Are Frameless Mirrors In Style In 2021

Are frameless mirrors in style?: This is a question a lot of people ask when they are spoilt for choice and style of mirrors to use in their bathrooms.

Nowadays, frameless bathroom mirrors are commonly used in many bathrooms across the world.

The reason is that they seem to be less expensive. The fact that frameless bathroom mirrors are less expensive does not mean that they are not stylish or beautiful, they also add beauty and style to bathrooms when you make use of it in your bathroom.

Are frameless mirrors in style?

Are Frameless Mirrors In Style

The answer is yes, frameless bathroom mirrors (like this one on Amazon) are still in style, the reason being that the frameless bathroom mirror is used majorly in modern bathrooms and it also gives the bathroom a modern and spa-like look.

When you make use of a frameless bathroom mirror, one thing it does is that gives the bathroom look magnificent.

Even though there may not be so much design in the bathroom, the frameless mirror on its own adds beauty to the bathroom and that is why it cannot be out of style any time soon.

Getting the frameless bathroom mirror is a good idea if you want simplicity and beauty for your bathroom.

You should consider getting this frameless bathroom mirror because it does magic to the bathroom even without putting in so much effort.

Should you get a frameless bathroom mirror?

Are Frameless Mirrors In Style

The frameless bathroom mirror (like this one on Amazon) is a nice mirror that can suit any place.

If you do not want to make use of the regular framed mirror, then the frameless mirror is another option to go for.

This frameless bathroom mirror is a very easy way to give your bathroom a stunning look.

Why this is so is because the mirror itself is a stylish one, without so much decoration in the bathroom, the mirror gives its own stunning look and adds beauty to the bathroom.

One of the major reasons why you should get it is that it is affordable.

Unlike the framed mirrors that you have to spend some more money because of the frames attached.

If you are on a budget and you do not want to spend so much money buying an expensive bathroom mirror, then the frameless bathroom mirror is a great option for you.

Even if you have a small space in your bathroom you can still make use of this frameless bathroom mirror.

It will still make the bathroom beautiful and it will give you this luxury feel while you are in the bathroom and making use of the mirror.

If all of these describes you and you want a modern and spa-like look in your bathroom without spending so much money, then the frameless bathroom mirror is what you should go for.

Buying this frameless mirror helps you to save some extra bucks and still get almost the same spa-like look as when you spend more on a framed bathroom mirror.

These are some of the reasons why frameless bathroom mirrors will make a whole lot of sense for you to buy it.

How much does a frameless bathroom mirror cost?

The frameless mirror is not as expensive as the framed mirrors, this is one of the reasons why people go for the frameless mirror.

It is less expensive and it gives almost the same feeling as when you make use of the framed bathroom mirror.

That feeling of a luxury bathroom and a spa-looking bathroom is what the frameless bathroom gives you.

If you want to get your frameless bathroom mirror (like this one on Amazon), they usually cost about a hundred dollars to over three-hundred dollars, depending on the size, and the store you get it from.

The fact that the bathroom mirror is not so expensive does not mean that it is not durable. In fact, frameless bathroom mirrors are made to be very durable.

In other words, we can say they are made from tough glass/tempered glass because of the absence of the frame, it has to be made in a way that without the frame it can withstand pressure and breakage.

Advantages of a framed bathroom mirror

Are Frameless Mirrors In Style

The frameless bathroom mirror has the good and bad sides of it. On this segment, we will be looking at the advantages of the frameless bathroom mirror.

Take a look at these advantages of using a framed bathroom mirror.

Frameless mirrors are easier to maintain

This is one of the major advantages of making use of a frameless mirror. It is very easier to maintain, unlike the framed mirrors.

Why the frameless mirror is easier to maintain is the absence of its frame, there is no corrosion and you will find it easier to clean it.

The ability to easily reach out to all the parts of the mirror without leaving any place unclean is really a good thing and it makes it easier to clean and locate all the parts of the mirror that is to be kept clean.

The fact that the mirror is frameless makes it possible to reach the entire glass plane, it also has fewer components, you will experience fewer issues and fewer repairs to make on your mirror.

This is a very good advantage and one of the reasons why the frameless bathroom mirror is good and advantageous.

It is easier to install

How easy a mirror is to install depends on how much compartment it has. The frameless mirror has few compartments and it also does not have any frame; this feature is what makes it easier to install.

Without the frames and the compartments, this makes it easier for the mirror to be installed in the bathroom.

Take note that you need to be careful how you install your frameless bathroom mirror, the mirror has no frames, so the edges are prone to breaking or scratch, that is why it is necessary that you hire an expert who deals in glass to install the bathroom mirror for you.

