36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500 (Top 2022 Picks)

36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500: Bathroom vanities are regarded as the combination of the bathroom sink and the storage facilities it possesses.

A lot of people often mistaken bathroom cabinets for vanities, however, bathroom vanities are designed to hold the sink and conceal the plumbings around it alongside providing enough storage.

Bathroom vanities are made with diverse waterproof materials with various designs.

36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500

36 inches Bathroom Vanities under $500 to check out

Here are quite a number of bathroom vanities that could help guide your buying decision

Wall-Mounted Sink

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36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500

A wall-mounted vanity is one of the common bathroom vanity styles you would often come across especially in the home.

This bathroom vanity is directly mounted to your bathroom wall with special tools sometimes through a drilled in a screw or hanging bracket.

It doesn’t take up excess space and create a beautiful visual impact by making the room appear more spacious alongside creating room for other items to be placed on the floor beneath it while serving its purpose.

However, it is necessary to note that extreme care must be taken while fixing it to the bathroom wall to avoid falling off and causing damage to the bathroom.

Plumbing could be concealed or left exposed depending on your desired choices.

The sophisticated Modern Elegant Clean Upgraded Look and “Myrtle” Beach Like Design presence makes the bathroom classic, attractive and neat.

Pedestal or Free-standing Vanity

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36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500

The pedestal sink style is most common at lounges, event centres and other outdoor environments.

Unlike the wall-mounted design above, it is floor mounted and the sinks are supported by a pedestal that is tightened to the floor and similarly both are best options when the bathroom area lacks space.

It is classic, elegant and modern design to add to the bathroom aesthetics.

It is important to note here that a pedestal and freestanding sink design are relatively similar in functional features.

The major difference lies in the fact that a pedestal sink lacks storage features around it and can be adjusted with one of a diverse add-on to make it add a sense of class to your bathroom.

While a freestanding vanity comes with various storage options to choose from as its support stand is enclosed in a square or rectangular structure that can hold in one or two sinks appropriately.

Either choice you make, adequate provision for its Plumbing waste and supply pipes are usually concealed in the pedestal.

It is easy to assemble and perfect modern design with dimension (36 inches width x 22 inches depth x 36 inches height) Six full-extension dovetail drawers and one door, one shelf with adjustable hinges are soft closings to prevent any unwanted drawer slamming.

Vessel sink bathroom vanity

Check out this KES Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet and Drain

Having a vessel sink in the bathroom creates an atmosphere of creativity, innovations and respect for traditional artefacts as homeowners can convert their side tables or antique shelf dresser into awesome vessel vanities.

It is a vessel shaped bowl into which a faucet supplies water, placed on top of a countertop/ two-door floor mounted cabinet and could be fastened to the wall to achieve firmness.

Vessel sinks often protrude from out of the main body of the vanity and are linked to its own separate tap.

Likewise, plumbing waste and supply lines are either concealed in the vanity base or exposed, but, if exposed, they are designed to visible and attractive.

It has a seal sink, faucet, metal drain combo: Rectangular Porcelain Vessel Sink, Tall Faucet in Brushed Nickel Finish, Pop-up Metal Drain Assembly, Hot/Cold Water Supply Lines with standard 9/16-24 UNEF connectors.

  • Premium Glaze: This sleek vessel sink has a smooth, non-porous surface with a baked-on glaze for added durability and a high-gloss finish. All it requires is a simple wipe with a damp napkin to keep it neat, tidy and beautiful.
  • Brass Faucet Body Content: Unlike the regular sinks you come across, this vanity is fully brass with below 0.25% weighted average lead content. It has a high-pressure resistant and won’t easily corrode like zinc-alloy while its premium brass contents guarantee longevity and reliability.
  • easy to install with all measurement considered: its relatively compatible measurement makes it easier to install as its sinkhole is: 44mm (1.7-inch). Faucet Mounting Hole Diameter: 1.26-inch to 1.42-inch, Max. Counter Thickness: 1.38-inch, average channel flow rate: 2.2 GPM (8.3 L/min) at 60 PSI.

Rimmed Sink

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Rimmed sink often referred to as framed sink, is installed in a vanity countertop. This sink style is commonly seen around cottage homes and apartments.

They are usually installed into plastic laminate countertops. The vanity base hides all the plumbing waste and liquid supply pipes.

Drop-In Vanity Sink

Check This Single Drop-in Sink Walnut Vanity

This is a vanity whose basin is structured directly inside the vanity, slightly below the vanity countertop. The upper part is designed with a larger frame with a smaller/shallow lower region.

