Best Extra-Large LED Bathroom Mirror [2021 Review]

Looking for the best extra large LED Bathroom Mirror for your nice great bathroom? Then you should check our review lined up for you here.

Every bathroom ought to have a good mirror installed in them. Mirrors play an important role in every bathroom. They add greatly to your bathrooms decoration, style and functionality.

A good mirror is the one that can last long and benefits the user. The perfect bathroom mirror will help you to express your personality and makes your bathroom design complete.

These bathroom mirrors come in various styles, designs, shapes and sizes. For the variation in sizes, you can decide to install a large sized or small sized mirror in your bathroom.

The size of your bathroom mirror should depend on the size of your bathroom. If you have a large-sized bathroom, you can decide to install a large-sized mirror.

Also, if you have a smaller bathroom, you can decide to install a small-sized mirror. These bathroom mirrors also come in different styles, as some come with LED lights and special defogging functions attached to them while some do not.

In this article, I have taken time to put down some extra large-sized LED bathroom mirrors that you can install in your bathroom in order to give it the best look.

These mirrors are in different designs and having a choice of mirror will depend on the size of your bathroom and your budget.

Best Extra-Large LED Bathroom Mirror – Top Recommendations

Mirror Type Image DimensionssWhere to Buy
Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror 36 Inch X 36 inchesBUY ON AMAZON
HAUSCHEN HOME Bathroom Vanity Mirror32 x 24 inchesBUY ON AMAZON
Vanity Art60 X 28 inchesBUY ON AMAZON

Best Extra-Large LED Bathroom Mirror – Detailed review

Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror 36 Inch X 36 Inch


The Krugg LED bathroom mirror comes with an easy touch sensor for putting the LED on or off. The sensor also works as a dimmer for perfect lighting.

With a built-in defogger, your mirror is prevented from fogging up and is free from condensation. It has an energy-saving LED light that provides about 50,000 hours of light that is fully functional.

This light is perfect and can be used for makeup, shaving, dressing. There is no colour deformation because your true colour is shown.

The Krugg LED bathroom mirror comes in a rectangular shape and a standard size. The mirrors defogging coil makes it clear anytime you want to use your mirror.

This mirror can also fit into any bathroom, so you do not have to worry about the decoration in your bathroom. Being of good quality, its LED lighting is eye-catching.

Since the mirror can fit into any part of your house, you can decide to use it in your bedroom, powder room, or even a living room.

Sometimes, you may have issues with some LED lighted mirrors due to their inability to last long, this is not the case with the Krugg LED bathroom mirror. They are long-lasting, and this energy-efficient property of the mirror is an added advantage.

With a size of 36 inches by 36 inches, it has a defogger pad that is attached behind the glass. This will help to keep the mirror clear even if it is placed in the steamiest bathrooms.

In the defogger pad is contained the coil that heats the mirror and you do not have to wipe it down severally since it resists condensation of water vapour.

This mirror weighs 20 pounds and, does not require batteries and is sure something you should have in your bathroom.

Benefits of the Krugg LED bathroom mirror

It comes with a LED light that is perfect for lighting up the area where it is placed. This LED light can be put on or off by a touch sensor which controls it and can also be dimmed.

With this, the mirror becomes multifunctional. You can decide to use it in your bathroom, bedroom or living room.

The presence of a defogger pad attached behind the glass which contains a coil that heats up the mirror makes the mirror resistant to fogging.

If you have this mirror installed in your bathroom, you do not have to wipe the mirror down always after a hot shower.

HAUSCHEN HOME 32 x 24-inch Bathroom Vanity Mirror


If you are interested in giving your bathroom some level of class, then this mirror should be in your to-buy list. This mirror comes with a support wall switch that lets you control the lights On/Off and also a memory touch sensor.

Added to this is its advantage of being safe and easy to install. With its anti-fog function, you will always have a clear reflection of your image.

Its LED light illuminates your bathroom and makes it bright, so you do not need extra lightings for your bathroom.

The light brightness can be adjusted from 20% to 100% and you also have the opportunity to select either a 3000K warm white or 5500K daylight as you want.

This mirror provides comfortable visual lighting. There is no flicker and it does not contain ultraviolet rays which may be harmful.

When compared to other silver mirrors, this mirror is environmentally friendly and has a little rate of corrosion.

It is copper-free and can be hung either vertically or horizontally depending on your choice.

Installed in this mirror is a defogger pad. This defogger pad is safe and it is placed behind the mirror to keep it from fogging. With this, you do not have to wipe down your mirror always.

