How To Hang A Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet

How To Hang A Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet: Bathroom cabinets are divided into two types depending on the way they are installed; The cabinets with legs and the ones that are suspended and attached to the wall.

The bathroom cabinets that are attached to the wall are better used in the small-sized bathroom although they can be used in larger bathrooms.

As opposed to the cabinets that are suspended on the wall, the cabinets that are standing with legs always have greater storage capacities because they have more drawers than the suspended cabinets.

The suspended cabinets can be hung on any part of the bathroom wall, especially the part of the wall that lies above the toilet.

Most persons find it hard to make decisions on how to hang a bathroom cabinet over the toilet and this article will explain in details the following;

  1. How high a bathroom cabinet should be hung over the toilet.
  2. How to hang a cabinet over a toilet.
  3. What else you can hang above a toilet apart from a cabinet.
  4. The different types of cabinets that you can hang above a toilet.
  5. How high you can hang a picture above a toilet.

If you have a bathroom and you decide to go with the suspended cabinets, then how high you should hang it above the toilet will depend upon the furniture and therefore the people that are getting to use the toilet cabinet.

These tips will help you know the height to put a cabinet above the toilet. People with different heights stay together in a house, so when you want to place a cabinet over the toilet, you should be able to choose a height that will suit everyone living there.

Although the instructions from the manufacturer may say something different, the normal height that is acceptable for placing cabinets over a toilet is at least two feet from the top of your toilet tank

If a toilet cabinet is high it will become uncomfortable for everyone in the home, and if it is too low, then you will have to battle with hitting your head against the cabinet always.

How to Hang a cabinet over the toilet

Decide and measure the area above your toilet tank that you would like to put your cabinet before purchase

A height of two feet above the tank is okay to put your cabinet but before you opt to shop for one, measure the peak of the wall from the top of the toilet tank to the ceiling and also measure the width to ascertain that your required cabinet can fit into it.

Employing a stud finder

Locate the stud on the wall where you would like to put your cabinet. This is often necessary to support the cupboard.

Remove door and hinges of the cabinet

Remove the doors and hinges on your cabinet to enable you to place it properly and with an ideal driller, drill holes at the positions planned out for your screws.

Now, fix your cabinet

Fix the cabinet to the wall then carefully drive in the screws through the opening made to make sure that the cupboard is tightly fixed to the wall. You can then go further to put back the doors and hinges.

What else can you hang above a toilet apart from the cabinet?

Apart from the bathroom cabinet, there are other things that could be hung above the toilet.

  1. You can beautify your bathroom with wooden wine boxes that can also act as storage containers and these boxes can be placed above the toilet.
  2. You can also place shelves that act as storage for bathroom accessories and other essentials above the toilet. You can also place flowers that can beautify the bathroom on these shelves.
  3. A well-made wall hanging picture frame or cabinet will also add beauty to the bathroom when it is placed above a toilet.
  4. A wood ladder increases the aesthetic value of your bathroom when it is hung above the toilet, giving you space to hang your towel and a basket to store your bathroom accessories. You can also hang a metal basket that could also work as a storage space.
  5. What better way to decorate a bathroom if not by hanging a wallpaper above the toilet You can also turn the space above your toilet into a graphic gallery wall, creating imaginative arts, prints and pictures posted on it.
  6. You can place a window above your toilet taking advantage of the limited decorating space.
  7. If you have an animal wall decor, you can place it above your toilet too. You can also place painting, artworks and other designs above the toilet to beautify the bathroom.
  8. Your medicine Cabinet is also a good thing to place above your toilet.

Types of cabinet that you can hang above your toilet.


How To Hang A Bathroom Cabinet Over Toilet


Do you know that area that lies useless above your toilet seater? That area that you feel is already wasted and cannot be put into good use?

Yes, that area can be filled with this bathroom cabinet. This looks awesome, right? Yes, it does

The Zenna home toilet bathroom space saver can hold bathroom accessories including your clothes, towel, tissue and toiletries

This bathroom cabinet has one open shelf and two other shelves that have doors which control them.


The Zenna Home Toliet Bathroom Space Saver comes in white colour, weighs 30.4 pounds and the dimensions are 66.5 x 23.25 x 7.5 inches.


One major benefit of this bathroom cabinet is that the bottom shelf is 30.5 inches from the ground. This space allows this bathroom cabinet to be fitted over toilets, providing spaces for other bathroom components to be placed at suitable positions.

There is no doubt that its white colour is attractive, beautiful and gives the bathroom a bright look.

You can try out the Zenna home toilet bathroom space saver today and you will be really glad you did.



The Maxstow by Kohler will give you more than what you paid for. Take a little time to imagine how happy you will be if you could have more space for big, tall and huge products and yet enough space for other accessories.

