Best Double Vanities For Contemporary Bathrooms (Our 2021 Picks)

Double vanities differ a lot from single vanities in quite a lot of ways ranging from effective use as the availability of double sink with more storage. Single vanities usually come in sizes between 24 and 50 inches wide while double vanities maintain a larger wide standard of 55-70 inches.

However, you could find customized sizes of single bathroom vanity go as much as 72 inches while the double vanities can be as small as 48 inches.

All in all, whatever size of double vanities you will be considering should be relative to the bathroom size.

This is very important because it wouldn’t be right to squeeze in two sinks into a small bathroom space that wouldn’t be comfortable to use by more than a person at once.

Benefits of Double Vanities

The biggest and most obvious benefit of a double vanity is that it allows two people to use the sinks at once unhindered by its proposed location whether a small powder bathroom or a single bathroom for a large family.

Its effective opportunity of allowing two persons to carry out activities without causing mayhem is gold to treasure.

If you’ve ever had to spend extra time waiting for someone to finish using the sink before you proceed in the morning, then you will understand how beneficial having a double vanity is.

Having two sinks in a master bathroom is either a nice little luxury, or a total relationship-saver, depending on how much your schedules overlap especially during morning bathroom activities.

Beyond the benefits of having two persons use the sink at the same time, there are quite other reasons you should consider embracing the idea of double bathroom vanities such as:

  • There is an impressive storage space. This space offers you the freedom to embrace a zero cluttered countertop as you do not need to keep any item above the counter.
  • There is room for personal storage facilities and each person becomes free to organize their own shelves/ vanity according to individuals taste with a personal sink on top. This works well with teenage kids’ bathroom at home.
  • Emptying the countertop offers room for more space, lightning and clear visuals when performing body grooming tasks like checking out your face, the styling of hair or even when applying makeover.

Installing beautiful countertop textures from granite, antique, sears and even wood designs is much possible with maximum respect to your taste and choice.

Picking your choice from any of the above designs goes a long way in adding colour, activeness, captivating virtual and durability to the vanity top.

Excellent bathroom vanities are designed in such a way that aside possessing an awesome strength to withstand the harsh bathroom conditions.

It can also accommodate a standard degree exposure to humidity, heats and moisture.

Here are the top double bathroom vanities we recommend to make your bathroom come alive.

Top Double Vanities for your Bathroom – Our Detailed Review

Double Vanity under Mount Rectangular Design


Brand Vanity Art
Color Espresso
Material Plywood, Stainless Steel, Oak
Item Dimensions L x W x H 22 x 72 x 36 inches
Item Weight 263 Pounds

About this item

  • This shelf comes with countertop materials of splendid white phoenix stone, it is easy to assemble and its modern design makes it a perfect item to be seen in the bathroom. it comes with a measured dimension of (72 inches’ width x 22 inches’ depth x 36 inches’ height). It also comes with an adjustable hinge on the doors to avoid slamming, the four doors are likewise complemented with five full-extension dovetail drawers.
  • This bathroom vanity comes with a matching framed mirror, a fully polished cabinet, countertop, two design sinks and a backsplash.

We recommend this double vanity bathroom set especially if you are working on renovating your bathroom with a desire to make use of a double vanity set. Also, it is guaranteed

Gray Color- 60” Inches under Mount Bathroom Vanity with Free Mirror


Brand Vanity Art
Color Gray
Material Plywood, Oak
Style Contemporary Cabinet
Item Dimensions L x W x H 22 x 60 x 36 inches

About this item

  • Here’s a super white phoenix stone countertop material vanity set, easy to install and it has a modern design with dimension (60 inches’ width x 22 inches’ depth x 36 inches’ height)
  • This bathroom vanity comes with a large storage and highly aesthetic designs as it has five full extended dovetail drawers, two major shelves with adjustable hinges that prevent its four doors from slamming against each other and wood surface.
  • You’ve got no worries or need to be scared as it comes with a manufacturer 1-year limited warranty.