Even after a very steamy shower, this mirror remains clear and free from fog. It has a CRI that is greater than 90, a high lumen, maximum 5580 lumens and 5050 led strips on both edges.

This makes the mirror give out a super bright illumination even without another lighting. It gives you extra lighting for your make up, shaving, dressing up and other needs.

Its lighting is energy efficient and uses 80% less energy from the standard light bulbs.

In terms of installation, this mirror is easy to install. You can simply do that by connecting it to your home’s wiring through the cable that is located at the back of the mirror.

It comes in various sizes of 24 by 32 inches, 28 by 36 inches, 36 by 28 inches, 32 by 40 inches and 48 by 36 inches.


This mirror comes with a defogging pad that heats up the surface of the mirror and prevents condensation of water vapour on it. This will keep the surface of your mirror clear whenever you want to use it.

Due to its bright lighting, this mirror can be used for various purposes including dressing up, shaving, making up and can be installed in any part of the house, including the bedroom and the living room.

When compared to other mirrors, this mirror does not corrode easily and is copper-free.

Vanity Art 60″ x 28″ Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror


What other way can you make your bathroom look elegant?

The answer is here. You can light up your bathroom with this mirror that offers you various functions as well as various styles. With a dimension of 28 inches height by 60 inches wide by 1-inch depth, this rectangular-shaped mirror can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

This mirror is easy to install.

One unique thing about this mirror is that it has been designed in such a way that the switch is waterproof making it safe. This waterproof switch controls the LED lighting.

With the lighting, you can make your hair, shave, dress up and make up every morning. This mirror operates on a standard household voltage.

The white bright light can illuminate the whole bathroom and you may not need extra lightings.

Because it is made to be mounted on the wall, this mirror can fit into any part of your wall to make your bathroom classy. It does not have any frame and weighs 25 pounds.

With a one year warranty, this is definitely what you will need in your bathroom.


Of all the benefits of having a LED light attached to this mirror that makes it suitable for use for dressing up, shaving and other needs.

The switch is waterproof and this makes it safe and prevents it from damage.

GRJ Household Items & Mirror Smart Bathroom


Made of aluminium alloy and silver, this explosion proof mirror will leave whoever comes into your bathroom amazed and without wanting to go.

Its style is European and its light comes in three colours of white light, warm light and yellow light.

The mirror comes in various sizes of 50cm by 70cm, 60cm by 80cm, 70 by 90cm, 75cm by100cm, 75cm by 120cm, 80cm by 130cm and 90cm by 150cm.

It can be installed vertically or horizontally. It is safe and environmentally friendly and does not constitute environmental pollution.

If you are always conscious of time when bathing, then you should get this mirror. With the presence of a digital clock and a temperature display, you can monitor your shower time and the temperature of your environment.

It is explosion-proof and has a defogging function. This means that you do not have to wipe your mirror constantly after hot showers since fogs cannot form on them.

It has a demister that does this and an energy-efficient LED lighting.


This mirror comes with time and temperature display and helps you monitor your shower time.

With the defogging function, you are sure to have a fog-free mirror in your bathroom.

GRJ Household Items & Led Makeup Mirror With Light


Have you ever thought of having a piece of equipment on your bathroom that can serve as both a mirror and cabinet?

Well, if you have then this mirror is for you. If you haven’t, then take a moment to imagine how beautiful this will be when it is installed in your bathroom.

If you need spaces for other things, then this mirror will help provide lots of spaces for other things in your bathroom. It comes in various sizes of 50cm by 70cm, 70cm by 100cm and 70cm by 150cm.

Being a glass silver mirror, it is made of an aluminium alloy and an acrylic lampshade. This mirror has three light colours, the white light, cold light and warm light.

Moreover, the different sizes of 50cm by 70cm, 70cm by 100cm and 70cm by 150cm also come in single door, double door and three doors respectively.

By virtue of being different from other mirrors, this mirror comes with a flexible inner space that can be divided into two glass shelves.

These inner space can be used for keeping your bathroom accessories such as your toothbrush, shaver, drugs, cosmetics and other things you may need in your bathroom.

This gives it the advantage of serving you as both a bathroom mirror and a cabinet. The cabinet part is made of an aluminium alloy and mirror planes. The aluminium alloys are anti-rust.

This means that they are resistant to rust. They do not contain formaldehyde and do not give off an offensive odour.

In addition to these properties, the aluminium alloys are moisture-proof and are made to be smooth without rough edges.

