How To Not Forget Your Phone In The Bathroom

Looking for How To Not Forget Your Phone In The Bathroom. We got you covered on this post. It can be quite frustrating when you discover that you are in the habit of forgetting your phone in the bathroom always.

If you are rushing out to work on a morning, you might have a little delay because you will need to abandon whatever you are doing and go back to the bathroom to get your phone.

Moreover, it is sad when this happens to be a public bathroom. You may come back to realize that your phone has been taken away and all your important contacts have been lost and if you are like me that have lots of E-books on my phone, you will lose that too.

This has happened to me a lot of times and I went into searching the things I could do so as not to forget my phone in the bathroom and I have decided to share my findings with you in this article.

How To Not Forget Your Phone In The Bathroom

If you do not want to forget your phone in the bathroom, below are things you should do.

Put the phone in your pocket

After I realized how frustrating it was to forget my phone in the bathroom, I tried putting it in my pocket.

You may decide to try this out and realize that the phone always falls out from your pocket whenever you want to pull your trousers down. Some factors that could cause this includes;

You put the phone in your back pocket. Sometimes, when you let the back of your trouser fall entirely, the phone may slip out of your pocket and fall on the floor. The best solution to this is to put your phone in the front pocket.

Although I have noticed on some occasions that the phone may also tend to fall out of your front pocket especially when you pull your trousers down, but I have realized that the best way to get out of this is to get better trousers with better pockets.

You can wear skinny trousers, trousers with deeper pockets or trousers with tight pockets. With this, your phone will stick perfectly into your trouser and you will not be scared of it dropping on the floor or forgetting the phone in a bathroom or toilet.

Also, you can decide to add zips and buttons to your trouser pockets. This will help keep your phone from falling off your pocket or alternatively, you may keep the phone in your shirt pocket if you intend to pull down your trousers entirely.

When you pull down your trousers to your ankle, you may notice that the presence of a heavy material such as a belt on the top may make the trouser push down a little further making your phone drop on the floor.

The perfect solution here is to hold your trousers from falling down completely.

Connect your phone to a Bluetooth device

One other way I discovered that has been effective too when it comes to not forgetting your phones in a bathroom is to connect your phone to a Bluetooth device that you should always have on whenever you want to go to the bathroom.

If you are a constant traveler, moving from one airport to another or from one train station to another, then this method will help you secure your phone perfectly whenever the need to use a bathroom or a toilet arises.

These Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth earphones will give a beep or make a sound to alert you whenever your phone leaves your presence. Some persons also use these devices for their keys and wallets.

Although some cases have been reported where these devices made a sound in the presence of your phone or did not make a sound in the absence of your phone, there may be little malfunctioning from some of these devices and that is why I advise that you get the best and well-functioning Bluetooth devices.

You can also use an earpiece (like this one on Amazon) or a fitness band. Whatever Bluetooth device it is, it will always give a beep or a sound or disconnect whenever you go far away from your phone, thus alerting you that you have left your phone behind.

Attach your phone to a strap, rope, or cord

Another alternative way that will help you not to forget your phone in a bathroom is to get a piece of rope, a strap, or a cord to which you can tie your phone. A small bag (like this one on Amazon) can also be used here.

Someone may want to ask “How does this work?”

When you enter a bathroom, you can tie the strap or cord or bag which contains your phone on the doorknob or any place you know you must use before exiting the bathroom.

Once this is hung there, your attention will be drawn to your phone whenever you are done using the bathroom and you are about to leave.

An alternative method to this is to tie the rope, cord, strap, or lanyard to your waist and then hold it to your side or on your hands while in the bathroom.

This appears to be more efficient than hanging the ropes on the knobs of the door.

Some people also go ahead to buy a cell phone holster for their phones which can be attached to their belt hook.

This is also a good method since the phone will always be attached to your belt hook and there are limited chances of dropping the phone and forgetting it in a bathroom.

For females who are also in the habit of forgetting their phones in the bathroom, the phone can be placed in the bra strap. You can also put the phone under your arm or inside your socks.

Wherever possible you know that will make you remember your phone when you are about to leave the bathroom is okay to put your phone.