Full Floor Standing 48″ Inches Bathroom Vanity


Brand Vanity Art
Color White
Material Engineered Wood, Resin
Item Dimensions L x W x H 18.7 x 48 x 22 inches
Item Weight 240 Pounds

About this item

  • The first unique feature of this vanity is its ability to effectively be used as a floating design if handled by a professional.
  • It comes with a perfectly white engineered stone countertop material vanity set, a friendly installation package and a perfect bathroom organizer with a classic dimension of 48 inches’ width x 18.7 inches’ depth x 22 inches’ height.
  • It is cost-friendly as its production includes an MDF glossy finish with a durable resin. this bathroom vanity set also offers enough storage facilities with 2 functional drawers that are attached with hinges.
  • Completing your bathroom appearance with this modern and stylish vanity set would go a long way in creating an elegant, smart, neat and tidy bathroom.
  • At delivering this vanity comes with an attached countertop, cabinet and two sinks alone excluding drains and faucet.

Freestanding Modern Bathroom Vanity



Item Description

Vanity measurement: 84″W x 20.4″D x 34.9″

  • It has multiple storage systems of seven (7) Dovetail Drawers each with a Soft Closing Doors.
  • This particular bathroom vanity is a unique item, made with acacia wood that is popularly known for durability and aesthetic prowess. It is a combination of different materials as its under mount is ceramic and it has a countertop made with quartz stone.
  • It has a warm grey finish with a hint of brown at some point of, and natural grain with a purpose to inject pricey warm temperature into any area.
  • It is a wall-mounted vanity that adds elegance and creative style to the visuals of a bathroom especially with its large size and large countertop that can accommodate items.
  • Beneath each sink is drawers made with large solid wood to ensure it lasts long and is durable to hold in whatever you intend storing.
  • There is cove routed pulls directly carved into the drawers and cabinet door, to assist with opening the drawers and cabinets alongside giving a smart and sophisticated look. The top of the vanity is graced with a stunning 84” quartz stone countertop with under-mount basins and the countertop has been pre-drilled to fit any faucet of your choice.

This particular bathroom vanity comes with installation tools like the P-trap, pop-up drain and similar two matching 32” Acacia Mirrors with frames that are cove routed and mired, providing the perfect finishing touch.

Wall Mounted Double Sink, Glossy White Vanity

Best Double Vanities


Here’s a white countertop coloured Fresca brand from Vanity Art, and it is weighed 315 pounds.

About this Item

  • It is professionally crafted from solid Acacia wood which provides long-lasting durability and aesthetic beauty to the bathroom structure.
  • It comes with four chest drawers made with solid wood and dovetail drawers (it pulls are carved directly on the drawers to keep it sharp, strong and sophisticated), all installation materials are attached in the package
  • This particular Fresca brand comes with two acacia matching framed mirror with a similar finishing touch
  • It is wall mounted with a pre-drilled 60″ quartz stone countertop to easily accommodate any faucet you intend to make use of, alongside the ceramic under-mount vessels which offers a sharp and sophisticated look.
  • More storage facilities; It includes 8 vanity drawers including an upper cabinet, frosted glass panels, soft-closing doors well-matched, high-quality zinc alloy handle and slide rail and a waterproof table corner.
  • Another good news about purchasing this bathroom vanity is that it is stress-free, easy to install and it comes along with a step by step instructional material to put it together.

96 inches Bathroom Vanity for Large Bathrooms

Best Double Vanities


About this Item

This big size bathroom vanity is made from oak wood and a perfect fit for large bathrooms, it comes with a modern design and two free framed matching mirror

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: it is made with MDF Eco-friendly material to ensure its durability and a 15mm Thickness and smooth surface board, it is easy to clean and wear-resistance.
  • It is easy to install and requires only self-assembled following the instructions written in the installation manual booklet that comes along with it.
  • It provides excellent storage for bathrooms with limited space and is suitable for small space bathroom and restroom. It has 2 large folding doors, 2 Shelves,5 Cabinets and 13 drawers for you to express your storage pattern.
  • It comes with a quality side rail, its soft magnetic steel hinge prevents the doors from banging against other side cabinets doors and it has a distinct feature of rust-proof plastic cover on each side. also, it has a modern design which makes it easy to fit into any bathroom and for any decoration style.

