Do Command Strips Work in the Bathroom?

When it comes to hanging items on the wall for decoration and organization purposes, command strips are wonder makers. They are not only easy to use but have proven to be the best hanging tools due to many advantages over others.

Nevertheless, shouldn’t you be concerned about the appropriate strips for different wall surfaces? The quest for the perfect usage of command strips breeds the question; Do Command Strips Work in the bathroom?

Well, the answer is simply YES. But for clarification’s sake, let’s briefly look into what exactly Command Strips are before I dive fully into the usage of Command Strips in a bathroom.

What Is a Command Strip?

Simply put, Command strips are holding wall items and tools used both indoors and outdoors for decorations. They come in different types, they’re ones that are typically for room walls, outdoor wall decoration, and of course bathrooms.

Each command strip is specifically made to suit different levels of the atmosphere, surfaces, water-resistant, etc. Look out for the top command strips in 2022 on Amazon and the appropriate surfaces.

What Type of Command Strips Are Used in the Bathroom?

It is not enough to be certain that you can use Command Strips in the bathroom, it is pivotal to know the type of Strips that are most suitable in the bathroom because not all of them will stand the reach of water for a long period of time.

Now, talking about the best strips in the bathroom, it is advisable to get one that is specially made for bathroom holding items. You can get the best product of it at an affordable price on Amazon.

Bath Command Strips are recommended in the bathroom because of theirs high. water resistant and durability. You don’t have to be careful of its position as it can stay on wall tiles, wooden wall, and even glass  both in the shower or bathroom wall.

What Do Command Strips Hold in the Bathroom?

Although there are lots of items you can glue to the wall with command strips, the maximum weight of items Command strips can hold is 15pounds. Knowing this will help you know the certain items you can hang in your bathroom with Strips.

1. Wall Art

For the lovers of wall art, you can use command strips to hold  your wall art on the wall. It’s considered as the best option because it is simple and a safer option.

2. Tooth Brush Mount

Placement of toothbrushes can be confusing most times, especially the electronic ones because of water. Command strips can be a useful tool for mounting your toothbrush case on the wall where it’s safe and easily accessible.

3. Bathroom Cabinets

Finding a space for a cabinet (where bathroom accessories are kept) in a small bathroom can be a challenge as you want to keep it from water and close to the sink.

But you should not worry anymore, adhesive strips get you covered. After deciding where you want to position your cabinet, you can use command strips to firmly hold it on the wall but be mindful of the weight of the cabinet.

4. Bath or Hand Towel 

Command strips are a good alternative used for holding your bath or hand towel against the wall if you don’t have towel racks. You have to be mindful of its position to prevent your towel from getting wet.

5. Shower wall

Using command strips to hold your shower wall will not only protect it from rust, but it will also as well make it more organized and well-fixed.

6. Sponge or hand soap case 

If you don’t have a bathroom cabinet and you want to keep you’re your bathroom accessories organized, I will advise you to opt for command strips. You can’t imagine how decorative and beautiful it will make your bathroom look.

The above items are just a few items you can use command strips to hold, there is no limit provided the weight it not more than strips can handle.

What Are Types of Surfaces Command Strips Can Stay?

Command Strips can be game-changer when used on the appropriate surface. E.g.

  • Painted Wall
  • Vanished or painted wood
  • Tile
  • Meta
  • Glass
  • Laminates
  • Smooth Solid Surface

However, applying command Strips on the following surfaces would be a total waste of resource, energy and time as it will not work because they are not smooth:

  • Textured Wall.
  • Wallpaper
  • Bricks
  • Fabric
  • Other rough surfaces.

How to Apply Command Strips in the Bathroom

1. Check the weight of the items

The first thing you should check for on the command strips is weight restriction. Be sure the item you are planning to hang is what the strips can hold. Ignoring this may prevent a strong bond to the wall which can make your item fall off.

2. Wait for at least 7 days before applying on a freshly painted wall

Don’t be in hurry to hang items on the wall if you just painted. Make sure you wait for at least 7 days before you apply the strips. Failures to adhere to this will not make the stripes stay on the wall.

3. Surface issues

Don’t forget there are some surfaces where command strips won’t stay. Check the most appropriate command strips for the surfaces you want to hang on. Also, note that there are some strips that are rated for the bathroom, don’t make the mistake of using regular strips when you can get the most suitable one.

4. Clean the Surface 

One of the most important preparation of the surface you want to hang on is to make sure that it is as clean as possible before you apply the strips.

Clean dust, and dirt with a magic eraser. ( Check it out on Amazon) this is recommended because of its easy and fast advantages. Then wipe the surface will rubbing alcohol to enhance a squeaky clean surface.