The mirror planes are able to absorb light and increase the reflection in the cabinets.

This mirror has a defogging function that keeps it clear and free from fog. This defogging function works very fast and within 15 seconds.


This mirror is specially designed to have an inner space that can serve as a cabinet. The cabinet can be used for keeping your bathroom accessories.

By doing so, it saves space in your bathroom, since you do not have to install the mirror and the cabinet separately.

If you have a small-sized bathroom, I will advise that you install this mirror so that you can have other spaces for your other needs.

It comes with a defogging function, you do not have to wipe your mirror down after a hot shower. The defogging function works within 15 seconds and is very fast.

Added to this mirror is a time display. If you are always worried about running late, then you should have this mirror installed in your bathroom.

With this, you will keep track of your shower time and you will not have to run late anymore.

Vanity Art 60 Inch Rectangular Frameless Mirror


If you are looking for a mirror that can fit not only in your bathroom but your bedroom, living room and hallway, then you have found the right answer to your question.

This bathroom mirror is made of glass and comes in a size of 28 inches height by 60 inches wide by 1-inch depth. It is rectangular shaped and is designed to be hung horizontally.

This awesome wall mounted mirror offers you the opportunity to choose between the blue and white light. This will help you do your makeups and dressing under the proper light that you need.

There is a super-sensitive touch sensor switch that is attached to the mirror. With this touch sensor switch, you can adjust the brightness of the mirrors light.

The mirror has 72 LED lights and each light has a wattage of 0.7 watts. With a weight of 46 pounds, this mirror does not require batteries to function.


Of all the mirrors mentioned, this one comes with a blue and white light. This will help give you the opportunity of selecting the light colour that will suit you at the time you intend to use it.

This mirror is multifunctional. You can place it in your bathroom, bedroom, powder room or even your living room. The presence of bright LED lights makes you use the mirror without extra lighting.

Are LED lighted mirrors worth it?

Having a lighted mirror in your bathroom can greatly improve the appearance of your bathroom. There are several advantages and benefits you will get when you have a lighted mirror in your bathroom.

These advantages will not only increase the value of your bathroom but they will make your bathroom a place that you will love to be.

Let us look at some of these benefits.

Increased lighting experience

Having a lighted mirror in your bathroom will increase the lighting experience. If you have ever tried to prepare in a dark room or to apply your make up in a room where the light is not bright, you will understand that it is very frustrating.

You need adequate lighting to perform some basic daily tasks such as shaving, dressing up, makeup.

These lighted mirrors provide enough lighting to help you out with these tasks without much stress.

Lighted mirrors make your bathroom more attractive

This attraction is not only to you the user, but it makes it attractive to visitors and buyers too.

This will show you that they can increase the value of your home if you decide to sell.

In addition to being attractive, some lighted mirrors have some good features such as coloured lighting, time and temperature displays.

These other features help boost their operation and use.

LED lighted mirrors can help you save cash

With lighted mirrors,  you do not need too many lightings for your bathroom or bedroom, wherever they are installed.

This is because the light they produce is enough to illuminate the bathroom or bedroom where they are placed.

Moreover, some of them are energy-saving and energy-efficient than the normal LED bulbs put in a home.

This helps to lower your energy bills and these mirrors can provide a usage time of about 50,000 hours.

Anti-fog functions

Most lighted mirrors come with anti-fog functions. These anti-fog systems help to prevent your mirror from getting fogged up even when it is placed in the steamiest bathroom.

It is always stressful and annoying if you have to wipe your mirror down after ever shower.

Moreover, there may be stains on the mirror and this will prevent you from having a clear image of yourself shown when you look at the mirror.

Using these LED lighted mirrors will prevent this because they do not fog up. The come with defogger pads that are attached to them.

These defogger pads heat up the surface of the mirror, thereby preventing condensation of water vapour on them.

Easy on the eyes

Most people are exposed to dangerous lights every day. These lights could come from phones or laptops. This is not the case with LED lighted mirrors.

These mirrors provide lights that are similar to natural lights. These lights have no UV rays and cannot damage your health.

This means that you can avoid health complications when using LED light mirrors.

Exquisite and durable design

LED lighted mirrors to provide a durable design. When compared to other mirrors, or other lights, LED lighted mirrors appear to be very durable.

Even though there are other mirrors available in the market, LED lighted mirrors to appear to be the best and can add extreme beauty to your bathroom.

Having a LED lighted bathroom mirror installed in your bathroom is a great step towards increasing the value of your home.

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