Most times, it comes with a clamping system that secures the sink to the countertop from underneath.

This particular Maple patterned wooden Single-sink Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinet has a distinct measurement of  36″ W x 21″ D X 34.5″, fully packed with all its assemblage tools (screws, soft closed hinges).

Its cabinet is made of solid wood with hardwood plywood construction.

Cabinet-Style Vanity

Check this 36 Inch Single Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity Combo

36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500

About this item

  • Ceramic countertop material vanity set, easy to assemble and perfect modern design with dimension (36 inches width x 18 inches depth x 36 inches height)
  • Set Includes – 36-inch single Bathroom Vanity Set with mirror ceramic vanity top set includes 2 large folding doors, 1 Shelf, 2 Cabinets and 5 drawers
  • Soft closing doors and drawers is a perfect combination of elegance and value for your bathroom.

This style of bathroom vanity is the most compatible with diverse bathroom sinks with an exception to the pedestal sink.

Vanity cabinets come in diverse sizes ranging from the small compatible one door cabinet that holds small sinks to large cabinets with double doors that holds expensive sinks coupled with simulates the look of a fine piece of antique furniture.

Be sure to note that diverse materials such as ceramic, plastic and natural granite could be used in covering the cabinet.

The cabinet bathroom vanity whether large or small conceals the drain waste pipes and water supply pipes within.

How to maintain or care for bathroom vanities

Step 1: Clear the top

Ensure you you remove all objects from the top of your vanity, to avoid damaging toiletries and other important materials. This will also help make cleaning easier.

Step 2: Apply the perfect cleaning agent and materials

Be sure to check out the type of cleaning products that work well with the texture of the bathroom vanities, using a harsh material could damage the surfaces by scratch and using a very soft material could make the cleaning process tougher, slower and strength consuming.

Step 3: Keep all surfaces dry

As you apply the cleaner, carefully follow the method of wiping down the vanity while scrubbing lightly considering the texture of the base.

It is advisable to use warm water and vinegar, you could also scrub any grime from the joint parts using an old toothbrush.

Remember to dry up the cleaned surface either by opening window and bathroom doors for more air or drying with a cotton material/cloth to speed up the drying process.

The difference between bathroom cabinet and bathroom vanity

36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500

Often times, all bathroom cabinets with added sink feature are been considered as vanities, but not all vanities could be considered as bathroom cabinets.

If you remember in the beginning we clearly stated that all bathroom vanities have extra storage facilities and are connected to the sink. If otherwise such piece cannot be regarded as a vanity.

Basically, a bathroom vanity is a combination of the storage facility and sink structured on it. The bathroom vanity also has a unique feature of hiding plumbing channels to make the bathroom neat and tidy.

Also, a bathroom cabinet is relatively smaller, while the vanity is larger. The major difference really is the size of the piece, and if you use bathroom sinks and cabinets you would realize that the depth of storage a vanity possess is greater than that of a random cabinet.

The position is another difference between the two. Bathroom Vanities are mostly positioned close to the bathtub or wet area while a cabinet is often placed at a higher position away from the wet area/shower area

Aside from the size, position and physical features, you would have to consider storage as another major difference between a bathroom cabinet and a bathroom vanity.

A vanity is designed to contain whatever you need it to, from towels to toiletries, and more. On the other hand, a cabinet may contain some of these items but not all due to its limited storage capacity.

Also, another distinct difference is that vanity will usually have a mirror as one of its features, while a smaller cabinet that reaches waist height would not.

However, do not forget that a cabinet at head height would also normally have a mirror attached to it.

Recently, innovations and improvisations during bathroom remodelling show that you could choose any style you want such that the cabinet is ornate enough to be a vanity.

What to consider when buying bathroom vanity

36 inches Bathroom Vanities Under $500

A predominant rule when it comes to sizing for bathroom vanity is to allow at least 36 inches per sink. -Anything less than this, and you won’t have much space around the bathroom sink and countertop edges for toiletries,”

It is of course so evident that bathroom vanities are major centrepieces of the bathroom, it is more beautiful to realize that they come in diverse ranges of designs, sizes, shapes and materials.

Bathroom vanities can be so narrow just to accommodate the sink area also it could be so wide that it can cover the entire wall length with excess storage facilities.

With the emergence of various designs ranging from country style, french provincial, traditional, douche-minimalist to modern taste with various shapes – not just the normal rectangular shape coming with carefully curved edges or sharp angle ending selecting the right bathroom vanity might turn a whole adventure.