Discover the joy in having a well-arranged bathroom with the Maxstow cabinet.


This bathroom cabinet has a shelf layout that fits all sizes of products. It also has deep shelves that hold large accessories.

The Maxstow by Kohler bathroom cabinet has a mirror front door and a mirrored interior that is reflective with three fixed shelves, two-way adjustable hinges with 108-degree opening capability for easy cabinet access.

It is made with rust-free aluminium and it is easy to mount and install


The Makstow by Kohler has a lightweight and has a high storage capacity.

It is also firm and solid in structure which adds to its quality.



With its durability and easy installation, the Sauder Peppercorn Wall Cabinet creates extra storage for you. It has two adjustable shelves that can be changed to different heights. This is done to create flexible storage for items of different sizes and shapes.

You can use these shelves to keep stacks of clothes, tissue papers, and other bathroom accessories. If you have an item that is private and you do not want it to be seen, you can keep it behind the frame and panel door where there is an extra adjustable shelf. Depending on your choice, you can either open the door to the left or right.

The Sauder Peppercorn wall cabinet can be easily attached to the wall to enable you to get your desired convenient storage anywhere in the bathroom.

With its soft white finish or cinnamon cherry-whichever one you choose, you and your bathroom will certainly love this!


The Sauder Peppercorn Wall Cabinet has a dimension of 23.31 x 7.56 x 24.57 inches and weighs 21 pounds.

This awesome product from Sauder Woodworking has a 5-year parts warranty.

Other features of the Sauder Peppercorn wall cabinet that will make you love it include the following;

It has an adjustable shelf that is behind frame and panel door and this will help you in your various storage options.

Cubbyhole storage features two adjustable shelves.

There is a door that can open either to the left or right. You choose the direction you prefer.

It has a lower shelf that you will certainly love and need for additional storage.

Its Soft White finish adds elegance and beauty to your bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful bathroom?



The Kohler K-99007-TL-NA comes with an internal LED light and its brightness at 1300 lumens ensures consistent lighting with no hot spots or Dark spots.

Approximately 3000 kelvin light appearance delivers a Neutral light ideal for overall bathroom aesthetics as well as tasks.

Minimum 80 CRI (Color rendering index) lets you see yourself in the truest light for makeup application, grooming, and skincare. Pivoting side panels allow you to direct light for specific tasks

This cabinet gives off even, optimally bright lighting, which eliminates harsh shadows and hot spots. Adding a dimmer switch gives you even more control over your lighting and the atmosphere of the room.

If your daily routine includes primping, plucking, shaving, brushing or applying make-up, install this cabinet and see yourself in a whole new light. It is available in flexible frame sizes.


The KOHLER K-99007-TL-NA has an optimally bright task lighting. It features long-lasting LED bulbs. Its consistent lighting eliminates dark and hot spots.

You can adjust the lighting to be as dim or bright as you need it – dimmer switches can be installed near the medicine cabinet or on an adjacent wall for flexible installation

The presence of pivoting side mirrors allows you to direct light where you need it.

It also has a magnifying mirror that is located on inside of the door and adjusts vertically. There are electrical outlets that are included within the medicine cabinets for added convenience. It is available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes.


The KOHLER K-99007-TL-NA comes in various styles, shapes and sizes. This is done to give you the flexibility of choosing your preferred design.

This bathroom cabinet comes with a light that not only brightens the bathroom but can be used for other tasks such as makeup, shaving and the presence of a pivot enables you to direct the light to your specified direction.

It has two adjustable tempered-glass shelves that offer additional flexible bathroom storage. The interior of the cabinet is fully mirrored to provide superior visibility and reflecting light to brighten the interior space.

Its installation is easy and its anodized aluminium construction ensures a rust-free and dust-free cabinet.

How high can you hang a picture above a toilet

Although a cabinet is ideal to be hung above the toilet, some people may decide to hang a picture above the toilet.

Well, the rule of thumb when hanging pictures is that you should hang your pictures at eye level, but in the case where you decide to hang it above your toilet, then deciding the height at which you should hang it is necessary.

Since most toilets are below 30 inches, you can place your pictures at 56 to 60 inches from the floor.

This is ideal for hanging a picture above the toilet although some other persons may want to take it a little higher depending on the individuals choice and height.

Although a cabinet is ideal to be hung above the toilet, some people may decide to hang a picture above the toilet.

Well, the rule of thumb when hanging pictures is that you should hang your pictures at eye level, but in the case where you decide to hang it above your toilet.

Then deciding the height at which you should hang it is necessary. Since most toilets are below 30 inches, you can place your pictures at 56 to 60 inches from the floor.

This is ideal for hanging a picture above the toilet although some other persons may want to take it a little higher depending on the individuals choice.

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