Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

Is there a difference between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror: Many people are always asking this same question, is there any difference between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror. If you are not told or have not done some research, you may think they are the same.

However, bathroom mirror and regular mirror are two different kinds of mirrors, they have some differences which we will discuss in this article. If you are moving from an old house to a new house, you should not take your old regular mirror to the bathroom, there is a reason for that.

Bathroom mirrors are not the same with regular mirrors. It is very important that you know the differences between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror, the reason being that if you do not know the difference you may likely take a regular mirror and mount in your bathroom.

Take a look at the differences between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror:

Bathroom mirrors Vs Regular mirrors

Even in this modern age, some people still make use of the regular mirror in the bathroom which is not so cool. Bathroom mirrors must be made from tempered glass.

What does tempered glass mean?

Tempered glass can also be called a toughened glass, it usually goes through some chemical treatments for the purpose of increasing the strength of the glass.

Unlike regular mirrors, they are not made of tempered glass, however, they do not possess the same strength as the bathroom mirrors.

Another difference between the bathroom mirror and the regular mirror is that the sense that when it is struck with brute force it breaks into small rounded shards.

Unlike the regular mirrors, when it is struck with brute force, it breaks into sharply pointed pieces.

The bathroom mirror is advantageous in the sense that when it breaks, the pieces do not have sharp edges, this means it is not as dangerous as the regular mirror.

This is one of the reasons why it is not wise to use a regular mirror in place of the bathroom mirror.

If you are making use of a regular mirror in your bathroom you should consider changing it to a bathroom mirror to avoid danger.

More so, aside from the bathroom mirrors that we all know, mirrors that are made from laminated glass can also be used in the bathroom.

In some states or local building code, there is a statement that restricts homeowners from replacing their bathroom mirrors at free will.

A regular mirror may easily break while you are cleaning it. It will also get fogged up easily, unlike the bathroom mirror does not get easily fogged up.

If you are in a hurry to somewhere and you want to get dressed up or apply makeup with your mirror, if it is fogged up it will be a very bad experience, you may end up not meeting up due to time wasted making use of a fogged mirror.

Table Showing Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

Bathroom mirrors Regular mirrors
It is made with tempered glass Tempered glass not available
It Breaks into rounded shards It Breaks into sharp edges
It does not easily break while cleaning It can easily break while cleaning
It does not get fogged up easily It gets fogged up easily


It is not dangerous It is dangerous

So, if you ask me if there is a difference between bathroom mirror and the regular mirror, I’ll tell you yes. For safety reasons, it is advised that bathroom mirrors be made from tempered glass. This is because tempered glass are difficult to break and when they do break, they are in small rounded fragments, unlike the regular mirror which when broken will lead to sharply pointed splinters.

Tempered glass are usually designed according to certain safety standards, putting the bathroom owners into consideration. A regular glass may not go through the process of tempering or toughening as the case may be, and as such using a regular mirror for your bathroom could be dangerous for you and your family.

Now that you have known the differences between the bathroom mirror and the regular mirror, you have seen the reasons why you should not just put an ordinary mirror in the bathroom.

Other types of bathroom mirrors

Aside from the fact that the mirror has a major reflective functionality, it also helps to enhance the style and looks of the room. Nowadays, a bathroom that does not have a mirror in it is incomplete.

In many modern bathrooms, you will hardly see it without a mirror. Having a mirror in the bathroom has now become a necessity, it is no longer an option because things are evolving.

The bathroom mirror does more than just reflecting images, it also adds to the beauty of the bathroom.

Take a look at these other types of bathroom mirrors:

  1. Medicine cabinet mirror
  2. Ledge mirrors
  3. Venetian mirrors
  4. Pivot mirrors
  5. Extension mirrors
  6. Framed mirrors
  7. Lightened mirror

Medicine cabinet mirror

Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

The medicine cabinet (like this one on Amazon) is different from other types of mirrors. They are multi-functional type of mirrors; they also have a small storage space where you can store things like medicines or other important things that needs to be kept in a safe place.

Not all the bathroom mirrors have storage space like this one, this feature is like an added advantage, if your bathroom does not have a shelf to store other things, your medicine cabinet mirror will do the job for you.

This one reason is why people will consider buying this mirror. This mirror is of great advantage if you have it in your bathroom.

Ledge mirror

Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

This kind of bathroom mirrors is usually called shadow boxes. The ledge mirrors have an in-built ledge that is capable of holding some bathroom products.