In selecting the right bathroom vanity the first thing you have to consider is the size of the bathroom. The size of your bathroom vanity depends largely on the size of your bathroom, as it is necessary that they be in the right proportion.

Considering the size of your vanity also requires that it shouldn’t be too small or large, check for yourself if your bathroom is a larger or smaller type.

A large space bathroom easily occupies diverse size but a smaller bathroom works well with lower profile vanities that make the bathroom appear larger, wall-mounted vanities are perfect options here.

As they do not need to reach both sides of the bathroom wall while the space beneath the vanity allows for other items such as storage baskets or containers.

It is necessary to find a vanity that fits well into your bathroom space.


Ensure that the vanity choice you make suits your needs. Make sure that it has plenty of storage for toiletries, cosmetics, hairdryers, hair straighteners, cleaning products, medications, and anything else that you want to have easy access to.

Also, be sure to consider the frequency in its usage- getting vanities for a single person or a powder room will be quite different from that of a family-friendly hall bathroom.


it is important you consider which type of bathroom vanity you go with, whether a single or a double vanity. If your bathroom is a beehive of activities in the mornings, having two sinks could set things right, as people will be able to get ready faster without the delay.

As having double vanities, which is where two sinks are actually set into the one vanity unit so that two people can use the bathroom at the same time.

Also, depending on your choice single vanity is compatible with all mounting types and suitable for small bathroom space. While double vanities are best used as freestanding style and sometimes mounting.


As simple as this may be, it is an important fact that considers when getting your bathroom vanity, don’t forget the better the maintenance the longer it will last.


If you are considering adding vanity to your bathroom, it is important to note that beyond the storage it provides, vanities also enhances the overall beauty of the bathroom.

Recently, gold-covered features are beginning to replace the normal plain coloured designs, trends seem to be moving from traditional styles to contemporary sleek structures.

Also, remember that the vanity will largely dictate the style of the bathroom, therefore bathroom vanities offer many opportunities for customization, to suit your style or personal needs and overall bathroom design.


Many vanities come equipped with hardware and necessary attachments, like a sink and faucet, but we recommend checking the Product Description to confirm.

If you are buying these items separately, take stock of your vanity’s measurements and mounting specifications, like the number of faucet holes in the countertop and the screws that come along with it.


There are quite a lot of mounting styles, therefore knowing the best mounting style that would fit your bathroom style and space would help pick the right vanity to match. Below are examples of popular mounting styles;


These are the most popular vanity style. Although they are always secured to the wall for stability, most of their weight rests on legs that sit on the floor. This allows for more space for cabinets and drawers, maximizing storage beneath the sink.


Here the vanities are directly mounted to the wall with open space underneath, this beautiful floating style creates a virtual impact of making your bathroom look bigger and can be adjusted to accommodate easily raised or lowered to whatever height is most comfortable.

Corner piece

This space-saving style is best for smaller bathrooms and 90° corners,as vanities are tightly attached to one of the four corners of the bathroom wall offering storage and a flexible room layout.


As stated earlier, bathroom vanities come in diverse materials, some of the most popular countertops materials are;


A durable and easy-to-clean option, ceramic is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance countertop. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, ceramic adapts to any space.

Ceramic-top vanities are naturally moisture-resistant. However, they should be sealed periodically to keep them from getting damaged.


Natural stone offers a luxurious and elegant touch. Using a stone countertop material hives room to diverse ranges and options from marble to fine stone to granite with unique finishing touches.

While stone countertops can be a large investment, they are extremely durable and stain-resistant. To be at it’s best, ensure you polish the stones regularly.


For a sleek and modern feel, glass countertops are a perfect choice. It is easy to install and much easier to wipe away dirt. While wiping ensure you use non-scratch cleansers and towels when you cleaning it.

To avoid destroying its beauty.


This is the most budget-friendly option available for vanity countertops. It is durable, requires low maintenance, easy to install, and is available in a huge variety of designs. If the surface is scratched, you can use fine-grad sandpaper to buff it out.


Wood can add a welcoming and rustic aesthetic to your bathroom. Pair a wooden countertop with a metal base for an industrial look, or go all-natural with a wood top and base. Wood will need to be sealed regularly to prevent water damage and warping.

Final Words on 36 Inches Bathroom Vanity Under $500

Hope the information above will help guide your buying decision moving forward. Let me know if you have made your purchase.

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