, in essence, this article will provide the answer to the question, how long do you put towels in the dryer this is because a lot of people end up damaging their towels with the guise of washing and drying them quickly using the dryer.

How Long Do You Put Towels in The Dryer?

Washing your towels often is one of the best hygienic practices that can never be overemphasized, but in as much as you are practising proper hygiene, you should also be conscious of the fact that a little mistake could be the end of your cherished your towel.

Hence it is very important that you carefully time and monitor your towel once you put it in the dryer so that it doesn’t spend less or more time in the dryer to avoid damages.

If you are looking to find out how long your towel is meant to stay in the dryer then you are in the right place because this article will carefully explore the amount of time that you need to put your towel in the dryer before your bring it out for use.

So just keep a tab on this screen while I give you the answer you have been looking for.

Can You Put Towel In The Dryer?

People have also wanted to know if it is good to put their towel in the dryer for drying. If you look at the topic of this article you will agree with me that before we answer the question, how long do you put the towel in the dryer? that we are supposed to answer the people who want to find out if the towel can be put in the dryer to start with.

The answer to the question above is yes you can put a towel in the dryer for drying but you have to carefully monitor the time the towel will spend in the dryer to make sure you remove it as soon as possible to avoid damage.

How Long Do You Put Towel In The Dryer?

When you set your dryer in the hot settings it is important that you leave your towel in the dryer for about 40 minutes if it is a full load of bath size towel at a high speed, but when the dryer is set on the low heat setting the towel should stay for about 60 minutes before you bring it out.

As mentioned earlier it is important that when you put your towel in the dryer you should be able to monitor it to know exactly how long you should live it in the dryer before you bring it out.

Well, you can’t carefully monitor the length of time it stays in the dryer if you don’t know how long it should stay in the dryer before you bring it out.

It is important that you also note that you are not supposed to allow the towel to dry up totally before you bring it out from the dryer. You should bring it out before it dries completely.

Why Does My Dryer Take So Long to Dry Towels?

Are you wondering why it takes so long a time for the towel you put in the dryer to dry up and your dryer is acting like its name is no longer dryer?

Well, the ability of the dryer to dry your towel is dependent on the amount of air that flows through the dryer and how fast the air flows plus the condition of the venting hose of the dryer.

If the movement of air is blocked or the venting hose is blocked then the drying time will be greatly reduced.

Hence if your dryer takes so long to dry your towels then you should look out for any blockage of the venting hose or impediment of air movement in the dryer.

How Do You Dry Towels Properly In The Dryer?

To dry your towels properly in the dryer you must learn the steps to follow and the important things to note while using the dryer to dry your towel.

If you apply the wrong approach in drying your towels in the dryer then you will not get the perfect result you desire and not drying your towels correctly will make the towel to damage very easily.

To dry your towels properly in the dryer, follow these simple steps:

  • Put on the dryer but be sure to remove lint from the lint trap before you start the dryer
  • Put the towels you want to dry in the dryer
  • Then set the dryer according to the material used in making the towel
  • Cotton towels should be dried at a high speed while towels made with linen and the ones that has very soft decorative trim should be dried at a cool setting
  • Allow the towel to dry for about 40 minutes if you are dying at a high speed and 60 minutes if you are drying at a low speed
  • When you are done carefully put off the dryer and bring out the towel to finish drying naturally.

The above are steps you can follow to dry your towel properly using a dryer. While it is very important that you dry your towel properly using a dryer is it not necessary that you take into consideration the dryer that is being used for drying the towel.

The truth is that if you use a low-grade dryer for drying your towels you are most definitely going to run into difficulties trying to achieve a perfect drying process using such dryer that’s why you should go for the best dryer in the market.

A few years ago I had an urgent need for a dryer because the one I had at that time was beginning to give me many difficulties during use so I needed a replacement.

I was seriously looking for something luxurious and high quality that will suit the standard and quality that I wanted that will get my clothes and towels dried within fewer minutes so I didn’t have to wait for a very long time.

In the process of searching for this befitting dryer was when I came across this wonderful dryer that changed the game plan drastically.

The Equator ED860 compact is an energy-saving dryer with a very compact and innovative design that will keep you and your way of life at the forefront of its ability to dry up your clothes within minutes.

Equator ED860
Equator ED860

This dryer comfortably fits into my home because of its compact design so I never got to struggle so hard looking for space to fix it in.

When using the dryer you can pause the whole drying process with just a command and it equally protects your clothes and towels from wrinkles.

There is an added child lock protection so you do not have to worry so much about the security of your child.

The dryer comes with 3 programmable levels of sensor drying; Extra dry, Normal dry and damp dry which ensures that your clothes are perfectly dried.

The dryer features a refresh function which refreshes clothes with a 12-minute hot dry cycle to help prevent folding. It equally features a stainless steel drum for longer durability coupled with a wrinkle guard, door safety switch and a child lock.

There is also a high-speed turbo fan for drying effectively, all these features and many more are the reason I chose to dry my clothes and towels especially with the Equator ED860 Compact and I have been using it for many years now without any serious complaint at all.

Getting to dry your towels and clothes within the shortest available time ever without much stress and with a good and efficient dryer is one of the best feelings you can ever have because doing laundry which always seemed like a very difficult task to me was made very easy and simple with the use of this dryer.

I got to dry my towels and was able to properly monitor how long my towels stay in the dryer because it was very efficient so monitoring the time was super easy and simple.

Are you interested in having this dryer in your laundry room, you really deserve to pamper your clothes with a dryer as effective and useful as this one: GET IT HERE.

I am pretty sure that I have answered your question, how long do you put a towel in the dryer? as well as carefully answered other questions and concerns you may have regarding using a dryer to dry your towel.

Have more questions on using the dryer to dry your towels? Then do not hesitate to drop the question in the comment section.

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