If you have some other stuff that is really important and you do not know where to store them you can do that with the ledge mirror by storing it on the ledges. The things that are best to be kept on the ledge are soaps and some other beauty products.

Venetian mirror

Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

This type of mirror looks feminine, it has some beautiful designs that are etched on the glass, this also serves as the border of the mirror.

Most females will prefer to get this kind of design because of the beautiful frame-like design. If you are a married person it is also a good idea to get this mirror for your woman.

Women will definitely opt for this kind of mirror, anyway, only those women who love flashy designs. Check the cost out on Amazon.

Pivot mirrors

Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

The pivot mirror is usually mounted to the wall with two hinged points, this allows you to tilt the mirror the way you want it. This mirror is quite different from the others, it also has an added advantage of being able to tilt the mirror to the angle that you want it.

Other mirrors are just still, but this one can be adjusted. Even someone who is not so tall can make use of this mirror. This pivot mirror is quite similar to other framed mirror, just that it is more flexible than the others.

It is a good option if you are looking for a flexible mirror that can be tilted the way you want it.

Extension mirrors

Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

The extension mirror can also be called the swing arm mirror. They are usually installed on the wall with an accordion mount. This extension mirror is a very unique mirror, it is unique in the sense that it can be extended and contracted from the wall.

This kind of mirror is usually used in luxury hotels and spa. If you get it, it not only does the work of a mirror, it also beautifies the bathroom and makes it look luxury and even spa-like.

Framed mirrors

Is There A Difference Between Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror

The framed mirrors (like this one on Amazon) are one of the most common and basic types of mirrors, you will see it in a lot of homes. The framed mirror does not just have one design, it has many other designs that you can pick from if you really want to get it.

There are the simple ones and then there are the ornate ones, it actually depends on which design you prefer and the ones that go well with your budget.

Lighted mirror

Bathroom lighted mirrors are among the top luxury mirrors you will see in the spa and also in luxury hotels. This mirror comes with an inbuilt lighting which is perfect for your bathroom.

If your bathroom needs some more lightening, you need to get these lightened mirrors. Not only will it lighten up the whole place, but it will also add some beauty and style to your bathroom.

Having gone through the different types of bathroom mirror, it is then left for you to decide to pick which one suits you. Also be sure that you are also conscious of the kind of bathroom mirror that will suit your bathroom colour, space and also you need to take note of your budget.

The budget is very important because no matter how much you crave a luxury bathroom mirror if you do not have enough funds to get it, you may not be able to get the one you desire.

What size should your bathroom mirror be?

There is no particular size for a bathroom mirror because bathrooms differ, big mirrors will occupy so much space in a small bathroom, and small mirrors will look so small in big bathrooms.

There are various factors that need to be considered before deciding the exact size of mirror that you need. We will discuss those factors in this section of this article, so you need to keep on reading to get the exact information.

The things you should consider are the height and width of the mirror, they are the most important factors.

The Height

When you are installing your mirror, take note that it is meant to be installed from the upper part of the bathroom wall, and not the lower part.

You should also consider the vision of other members of the house and not compromise their vision by fixing the bathroom mirror is a higher place than the standard.

Tall people usually like the bathroom mirror a little bit higher. If you have people that are not so tall in your house then you should consider it and not compromise their vision.  

The width

The width of the mirror depends on the size of your bathroom. The size of your bathroom is a very important factor to mot neglect if you want to make a decision on what size your bathroom mirror should be, you definitely should not put a large bathroom mirror in a small bathroom, it occupies space and does not give room for other things.

Normally, the width should be a maximum of two to three inches short on both sides. In addition, the larger the surface of the mirror, the lighter it reflects, this gives you a better view when your mirror reflects more light.

Conclusion- Is there a difference between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror?

We have stated the various differences between a bathroom mirror and an ordinary mirror. It is very important that you take note of these difference as they will be of great help.

Even though in many homes people still use regular mirrors for their bathroom mirrors, I am sure that if they knew that this regular mirror is quite dangerous, they would have bought a bathroom mirror for their bathroom.

If you have a regular mirror in your bathroom at home you should consider changing it as soon as possible, this is because if it breaks or if there is an accident in the bathroom and the regular mirror is affected, it will shatter and the glass will be broken into sharp edges which is very dangerous to the lives of the children.

For those do not yet have the bathroom mirrors, we advise you that you start working towards getting a bathroom mirror, doing this will save people in your home from possible danger.

Check for the different bathroom mirrors we have mentioned above and make your own choice.

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