72” Inches Cottage Designed Bathroom Vanity

Best Double Vanities


About this item

  • This vanity is a combination of plywood and solid wood purely without the addition of a cheap board or MDF to ensure originality and long-lasting usage. It has a beautiful quartz countertop made from refined stones and this is pre-installed on the cabinet already.
  • DOVETAIL DRAWERS: All drawers are dovetailed and made with 100% solid wood touched up with a natural finish so you can see what they’re made of, alongside the presence of soft close door hinge and drawer slides to offer an identity of luxury.
  • Also, this particular design offers extra multipurpose storage opportunity to its owners who would love to fully utilize the open space beneath.

Freestanding Rectangular Under-mount Sink Bathroom Vanity

Best Double Vanities


Brand Vanity Art

Color White

Material Plywood, Stainless Steel, Oak

Style Modern

Item Dimensions L X W X H 72 x 18 x 36 inches

About this item

  • It comes with two free mirrors each to be placed above the sinks
  • It has a ceramic countertop material vanity set, has a moderate measurement of (72 inches’ width x 18 inches’ depth x 36 inches’ height) and its modern design makes it easy to be assembled by anyone.
  • Each purchase set Includes – 72-inch Double Bathroom Vanity Set with mirror ceramic vanity top set includes 2 large folding doors, 2 Shelves,4 Cabinets and 10 drawers and stainless steel handles.
  • It is durable with perfect finishing touches and is Made from durable oak and plywood
  • The presence of this particular vanity in the bathroom provides an eye-catching pleasant visual, alongside provide enough storage facilities for keeping crisp towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials.
  • And, it is an Eco-friendly and moisturizer free product, with little or no technical requirements when installing which makes it easier.

Drop-in Vessel Bathroom Vanity Design

Best Double Vanities



Item Dimensions L X W X H 22 x 71 x 31 inches

About this item

  • It is a 72″ inches design toffee coloured Solid hardwood. The contemporary style that it possesses fits any type of bathroom
  • This vanity design is made of high-quality solid plywood panels with veneer (no MDF cardboard) to express its style, class, quality and uniqueness with its classic finishing touch
  • It comes with a multi-layered semi-gloss (dura lacquer) water-resistant finishing, alongside with matching installation hardware’s, the vanity set package includes cabinet, vessel sink, and matching mirror. (Faucets not included)
  • Its countertop is stylishly designed with flat vessel drop-in sinks and sleek cabinetry to bring style and utility to any bathroom.
  • It’s rectangular edges design contrast stunningly with the espresso finish touch and cabinet lines to create a colourful and professional job being done.
  • Coupled with the rectangular white porcelain vessel drop-in sinks, this bathroom vanity also has a built-in side way towel rail for convenience; Two large soft closing cabinets and three centre drawers adorned with satin nickel hardware, soft cabinet doors with larger drawer at the bottom of the vanity; espresso framed mirror with shelf for extra storage;

Lastly, it is a guaranteed product as all Design Element products come with a one-year limited part warranty against manufacture defects

Vox Solid Bathroom Vanity

Best Double Vanities


Color- Grey

Material Wood: Ceramic

Item Dimensions: L X W X H 60 x 22 x 34.5 inches

Item Weight: 315 Pounds

About this item

  • This Vox Solid wood bathroom vanity comes with a matching backsplash; it’s has a double-thick edge Carrara marble vanity in a charcoal grey finish appearance.
  • It comes as a whole package fully assembled by the manufacturer including all hardware’s, countertop and sink.