It may cost you some money but it is better you pay someone to do the job for you and have a well-installed bathroom mirror, than for you to do it all by yourself and then you may end up damaging some parts of the mirror.

This is a very important thing to take note of when you buy your frameless mirror and you are ready to install it.

The aim of doing this is to have a safe installation so that you do not damage the mirror you have spent money to buy.

Frameless mirrors are usually made from tough glass

The major aim of adding a frame to a bathroom mirror is to ensure that has right reinforcements and add to make it stronger and difficult to break.

When frameless mirrors are made, they are usually made with stronger glass, this is because of the absence of the frame on the mirror.

So the mirror is being made to withstand any crack or breaks. This thick glass can also be called a heavy-duty or tempered glass.

This is an added advantage to the frameless mirror because it does not break easily, people would love to get it because of this feature.

Frameless mirrors add beauty to the bathroom

As we have always said and emphasized, frameless mirror on its own adds beauty to the bathroom, when you have a frameless mirror installed in your bathroom.

It gives you this spa-like feeling and luxury look. Even if your bathroom does not have so many designs and good looks.

The frames mirror on its on adds to the beauty of the bathroom, this is one of the major reasons why people make use of frameless bathroom mirrors in their homes.

Your bathroom will look more like that of a luxury home or hotel.

Frameless mirror enhances hygiene

The framed mirror in the bathroom gives room for mould and dirt, mould and germs. The frame may be more like a breeding ground for germs and other unseen bacteria.

The frameless bathroom mirror does not have any frames, this means that there is no room for germs or other dirt to be stuck in the frame of the mirror.

The fact that the mirror is frameless is an added advantage, you will not have to bother about dirt and germs while cleaning. This helps maintain neatness and hygiene.

Disadvantages of the frameless bathroom mirror

The same way the frameless bathroom mirror has advantages, It also has disadvantages and some features that may prevent people from getting the mirror.

Transporting a frameless mirror is tedious

When you buy a new frameless bathroom mirror, one issue you may have is transporting the mirror. The sharp and exposed edges of the mirror might make it a bit tedious to handle.

Sometimes, when you are moving from one apartment to another and you want to move out your mirror, it is usually a challenge and it is tedious.

You have to be very careful about the edges, once it hits something so strong, it may be prone to chipping or crack.

The edges may easily chop off

This is one the obvious disadvantage of using a frameless bathroom mirror, you will notice that after some time, the edges might begin to chop off.

This is because there is no frame on it to prevent the sharp edges from chopping off. Once the mirror is used frequently, the edges will be prone to chipping.

This is because it is being exposed all the time and it is not covered or protected by a frame.

This is one of the disadvantages and people usually prefer to use smaller mirrors with frame other than use a bathroom mirror without a frame.

If you are looking at making your bathroom mirror more personalized and unique, and you do not want to experience the chopping off of the sharp edges of the frameless mirror, then you should not get the frameless mirror.

The chopping of the edges of the mirror is dangerous to an extent, this is because the tiny pieces of glasses will be too sharp and if care is not taken it could pierce someone and cause an injury to the person.

After going through this article and the advantages and disadvantages of the frameless bathroom mirror, you should be able to know by now that frameless mirrors are still in style.

The good and bad sides to it and it will be easier to make your decision.

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Conclusion – Are frameless mirrors in style?

Are Frameless Mirrors In Style

Frameless mirrors are still in style, and they may not go out of style anytime soon. We said that frameless bathroom mirrors are still in style.

The reason being that the frameless bathroom mirror is used majorly in modern-day bathrooms and it also gives the bathroom a modern and spa-like look.

Frameless mirrors add beauty and class to the bathroom, giving it this spa-like look and luxury feel. People also buy it for this reason.

One good advantage of the frameless bathroom mirror is the fact that it is not so expensive like the framed mirrors. It may be less expensive but it does not mean that it is less durable, it is very durable.

The job of the frame is to keep it safe and strong, however, frameless mirrors are made with no frames, this is why the glass is usually made with tough glass, or we can also call it tempered glass so that it can resist rough handling.

The edge of the frameless mirror is usually exposed, and while it is being used it can be prone to scratch, or even chopping.

But the good side is that the frameless mirror does not give room for the breeding of germs and storage of dirt.

The absence of the frame makes It easier to reach all the edges and clean, this will completely remove the dirt and keep the mirror hygienic for use.

Like we said earlier, frameless bathrooms may not go out of style anytime soon, so if you are still considering it, or you moved to a new home.

You are not sure if you should buy and install a frameless mirror in your bathroom, you can still get it because it is not out of style and it is also not expensive.

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