5. Adhere strictly to the directions on the package

Next is to apply the strips according to the directions on the package. There are different forms of strips and each has its unique method of application, thus don’t assume it is easy to apply therefore neglecting the instructions. This may lead to hinder its effectiveness.

 6. Removing  Command Strips

To avoid damage to both items and the surface used, be attentive to this:

Carefully pull down the command strips. Make sure you don’t pull it straight but slowly pull it down using the other hand to hold the strip from the other end so it won’t hurt your hand when it is suddenly released from the wall.

Benefits of Command Strips in the Bathroom

Though there  are several alternatives to command strips, they are considered the best option due to a number of factors: 

1. Wall Damage-Free

You can use command strips for many years without making holes or damages on the wall. Many people especially landlords find holes on the wall disfiguring and can even ask you to pay for damages, to avoid this, you just have to firmly press the glue on strips to the wall making the items comfortably placed on the wall and without any marks.

2. Easy and fast to apply

You don’t need any skill to apply command strips on the wall, just follow the instructions on the package and it will be done within a very short period of time.

3. Cost-Effective

You can get your items hung to the wall at a cheaper rate. No need of paying experts for the application and the cost of purchase is cheaper compared to other tools

4. Durability

Command strips can stay for a couple of years provided it is well managed. You will not have to keep changing it as it stays for a long time. 

5. Easily Removed

Command strips are easy and fast to remove and also good for hanging items on a temporary wall as it does not require much effort to detach from the wall.

6. Organization

Items that could be placed carelessly anyhow on the floor eg. a Sponge and soap case, hand and bath towels, etc. could be easily arranged and firmly fixed on the wall with the use of command strips.

Common Errors While Applying Command Strips in the Bathroom

1. Ignoring instructions on the command strips package

Every command strips have similar methods of application but don’t make the mistake of not applying according to the directions. Just a single mistake can mere the effectiveness of command strips.

2. Don’t mount command strips on a dirty and dusty surface

Many people complain of not getting the best use of strips because some of them fail to clean the surface thoroughly for the strips to do their wonders.

3. Mounting on the rough wall

Consider other alternatives if your wall is not smooth enough because command strips won’t stay.

4. Overweight items

This cannot be overemphasized, kindly be mindful of what command strips are suitable for a certain item you want to hang to the wall. Common strips can cause damage of valuable items if you used overweight items.

Best Alternatives to Command Strips

Just as mentioned, not all surfaces are suitable for command strips but there are quite a number of wall hanger alternatives.

1. Nail

Nails have been the traditional hanging tool that has been used over the years. If you don’t mind damaging the wall a bit, the nail is a nice option. Moreover, you could only need one to make hang your light items on the wall.

2. Adhesive Hookers

 DELITON Adhesive Hooks - 4 Pack Towel/Coat Hooks Wall Hooks Stick on Bathroom or Kitchen (Matte Black, Stainless Steel)


These are most suitable for wallpaper and other smooth walls. These are quite handy as they can hold a lot of weighty items to the wall and have minimum effect on the wall.

3. Wall Anchor

 HongWay 370pcs Plastic Drywall Wall Anchors Kit with Screws, Includes 5 Different Assorted Size Anchors and Screws


No other wall hanger is good for textured drywall as a wall anchor.

4. Drywall Hooks

 20Pcs Stainless Steel Picture Hanging Hooks Wall Hanging Hooks Drywall Hooks No Tools Need Holds Up to 100lbs for Hanging Pictures,Mirrors,Frames,Clock,Shelves,or Planters for Home and Office Pack


This is among the least wall-damaging tools for hanging items to the wall. Additionally, it is very stable on a textured wall. 

5. Hardwall Hangers AKOAK 20 Pieces 2" Bearing Up to 25lbs Invisibility Plastic Hardwall Hanger Hooks for Hardware,Fasteners & Hooks Wall Mount Non-Mark Hooks Picture Photo Frame Hangers



This type of wall hanger would be the best option if your bathroom wall surface is bricks or Concrete.

6. Magnetic dot Round Magnets with Adhesive Backing - 120 PCs Flexible Self Adhesive Magnets for Crafts - Small Sticky Magnetic Dots are Alternative to Magnetic Tape, Strip and Stickers



It is not only one of the easiest alternatives, it is recommended for temporary mounting on the wall. It is pretty much available on Amazon.


Using command strips is very useful in the bathroom because of the various purposes they serve e.g keeping the bathroom well organized, preventing wall damage, easily applied and removed, larger water resistance, and so on.

However, you must ensure to use the ones specifically made for the bathroom. Moreover, make time to read instructions on the package for an appropriate method of application.

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