Tips to enjoying a long-lasting, durable and stunning bathroom double vanities

Daily Cleaning

Yeah, you read this right, it might not appear like a big deal, however, it goes a long way in ensuring that your vanity continues to shine as it was on the day of first purchase.

It simply requires a dedicated act of wiping any dust, soap lathers, toothpaste stains immediately as they arise with either a sponge or neat 100% cotton cloth.

Ignored spills are the biggest danger you could abhor both to the countertops (especially wooden and stone vanities as liquid soak fast into them causing the material to weaken and destroying the seal on the vanity top).

Also, ensure you apply cleaning agents such as mild, material friendlier pH neutral cleansers, non-abrasive to get rid of a tough stain, apply this using a gentle wiping motion rather than a horizontal wipe.

For wooden or granite bathroom vanity it is advisable to scrap difficult spot with a small-sized scraper or razor blade, this method has proven to be very effective as it helps to leverage on the fact that the countertop material is permeable and scratch-free.

Check out for sealed products

Importantly, ensure you check out for sealed bathroom vanities when purchasing, most vanity tops already comes pre-sealed when sold.

Majority of bathroom vanities manufacturers indicates the extensive sealing processes their product undergo.

This is important because unlike mere vanity is that can be used around the house bathroom vanities must be produced such that it is water-resistant and cannot easily be weakened by water moisture or exposure to humid environment.

Also, note that it is advisable to reapply seals or finish touches to the cabinet at least twice as sealing your granite will help prevent it from losing it gloss as it ages, prevents it from storing dirt and stains.

Be sure to purchase a strong and compatible sealant and adhere strictly to the application instruction.

This is important because each sealant differs from another and using a wrong seal can make the countertop colour appear uneven and its effects are saddening and most times irreversible.

Dust and Polish Regularly

Daily, it is necessary to imbibe the tradition of wiping your bathroom vanities with soft texture dry cloth (it should be soft to prevent leaving scratches on the countertop surface), using a swiping method to erase the dirt accumulated.

Daily cleaning will not only remove dirt but also prevent your bathroom vanity countertop from getting sticky

Secondly, be sure to avoid the use of silicone or harsh chemical rather embrace soft cleaners and in cases where the bathroom vanity manual recommends wax-based or spray bleach cleaners be sure to use them in minimum quantity by following package instruction for use.

Periodically or during the weekends you could take out time in giving your bathroom vanity special treats such as applying a wood polish, this will not only prevent the vanity from getting damaged easily it will also ensure it keeps looking new just like the first day of purchase.

Avoid the Use of Harsh Chemicals

Just like other pieces of furniture all-around your home, the bathroom vanities are also exposed to a lot of harsh conditions they’re more like the furniture in the rest of your home in terms of how and when they need to be cared for.

Using harsh chemicals to scrub the vanities countertop could in the real sense do more harm than good and would overtime strip off the finishing gloss that was applied during manufacturing, thus making the vanity appear unattractive.

Be Gentle with Your Stone Vanity Top

You should ensure that you do not expose the vanity top to acidic liquids that can act as a catalyst to wear away the surface of the stone.

In cases where you plan placing heavy or sharp pointed end objects on the vanity countertop ensure you place a pad beneath to avoid scratching the vanity and leaving permanent scratch marks.

For instance, stones vanity countertops (whether marble or granite) are popularly seen around various bathroom due to its beauty but it is pertinent to acknowledge the fact that these stones are porous, so its surface can easily get scratched or even damaged by exposure to chemicals.

Take precautionary measures

Of course, prevention has always proven more effective, so in addition to keeping up with regular maintenance.

It is very important that you take note of simple precautionary measures such as; vanities shouldn’t be placed directly underneath an air vent, as exposure to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) can prematurely age the finish.

Avoid placing the vanities under direct sunlight to avoid the quick fading off of the countertop materials.

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