You can also play music from your phone

Playing music at a loud volume may not be good when you are using the bathroom especially a public bathroom but it may be of help to play your favorite music with your phone when you are in a bathroom.

It is quite impossible to leave your phone behind in the bathroom when your favorite song which you are either humming to or singing along with is playing from your phone.

Place your phone where you can easily see it

I have noticed that the major reason people forget their phones in the bathroom is that they leave them on surfaces, especially at places where they cannot see it when they are about to leave.

To bypass this, I will suggest that you place your phone where you will see it easily such as the top of the tissue dispenser, close to the flush button in a toilet, close to your towel (some people will advise that you fold it inside your towel.

Although I do not advise that because you may tend to forget and picking up your towel will send your phone crashing on the floor), or on the floor close to the door if the bathroom floor is clean.

In addition to all these, you can as well train your brain never to forget your phone in a bathroom or best of all, avoid going into the bathroom with your phone.

If there is any method that proves to be the most efficient, it is not going to the bathroom with your phone.

You can leave your phone behind in your room, office, or bag whenever you want to go to the bathroom as long as you are assured that the phone is safe where you kept it and will not be stolen.

But recently, I have noticed that most people prefer to go to the bathrooms with their phones.

Why do people go into the bathrooms with their phones

Several persons are in the habit of going into their bathrooms with their phones. There are several excuses behind this. It may be

To browse through social media platforms

A lot of people see the bathrooms as a place where they can relax and go through their social media platforms uploading pictures, liking pictures, and dropping comments.

Some people also use the opportunity they have in the bathroom to engage in sending texts, calling people, and chatting.

To respond to emails

Some also see the bathroom as a good place to read and reply to emails.

Some persons might want to relax in the bathroom with a movie or music as they feel it will help them pass some time while they are in the bathroom.

Possible problems that may arise if you take your phone into the bathroom

A lot of persons have the habit of taking their phones into the bathroom although research says it is not a good one. There are consequences that can arise when you are fond of taking your phone into the toilet.

According to researchers, taking your phone into a bathroom with you, especially a public bathroom can expose you to germs and infections from Escherichia coli and Salmonella.

There can also be contamination from feces and viruses.

Depending on the bathroom, the contaminations may vary. For a personal bathroom in a home or office, it is quite safer to go in with your phone than a public bathroom. If you place your phone on a surface in the bathroom, it picks up the germs there which you may not know.

When you pick up the phone which is already contaminated and leave with it, there are possibilities that you may become infected and transfer the infection to others around you.

Moreover, taking your phone into the bathroom to poo may increase your chances of getting hemorrhoids. While using the toilet, you may tend to be engrossed in your phone and so you spend more time in the toilet.

Spending more than the necessary time in the toilet may lead to hemorrhoids. This is because you are adding pressure to the rectum. When you spend as much as 30 to 40 minutes in the toilet, you are adding unnecessary pressure to the rectum.

Not only can this cause hemorrhoids, but it can also worsen an already existing hemorrhoid.

Also, you are liable to develop nerve and hip-related issues if you spend much time in the toilet. This is because the position you assume when you are sitting on a toilet for a long time can lead to your vessels or nerves been compressed.

When the blood vessels and nerves are compressed, you may begin to experience a feeling of numbness because of a decrease in blood flow to the legs.

These are some of the dangers that could be encountered when you move into the toilet holding your phone. In order to avoid these problems, it is advisable not to go into the bathroom with your phone.

If you are at work, you can leave the phone on your desk if you are very much assured that it will be safe or you put it inside a cupboard and lock up the cupboard when you want to use the bathroom.

If you are at home, I will suggest that you leave your phone in your room before going to the bathroom. This will not only help you to not forget your phone in the bathroom but it will prevent you from getting some of the problems that are acquired when you stay longer due to the use of phones inside a bathroom.

But if you still insist on going with your phone, then you can try any of the methods above so as not to forget your phone in a bathroom.

What problems have you encountered with your phone inside a bathroom?

Have you ever forgotten your phone in the bathroom?

Are you the type that loves going to the bathroom with your phone?

Do you think it is okay to enter the bathroom with your phone?

What other ideas do you have in mind that can make an individual not to forget his or her phone in the bathroom? Feel free to ask your questions and leave a comment.

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